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9 Tips to Shift your Program

One view is all you do or not is part of a Matrix program.  Everything you think, every emotion you feel is a download, shaping your life until the moment you begin making this process conscious. 

The good news is, the more you grow conscious, the more receptive you are and more intuitively you shift focus to what resonates with your core energy.  Review these 9 tips to shift your program:

1. Acknowledge what you do not want

Awareness of unhappiness is a pointer. When things do not seem to be working, this is merely perception. You cannot think your way into happiness. You must feel the way. Many people think they are lost until growing aware of what evokes joy, allow feelings to guide them to what self doesn't see. The ego nurtures self-centred desires. The soul has another sense of happiness.  Be open to this. Surrender to the universe.  As John Lennon echoes, "Life is what happens when you are making other plans." Everyone is not destined for a linear path.

2. What do you wish to create?

Visions can be tangible and intangible.  Humility expands consciousness which opens ourselves to the greater universe.  From here, everything starts flowing. This is an opportunity to add detail to the cloud above the cartoon you see as your expanding life.  Expectations arise in the ego.  Humility is the willingness to allow Spirit to be a reliable guide.

3. Clarify your Why

Why do you want to make this dream part of your reality? Does it signify Freedom? Happiness? Security? Love? Wholeness? Having a compelling reason for a dream catapults you into action.  The power of intention is huge. Jot down why you feel drawn to this dream you have set as your goal. Write down all reasons, regardless of whether you consider them major or insignificant. Putting words down is powerful.

4. Identify what you need to make this happen

Brainstorming and reflection allow you to pinpoint what you need to allow this new dimension of your reality.  Allowing is the key to living the dream. Set your sights at any level.  If you were told that you need money to make money, read about people like Brian Tracy who started with nothing and now has millions of dollars.  Acknowledge ego-driven ambition and heart-centred focus each shape what unfolds in your experience. Feel the difference of going with and against the current of the Soul.

5. Make obstacles conscious

You can’t solve a problem you don’t know exists or are not willing to acknowledge. This implies you must also identify the beliefs, thoughts, and mis-perceptions that do not support your dream.  This is what really stands in you way. Whenever you speak about your dream and get flack, encounter fear reflected through others, this is all a projection of your own self-limiting conditioning.

 6. Eliminate negativity

When you are fully conscious of your self-sabotage programming and your attitudes, work on correcting your negative perception.  You cannot achieve something if your thought undermine it.  You must identify, abate, and replace limiting beliefs to see positive changes in your life and financial situation.  

7. Use positive Affirmations

Just like your subconscious mind learned to accept negative perspectives about money, what is possible or out of reach. you can teach it new, positive affirmations and, gradually, it will accept them as true. Practice positive affirmations. Know everything is unfolding perfectly.  Remind yourself of your intention and progress. Repeat : “I love and accept myself and deserve the best,” and “I am living the dream.”  Establish a timeline.  Be firm.  Negativity stops here.

8. Who could help you on your quest?

Read about people who have realized dreams like yours and lost them. What do you gain from their insights? Dale Beaumont  says,“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” He discovered what successful people do and followed their lead, aiming for the same results in business.  Jack Canfield also advises approaching people who inspire you. Take steps to connect, talk to people who are teachers, mentors and masters who inspire you on the path.  Do whatever you are guided to do to balance communication within, to foster confidence, build up a charge, energize yourself. Be a magnet for truth in all forms. 

9. How does it feel?

Specify how it feels to be living your dream in this present moment.  Being here is imperative to allowing this to enter your life experience.  The feeling focus helps solidify your new reality.  Envision rewards for wise decisions. It also helps you recognize emotions you have to feeling whole and complete. Be completely receptive.  Imagine aspects of this dream as part of a new life on a new timeline.  For this to happen, you must be honest about which aspects of your current reality you must detach from to make from for the new vision to replace it.  Feel a new reality take root. Adding detail to this vision gives the new roots strength.


Connect to what is of value

Connecting to what is of true value is always in reach.  You may ask how to do this.  When you are open, teachers enter your scope to guide you to recognize the obstacle is the Path. Ultimately, its up to you to take steps to let go of what prevents you from feeling what it is to be valuable. Ponder these 5 tips to orient your focal point of attention:

1.  Expand consciousness

Each person is on a unique journey to grow more consciously present to that which is of value.  The ego has its own ideas of external examples of value.  Expanding consciousness is about shifting to focus on what value feels like to the soul. This may be very different from what the ego has you believe is valuable.

