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Value unmet expectations

You expected something, and it didn't happen.

You expected something, but the opposite happened or nothing.  Your ego is shaken, you are in emotional turmoil. Whenever you are miserable, look deeper to uncover why. Empower yourself.

Causes are not outside but within you. The common practice is to look outside, to lay blame or ask:

Who is making me miserable?
Who is the cause of my anger?
Who is the cause of my anguish?

Just as you cannot be intimidated without your consent, you cannot realize what is really going on by focusing outside yourself.  If you look outside you miss a deeper message. Watch what happens as you look within instead.

The source of all misery, anger, and fear, is hidden in you, (the ego).  From the moment you recognize the source, you feel who is beyond it. To know is your own ego that gives you trouble is the end of its hold over you. Nobody consciously perpetuates his own misery or discomfort if he understands it.

Ever notice how humans are conditioned to focus on what is not working rather than on what is? Shift your focus of your attention consistently and transform the nature of experience.


4 Steps to help find your way

Its common to be confused about what is best for you at a particular stage of your life. Mixed messages are broadcast by media, by those we love and people we do not even know. All of these are actual projections you put forward. Ponder 4 steps to help you find your way through the quagmire.

1. See through the want.

It is always helpful to grasp what it is you think you want and the real message you are sending yourself.  Upheavals in emotions and waves of discomfort and desires are pointers when you are open. Its up to you to learn to see through it.

2. Let the music guide you.

Turn on a piece of uplifting music. Instrumental often works well and you may be drawn to particular film soundtracks. Tune into the flow of energy passing through you. More is always going on than the ego registers. You are actually beginning to tune into and decode the music (frequency) of your own soul. Its a matter of letting go of what distorts it. From here, simply allow the soul to be your pilot.

3. Surrender to spontaneity.

Pick up some toys yourself or laugh and play with a child. Go to a playground and have a slide or swing or climb a tree. Engage the imagination like never before. Paint, tie-dye, do a mural on the side of a wall or fence,  go wild in a colouring book for adults. However you engage the right brain, being imaginative is actually a direct line to higher consciousness, that part of you that knows who you are and which activities nurture the soul. Be here now. Be like a dolphin and feel what it is to exist playfully, come what may.

4. Do a handstand or turn your world upside down.

Whether you love yoga or unleash the acrobat within you, turning yourself upside down shakes up the world you come to see and helps snap you out of your own self-created trance. Whether negative emotion is beginning to take over or you feel dazed and confused, even lying on the floor with your legs on a couch or chair allow blood to rush to your brain and help you shed light on your own situation. Even if inspiration does not spark yet, you instantly know why some behaviour or choice is not the best choice now and can cease that. Self-discipline and choosing love empowers you wherever you are.

Contact Dreambuilders Australia to empower you to consciously co-create on a whole new level.


Value every struggle

Struggle is an experience each person creates as a teacher and a pointer to a lesson that is initially overlooked. When you know emotions like anger and frustration, you are in conflict with or disagreeing with who you really are, and what truly matters.  This is gradually revealed when you are ready to accept it.

Any sort of discomfort or imbalance you think you feel is a gift that points to your own misplaced beliefs. To believe in anything is to postpone tranquility and relief. Life is perfect as it is unless you believe otherwise.  You are happy and fulfilled, overflowing with peace and love unless you are taught to believe otherwise.

When you are ready to ask, "Who am I?" on the deepest level, you do not respond with a name, titles, occupation, relationship status, credentials or other forms of ego identification.  This is a trance.  The ego exists so you can wake up and see who you are.  Recognize who you are not to awaken from the dream.

Whatever you do as an effort to obtain security, approval or love overlooks you are what you seek. Tests arise to show you where you are still identified with who you are not.  Tests, like struggles, are valuable.  Its useful for fear and attachment to arise to show why they persist.  Feel everything fully and watch illusions disappear.  Deeper bliss appears.  What is always here is all embracing love.  Embrace limitless being.


3 Ways to be solutions-oriented

You are responsible for all that is unfolding in your life, for what you decide is within reach and what you tell yourself is not.  You are the vibrational centre of your world.  All that happens to you results from how you vibrate.  Notice if you limit yourself to visible reality, beat the drum about what you do not see or place your trust in what you cannot see. Every convergence of experiences, everything you experience arises based on how you think and feel.  Whether you think something is possible or not, your energy vibration proves you right.  Give this a go:

1) Be solutions-oriented in every circumstance. Control the point of your vibrational attraction. Observe an unwanted situation in a way that transforms it into something you want. Be aware of the problem and still be a vibrational match to the solution.  You can see evidence of the problem and still talk about how the solution feels.  Law of attraction responds to energy.

2) Know how your emotions work. Your emotions are relative to your desire. Before a manifestation occurs, your emotions tell you what is coming. If you are afraid, you attract evidence to confirm why you have reason to feel that way. When you feel confident you are realizing your desire, living the dream,  this shapes the nature of what manifests.  

3) Listen to the music of the heart.  The music of the heart offers the solution to every situation. Its not that everyone cannot hear the music of the heart, some people simply do not listen.  That is, they block it out with beliefs of what is not possible.  When life causes you to want something, when you expand to create that something, when you do not go along with this expansion, you not going along with this expanded version triggers negative emotion. If you feel bad, its not because you do not have a thing, but because of resistant attention, because you are not up to speed with who you are. 


Listen to the harmony

As you listen closely to the world, you no longer always feel the urge to talk back.  Why is it people are conditioned to be good talkers but not effective listeners? How do you receive what is said? Often, people pay more attention to their inner chatter than what others are saying. 

As you begin to truly listen to yourself and the thoughts that pass through the mind, you discover how it feels to sit quietly for hours and appreciate the silence.  Present moment awareness brings your attention away from the business of life.  You have less to discuss.  Pay attention to your conversations.  Notice how often you refer to the past or future. To listen is to absorb wisdom, to hear what is between the words, where the words are coming from, what is expressed in body language, the vibration of the sounds.  You listen with all senses. The present moment reveals all.

As you allow yourself to grow quiet, you let go of all static between the ears.  Listening to the body triggers catharsis.  In essence, you know what is wrong or unbalanced right away.  You sense what the body requires and take action to recify it.  When you feel tired, you rest.  When your body feels ancy, you exercise. When you sense hunger, you eat.  When you sense a full bladder, you relieve it. When you listen to the mind, you know what it wants. As you get in synch with the body, perceived time is irrelevant. If you feel awake late at night, you do not force sleep.  Emotions are also a reliable gauge for how well you listen to inner self.  Deep listeners only know peace, only show love and compassion, and only hear through a lens of complete acceptance. 

In essence, give yourself permission to listen to the soul.  Give yourself permission to transcend conditioning.  Compassion and kindness are the silent guides that invite you to listen more deeply to yourself and the world.  When you listen rather than think, your intuitive powers kick in and guide you to gather insight.  Open to trust. Harmony is ever-present. It observes your thoughts.