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5 Tips to own it

Would you like to see your life shift in a new direction? Would you like to discover and use untapped power? Are you ready to manifest what does not yet appear?Wish to feel different or expand and see everything in a whole new way?

Come what may, you are the owner-operator of your body, and determine how you function. Consulting a life coach is a step toward growing more aware of the truth of yourself and putting this knowing into practice. This is not about WHAT you are told you are but rather, it is about accepting WHO you are and living accordingly. Ponder these 5 tips to own it:

1. Be empowered.

If you do not feel empowered in your life choices, then this is an opportunity for you to grow. Who are you in this unique expression of you? Humans are taught to make complicated that which is simple. You are what you choose and can be anything. As you take personal responsibility for what you feel, lessons present. Life coaching guides you to reframe and appreciate the very things you go through.  A coach that resonates understands and intuits your unique process.

2. Keep a sense of humor.

Many people tend to take life too seriously. People get busy living and forget to really live. Priorities change. A life coach helps you raise awareness of your priorities and how they are shifting. Humour is indispensable, especially as you grow aware of shifting prioirities, values and behaviours that do not jive. Most people allow the external world to control, limit and define them. Come what may, life coaching helps you to reframe and see things with new lightness. Working with a life coach guides you to see your beliefs and emotions distract you from aspects of yourself and reality until you face them.

3. Listen to yourself.

This is about tuning into intuition. It is about being aware of where you doubt your feelings. You produce exactly what you receive. A life coach helps you be aware of vibrational language so you no longer underestimate the power of your thoughts, words, actions. If you are unaware of your body's signals or inclinations, if you never start a project, you cannot experience the dream. From the moment you focus on something, you give it energy. Remembering how to tune in and listen to your own messages changes how dreams manifest. Working with a life coach helps you identify where you are listening to logic or heartfelt vibes. Every moment, you bring your dreams closer or push them away. An intuitive life coach guides you to see and feel everything based on energetics. Every human is an electromagnetic generator. How do you tune in or out, even stifle your own vibes?

4. Recognize balance is ever-present.

Balance is something many people strive for and assume effort and juggling required. Turns out, lifestyle changes come naturally to everyone who is in the flow or aligned with integrity of true being. A life coach is a soundboard to assist you to read your own signs and signals more accurately. Life coaching draws your attention to your own unconscious resistance. This is less about discipline than about letting go of control. Come to tell the difference between what is nurtured and what is natural. Working with a life coach allows you to recognize what contributes to or throws off your natural balance and how you can change anything.

5. Adjust your perception.

Shifts seem to be happening everywhere but this is not about the external world. Its about who you are inside and how your focus is shifting. Its a move from logic and limitation to feeling and limitlessness. Life coaching helps you be aware of what it is to be true to you. To connect and converse with someone impartial can help you shed light on things. Although having the best intentions, family and friends tend to agree with whatever you are thinking or impose their views and choices. Intimates often share personal opinions. A life coach is more neutral and helps you understand you do not see the world as it is, but rather see the world (and yourself) through your filters. A coach that resonates is worldly, encouraging and offers objective guidance on how to handle yourself in different situations. Ultimately, you decide where to go from here, to what degree you are willing to expand perception, and redefine what is possible through your own direct knowing and belief in your own true power.


4 Steps to help find your way

Its common to be confused about what is best for you at a particular stage of your life. Mixed messages are broadcast by media, by those we love and people we do not even know. All of these are actual projections you put forward. Ponder 4 steps to help you find your way through the quagmire.

1. See through the want.

It is always helpful to grasp what it is you think you want and the real message you are sending yourself.  Upheavals in emotions and waves of discomfort and desires are pointers when you are open. Its up to you to learn to see through it.

2. Let the music guide you.

Turn on a piece of uplifting music. Instrumental often works well and you may be drawn to particular film soundtracks. Tune into the flow of energy passing through you. More is always going on than the ego registers. You are actually beginning to tune into and decode the music (frequency) of your own soul. Its a matter of letting go of what distorts it. From here, simply allow the soul to be your pilot.

3. Surrender to spontaneity.

Pick up some toys yourself or laugh and play with a child. Go to a playground and have a slide or swing or climb a tree. Engage the imagination like never before. Paint, tie-dye, do a mural on the side of a wall or fence,  go wild in a colouring book for adults. However you engage the right brain, being imaginative is actually a direct line to higher consciousness, that part of you that knows who you are and which activities nurture the soul. Be here now. Be like a dolphin and feel what it is to exist playfully, come what may.

4. Do a handstand or turn your world upside down.

Whether you love yoga or unleash the acrobat within you, turning yourself upside down shakes up the world you come to see and helps snap you out of your own self-created trance. Whether negative emotion is beginning to take over or you feel dazed and confused, even lying on the floor with your legs on a couch or chair allow blood to rush to your brain and help you shed light on your own situation. Even if inspiration does not spark yet, you instantly know why some behaviour or choice is not the best choice now and can cease that. Self-discipline and choosing love empowers you wherever you are.

Contact Dreambuilders Australia to empower you to consciously co-create on a whole new level.


Sharpen your senses

Each of your senses offers clues to who you are, where your key skills ly, and which kinds of activities would allow you to experience deeper fulfillment.  The key is to attune to how your body, mind and spirit communicate and to remember how to listen.  Guidance can be helpful.

You may notice that certain among your senses seem more pronounced than others. In other words, each of us tends to use certain senses more often through conscious or unconscious preferences.  This comes naturally for good reason.  You can learn from everything but some ways feel easier than others.  Do you notice your own nuances? How do they clarify life purpose?