2. Know everything is part of a system of value exchange

Whether it be money, time, the tangible or intangible,  all things are part of a system of give and take.  When you are capable of polar thinking, you come to see polar opposites go together. You cannot give without taking, cannot take without giving. Reality is energetically balanced, even if your filters do not register this. It is conscious echange that makes all the difference.  Figure and background go together. They are not mutually-exclusive.   All events have a witness. If you truly wish to see the value of exchange, when a person asks you a question about the sacred, answer in secular terms. If you are asked of the eternal, answer in terms of the temporal.  When asked about the abstract, answer in concrete terms. Knowing this allows you to move forward consciously, accepting innate value and creating value in all you do.

3.  Be at peace with yourself

Being at peace with yourself is about recognizing and detaching from attachments and aversions to money and all perceived forms of value, wealth, prosperity and exchange.  Regaining a conscious connection to yourself results in massive breakthroughs, moving into your desinty with greater purpose, conscious intent, and feeling into what this process is really about.  

4.  Be the Worldbridger

You are the bridge between the material and non-material worlds.  You must give yourself the gift of conscious presence before listening to and hearing true Self, tuning in to what is actually of value to the Soul.

5. Meditate

Truth is a state of meditation consciousness.  Trust arises in awareness as one  takes the role of observer and views how you simultaneously participate in human life.  It hits that mediation is the avenue though which you access deeper intuition, grow aware of how to transcend apparent obstacles, activate, materialize and realize rather than what Gurdjieff calls, In Search of Being. Isira Sananda reminds us we are each our own Awakening Place.  She echoes, "Why worry about what you should be when you can simply be what you are."


11 Steps to build 5-D prosperity

Many people are seeking ways to build new levels of prosperity that pave the way for more conscious, uplifting existence.  This is about recognizing the power to see and tap into what is always accessible and experience results in the material world. If this appeals, these 10 tips are beckoning:

1.  See reality as energy FIRST
The energy flow of the universe constantly filtered by your perception. As Master Chia and others imply, this energy is the life force in everything we sense and breathe, and also in everything unseen. It is the very breath that gives us life and the life force within us, and empowers us to see things as they are.

2. Be a more active listener
Being an active listener of yourself and the world is one the most resisted behaviours out there. Why? The more practical something is, the more unconscious it makes people, the quicker they revert to being passive listeners.  This implies they are not present or aware to their thoughts and actions.  Absence occurs out of fear when we invite ourselves to make the unconscious conscious, to let go of the familiar ego identity we invest so much energy in. Tuning into your thoughts, words, and behaviors, and coming to see through them, is an ongoing process.  Most people do not stay conscious through every moment.  Your own intermittent tuning out changes from the moment you choose to be aware, to tune in and listen to what is going on inside you. 

3. Build prosperity consciousness
What is this? Its about functioning conveniently and effortlessly in this moment.  Its also about growing aware you carry the prosperity vibration and attitude like a frequency on the radio dial within you.  Tuning the dial allows you to quickly materialize varied forms of abundance anywhere. Instant manifestation is not as far away as the mind may have you think. It is simply a vibration to focus attention on and align with.
4. Be willing to start over again
You must be open and willing to give up everything you have. Internalizing this principle implies you are willing to let go of what you think you know, what you think you have and grow aware of what you truly are. This can involve geographic moves, changing jobs, switching income streams, relationships and life views. Its about reframing the impossible to "I (A)M Possible".  This is part of the work of the initiate who is increasingly tapping into the energy of fearlessness.
5. Create a practical version of spiritual enlightenment
All ideas come in a hierarchy, and the higher the idea in the hierarchy, the more powerful it is.  This is proportional to frequencies that increase and decrease on a horizontal radio dial. The ultimate power is pure abstraction (that which is mystical, unseen, often misunderstood).  Engaging in spiritual practice allows perception to expand to allow what is initially unseen (due to your filters) b to enter your energetic reality. The core nature of human power is mystical.  So, the more spiritually-enlightenened you become, the more power you have on a practical level (which translates into feeling more grounded).
6. Get intimate with the divine
Many spiritual practices allow you to feel more spiritual.  Yet, what are you after really? Love, acceptance? One view is money is the closest you can get to God on a material plane. Why? The more money you have, the easier it is to manifest instantly, or at least it seems so until you become an energetic alchemist. With money, you can buy anything, go virtually anywhere, at any moment. Limitations disappear. Possibilities blow the mind.  In addition, the more you investigate money, the more mystical it becomes. Look at binary numbers. Money is all about '1s' and '0s'. The only difference between a $10 bill and $100, $1000 bills are numbers of  '0s'  or "nothing" .  Thus, the more mystical you grow, the more prosperous you become in 0s (measurable and immeasurable ways). The more wealthy you become, the more mystical you also become or the more you are drawn to invest yourself in mystical practices to truly know thyself. 

7. Know all human wealth is created through the human mind
Love and money are simply different forms of the same energy.  Your relationship to money is reflected in your relationship to love and vice versa. Use affirmations to reinforce this. Voice these or related phrases:
  • I deserve to be prosperous and to know love/abundance in all areas of my life.  
  • My joy is the pipeline by which I tap into infinite abundance/love of the unified field.
  • My personal connection to infinite intelligence/ being is allows me to feel unlimited love.
  • I have an abundant personal cash flow (I love/ accept myself fully, abundantly).
  • Every dollar I spend/ every expression of love/ generosity comes back to me multiplied.
  • My income/ love bank increases everyday whether I am working, playing or sleeping.
  • All my investments in love and life are profitable.
8. Be a conscious and willing receiver
 The more willing I am to make other people to prosper (or rich), the more other people are willing to make me prosper. The more willing other people are to make me prosper, the more willing I am to make them prosper. To give is often viewed as it is to receive. If everyone was a good receiver, everyone would be rich.  Many people are conditioned people-pleasers and over-extend themselves, and find it difficult to accept compliments. Ask yourself and also envision what the world would be like if everyone was a balanced giver and receiver of energy.
9. Understand the inhibitors of the mind
If you are truly spiritually wholly (whole), you deserve money and create money more than anyone else.Yet,many people inhibit or block their own prosperity.  They do not wish to discuss money (prosperity, wealth, abundance, ect) openly or to truly resolve their apparent money problems.  Why? They have a great deal of psychological justifications invested in them.  This is similar to sick people who resist healing because their identity relates so deeply to their pain body. If you relate to complaining adn the poverty menatlity and vibration, your energetic reality can only continue to perpetuate this.  Be willing to grow aware of all the way you lie to yourself and obliterate them from your field.  As Imagine Dragons, do Whatever it takes.
10. Activate the power of the mind with the imagination
 This is about growing consciously aware of the power of thougt as energy, harnessing that and using that in ways to serve others.  Different approaches exist to consciously manifest dream visions and compress time; we cover future pacing, future time travel and a variety of techniques in dreamwork. Vision yourself in certain conditions, allow yourself to feel the way into details to the point where you create what you are feeling in record time.  Everything unfolds beyond time before it enters material reality. 
10.  Embody prosperity
 There are seven stages to move though before one embodies prosperity and trusts oneself implicitly.  At this stage, you have moved beyond neediness throough feeling and choosing to know why you exist.  You kow and welcome your gifts, are aware why you exist.  As your focal point shifts through 4 bodies (physical, astral, mental and causal), you embody the unhindered vibration of prosperity.
11.  Accept the master within
 This is about aligning with the master within, knowing you create and attract everthing based on vibration.  Beneath and beyond everything, you know you are only ever catching up and aligning with more of yourself.  None of us can be what we wish to be and think we are.  Being arises only through direct experience of what already is, and development in directions that reveal themselves through self-knowledge. You lift the veils in proportion to fearlessness you embrace. As Leonard Orr echoes,  we are "always in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity, whether [we] know it or not."

10 Keys for a successful & rewarding life

Many people ask what is required to create a successful life, which can include areas of relationships, business, career and more. Whatever your current focus, consider these 10 tips to guide you:

1. See through your resistance

The ego mind is that part of you that tells you no, that's not possible and offers reasons why you cannot do what you want.  Ego kyboshes ideas, blows them out of the water and discourages you.  Its up to you to see through fears underlying your own resistance. Why do you fear success?

2. Align with intuition

Call it the the inner voice, Spirit, intuition, the proverbial Jiminey Cricket voice of conscience or something else. Whenever you listen to this higher more expanded aspect of yourself, you know you can have everything you want in life. Its a matter of focusing attention here rather than on the sparks doubt. You choose to hold back or move ahead.

3.  Set your intention

The more you clarify for yourself the road you wish to travel, the more powerful the journey can be. You do not need to know exactly how the universe is going to translate every step of your intention into physical reality.  It helps to be flexible, to be certain your version of success is attainable and feel it.  The power of intention is like a launching platform or catapult to accepting and expressing inner greatness.

4.  Share your passion

You create your version of this world as a place to share your gifts.  This requires you not only identify what your gifts are by also have the backbone, courage and take initiatives to present them. 

5. Feel worthy to receive

Self-worth issues can be roadblocks to different avenues of material success. The spirit world is taking care of each of us. If you open your mind and tell yourself you are worthy to be successful, success happens, with a bit of effort, trust and intervention from higher (unseen) forces.  It goes without saying you have to believe, know and have the right mindset.  You have to see yourself sharing your gifts. How the gifts get to people may surprise you as you allow the universe to cooperate with you.  The 'what you wish to share' always takes shape in your scope before the universe reveals to you how the rest unfolds. 