Here's a clue: pay closer attention to your chosen words and phrases. What do they tell you about the senses you favor and the kind of person you are inside? Whatever your apparent preferences, it suggests new kinds of visualization or other multi-sensual activities will assist you to progress along a path to further clarify your dreams.  You can build on whatever insight you gain.  Begin with a general review of all your senses.  Identify and explore the extent of your comfort zones.

1) Are you a visual person? These kinds of people focus mostly on the power of observation.  When asked about descriptions, they choose words that favor visual images. Their memories reveal they retain adjectives and think in technicolor.  Artists and Scientists can both be visual.  Many life roles and perspectives benefit from strengths in this area. Consider whether you say things like:

-I’ll have a "blue" holiday without you.

-Business prospects appear to be “looking up.”

-It’s great to meet you “in-person” (put your name “to-a-face”)

-The photograph captured the diversity of vegetation, you "get the picture.”

- Are you “watching” me?

-Colors of suffering (i.e., her face was "green" or "jaundice" suggested hepititis.)

2) Are you more of an auditory type? These kinds of people reinforce sound in rhythm or rhythm.  They also choose words which draw attention to, value and magnify the ears. Composers imagine in musical notes.  Musicians, DJs, singers, and secret code writers and decoders are examples of roles where people apply auditory strengths.  Consider whether any of these echo familiarity:

- I “hear” you loud and clear.

- The last option “sounds” appealing.

-Details just “clicked” into place.

-That name “rings a bell.”

“Listen” to what I’m saying.

-We’re “in sync” or "on the same frequency." 

-It must be some-thing "psycho-log-ical” or may be some-thing very “phys-ical..”

3) Do you consider yourself a tactile (touchy-feely) person? Kinesthetics may be your thing.  You may intuit energy and vibes. You may learn and retain best after carrying out a physical activity.   You may also favor more than one of the senses.  Do you grasp space and motion especially well? Consider how you might apply such skills if the following make sense:

-We’ll keep “in -touch”

- "Feel the heat."

-My heart is "pounding."

- He “felt” that she disagreed.

-Hold the "vibration."

-"Crumple" the paper. 

4) Are you someone who lives through the nose? These kinds of people have extended memories based on olfactory intelligence.  Perfume makers fall into this category.  Spice merchants, cheese makers, wine and other beverage connaisseurs, all have strong nasal memories.  Imagine having thousands of scents inside the tip of your nose! You'd be an encyclopedia of scents.  Maybe you utter things like this:

-Something “stinks!”

-His mind triggered the smell of "grandma's homemade apple pie." 

-I “smell a rat!”

-He detected a “musty odor.”

-Her eyes squinted amidst the "smoke and fumes." 

-The liquid hit his tongue with "the distinct texture of black currents, the tartness of cranberry and a light dusting of cinnamon." 

5) Are you a taste-oriented person? Maybe the most intense memories you retain ooze with flavor and savory intensity.  These kinds of people think with their tastebuds.  Chefs and other people with specialty palettes and have no trouble concocting delicious recipes based on a memory of combined. Ask yourself whether you think with more than your overactive saliva and create descriptions like:

-That was a "bittersweet" moment.

-She looks like a “tasty morsel!”

-That person's temperament is “sour/ sweet/ tangy/ bitter.”

-Do you have a “taste for music”?

-The thought made me “lick my lips.”

-The menu led “my mouth to water.”

6) How does it feel to sharpen your listening skills? As you respond to the questions above, you may begin to realize that when you think you are listening, you are missing a large part of the picture that matters to you.  In essence you are taking in lots of information and filtering it through the mind or feeling things through the heart.  As you learn to quiet the mind, you start to recognize distractions arising and they no longer control you.  Life coaching can empower you.

"There is no such thing as a worthless conversation, provided you know what to listen for. And questions are the breath of life for a conversation." - James Nathan Miller


No such thing as coincidence


You may believe in 'being in the right place at the right time.'  Yet, is there really such a thing? Some people think that what happens to you is directly related to what you choose to see or what you're ready to see happening in your life. If events are unfolding all the time, why is it you feel compelled to approach certain strangers, to notice and apply for certain positions, to attend a specific meeting you saw advertised for the first time on a community bulletin board? 

There may be no such thing as coincidence, but rather, a sense of evolution that enables you to take heed of useful information.Who knows, if you don't feel quite right about someone, guardian angels may even act to draw your attention to some hidden element of fraud.  Who or what triggers your sixth sense? What if everything you notice has perfect timing?

We feel compelled to walk and take other action at particular times because of instinct. And yet, there may also be an element of faith, or clues which draw our attention to incidents we initially brushed past, thinking they were insignificant. While exiting from a movie theatre, you meet a stranger who turns out to have something in common with you and you make a new friend. Do you ask yourself, "what are the chances?" When you realize you forgot your wallet and have no money to park, yet discover someone has left a paid hour, do you assume this is your lucky day? If you have a disagreement with an employer,and find yourself redundant with rent to pay, what happens when you find a new job the next day? Does it mean something is looking out for you?

Such incidents raise questions about your belief in yourself and your ability to move ahead in your life. Invisible helpers may indeed open doors and windows of possibility without you knowing. It's up to you to develop self-confidence and alpha thinking to know you always receive what you need.  Contact us to explore our tailored options for life coaching.

"Coincidence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and pulleys." - Emma Bull