6.  Honour who you are

Never measure yourself in terms of anyone else.  What is in you allows you to do anything. Open up to your own unlimited inspiration and power.  You can be successful in anything.  Simply make up your mind, set our intention and get on with it. Whether its a business, relationship, new career or something else envisioned, its all within reach now.

7.  See money as energy

Many people assume that certain kinds of businesses or people are prone to be more financially succesful than others. It is often assumed for instance, that spiritual businesses cannot make money.  Whatever your business idea or other life vision, the experience of having it can be curtailed by your beliefs about money.  Seeing money as energy flow allows a more abundant self-perception to emerge. 

8.  Change your consciousness

You have to be willing to take ownership of your thoughts, feelings, actions and involvement in situations. Changing your consciousness is about accountability, the willingness to take responsibility for where you are at, your self-view, educational and other milestones as well as self-defeating tendencies to get over.

9.  Empower others

Whatever hat you wear, whatever roles you perform in life, your job is to empower and enable not disable others.  Part of your responsibility in this life is to help others identify and honour their own inner light and empower them to honour their gifts and talents, share them with the world and shine brighter. Its often easier to see in others what they do not yet see in themselves.

10.  Recognize your unique path

Refrain from comparing yourself to others. You are only in competition with yourself, on a path to clarify and share more clearly your reasons for being.  Each human being is on a unique path.  Resis judging others and dismantling people and ideas.  You exists to build people up, empower them to see their own true greatness via your unique journey.  Insodoing, you come to see everything as a mirror of your own true greatness.


10 Tips to create value & allow abundance to flow

Anyone who thinks they have a money issue really has unconscious self-worth issues that are simply being mirrored in the material world.  This must be consciously recognized so that true value is felt and value can be created in the external.  We do not draw to us more than we think we are worth. Consider 10 tips to create value and allow abundance to flow;

1. Understand the universe is energy

Understand everything is energy and that you mirror the flow, then the nature of value emerges. Giving and receiving are aspects of the same flow. To be willing to see your value is to be willing to give that which you seek.  Thus, abundance of the universe keeps circulating in your life. 

2.  Look for ways to enhance perception & intelligence

If fate, luck, divine will exist, they act without you.  Your job is to exert focused, calibrated effort with intention. This involves gaining insight into what is right effort, right timing, and right place.  For this, you need intelligence and perception. To create value, you do not have to become capable of something. Simply be open to new ways of seeing, notice what is already here, and sharpen perception so you can recognize value in ways other people overlook. As you help others, you also help yourself.  

3. See you do not make money, you exchange value for money

The value attached to anything is inside you. You create value when you love yourself and express a love of what you do. Focus on the uplifting energy that inspires your ideas, product or service. Paying clients appear in proportion to how much you value yourself and act to share this.

4. Get to know people

Get familiar with what people want and need, with what makes them tick, what triggers their emotions. If relevant, empower them to clarify this for themselves or, subtly or blatently clarify it for them.  Only then can you shape or package value that captures audience attention. 

5.  Combine things people value already 

Bringing together things people love already has widespread appeal. Whether its combining food or spices people already love separately, by putting them on the same menu or plate, being innovative with holiday activities and creating tour packages, or being  pioneer in other ways. By simply brainstorming, everyone can create value out of nothing.

6.  Initiate or contribute to fundraising

Fundraising for a cause brings like-minded people together with common interests and goals.  The money and other forms of abundance you create do not always have to be self-motivated or self-centered. Bringing apparently different things together like exercise [hike-, walk-, mar-a-thons] or cooking and charities, sparks interest and supports those in need.   

7. Repurpose & Resale

One man's junk is another man's treasure. You can re-use words, repair objects, re-sel things other people are finished with. Community clean-ups, garage sales and auctions are treasure troves for treasure seekers.  

8. Offer to solve someone's problem

Whenever you can identify and solve someone's problems, you already have a client's undivided attention. Whether you are a plumber who can repair a leak, in a position to offer advice  or alleviate pain, you almost have your foot in the door. inconvenience, lack, or boredom because of a problem they have, that you can solve. Would this be of value? Dern tootin’ it would. And you’d be downright selfish not to give them the solution.  

9. Help people overcome fear or avoid unwanted results

The purpose of life is to desire and realize desires. KNowing how to say just the right thing at the right time to someone that desperately needs it can trigger light bulbs and change lives. Create value by helping others overcome sel-limiting and self-defeating beahviours.

10. Multiples

Whether its seeking multiple customers for one sale (product or service) or seeking multiple sales from the same market, multiple approaches are the key to creating and adding value.  You can draw from testimonials and allow prospective clients to make their own call. Let's say you have more than one idea, skill, interest, product or service.  You may offer value to individuals and groups, and also a scale with products, workshops or retreats of increasing cost to bring back satisfied clients who appreciate you and are willing to support you again and again.