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In order to re-invent ourselves in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever had about Who We Are, we have to collectively produce circumstances allowing (or requiring) us to do so. 

-Neale Donald Walsch

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10 Tips to do what has never been done

As energy streams intensify, you grow aware of the inspiration flowing through from nowhere, or from where you cannot explain.  Part of you may wonder how you are going to do what has never been done before. 

What if you are in the process of catching up with a future version of yourself? Details are emerging as you act on intuition, sense qualities and messages in your life that resonate deeply. The 'what' always arises in awareness before the how. Consider 10 tips to keep you on course:

1. Find inspiration in children's stories

The dream to do the unthinkable may be inspired by C.S. Lewis who created Alice Through the Looking Glass. The Queen of Hearts says, "sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."  Then, there's Mary Poppins who hops into other worlds through sidewalk chalk drawings or Uncle Albert (in same story) who levitates uncontrollably to the ceiling and sings "I love to Laugh." Who can overlook Tashi in the Tashi Stories with his magic flying shoes and eating ghost cake to walk through walls?  Ponder characters that inspire you at different life stages such as Pippi Longstocking, Anne Shirley of Green Gables, Matilda Wormword, Huck Finn, Mulga Bill and Harry Potter. Brainstorm your list of admirable characters and their stellar qualities. Imagine fictional characters you would like to invite to dinner and imagine what you would ask each one.

2.  Discover mentors in movies & books

Trail-blazing is rampant in film.  Ever dream of living like characters in books ? The common belief is such adventures are out of reach or solely for others. The audience lives vicariously through actors/ protagonists who realize dreams or goals during a film/book. Yet, what if you list what appeals to you about mentors from the characters of Tarzan to Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker and Lara Croft, to actors like Jodie Foster (Dr. Ellie Arroway) in Contact, Kate Winslett (Rose DeWitt) in James Cameron's Titanic, Zoe Saldana ( Neytiri) or Sam Worthington (Jake) in Avatar, Merida in the animated Brave, Kiki the teen witch in Kikki's Delivery Service, Amy Adams (Dr. Louise Banks) in Arrival? Compile a list of characters, aspects, events with staying power. What are you compelled to rewatch? Is it the protagonist? The setting or cinematography? The eye of the director or writer? CGI? Life lesson? genre? Far more than people or characters are speaking to you.

3. Reflect on captivating games  

Something draws you into board, card, video, phone app or computer games that you may not yet put your finger on. What about the games involving skipping rope, dice, jacks, marbles, sticks, pencil and paper or others like hide and seek that require nothing but you? Games you play alone like memory or those you engage in with others, are cultivating skills and identifying clues to your destiny.  What is your sense of your role in the game of life? Each game that seems new or is passed down through ancestors is pointing to something else percolating inside you.    

4. Pay attention to your hobbies

Hobbies may begin as something you do in your spare time and turn out to be the first expression of your true passion. Open your eyes and senses to what you like to do when what you do for money is finished for the day or week. Where is your focus of attention? Are you sewing? building? in the garden? camping, fishing or boating on a body of water? Reading? Sculpting? Hang-gliding? Rock climbing? Hiking? Spelunking? Focusing on something people around you do not see or apprecaite as you do? What is your inner self doing its best to express to you through your hobbies? Its up to you to decode the message and focus more here.

5. See though your holiday inclinations

Seeing through the urge to take a holiday says more about your restlessness than you consciously realize. Ever notice you return to the same place more than once for a vacation? Experience deja-vu? Or cannot get your mind and dreams off a place you have yet to visit? What is really drawing you here? Is it feeling the sand oozing between your toes? Experiencing a warmer or colder climate? Eating specific foods? Hearing particular sounds? Being in the sky?underwater? at another elevation? Immersing in a particular setting have a phenomenal impact on you? Identitfy details.  Be open for what repeatedly beckons you. 

6. Recognize feelings about events 

Whether you feel compelled to attend home, boat, garden or other industry shows, renovation programs, technology seminars, spiritual retreats, teleconferences, music concerts or leisure events, all of it is speaking to you. Maybe you are workshop junkie or hold degrees while still unconscious of the underlying motivation. Look at the feelings evoked by what draws you. The underlying message you may not yet allow yourself to see.  Its up to you to join the dots. This requires the willingness to exert effort, go places, interact and see its all fine-tuning your intuition. This is about being open to changing versions of 'normal'.

7. Notice the nature of your daydreams 

It may hit that you repeatedly imagine how conditions or situations could be better or different.  What you do not like in the world is telling you something about what you do not like (or do not yet accept) within yourself. As Gandhi says, you need to be the change you wish to see, live your message, set an example.  If you truly feel compelled to change something, start by seeing what you see within and about yourself.  This is about recognizing, reshaping and revitalizing what is overlooked.

8. Meditate

Many ways exist to meditate. This is about allowing yourself to listen to silence, observe your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Practice letting go.  Surrender until unconscious motivations for life choices and perceptions reveal themselves. Only then are you in position to expand how and what you create more consciously.

9. Locate your centre

Locating your centre is about seeing and feeling everything as energy and mastering your power to create and manifest. This kind of center is not a physical place or the center of a circle. This kind of center is a point in the middle of nowhere that can be consciously moved wherever you wish.  It can engulf or shapeshift you with all the aspects of your world and every other world that is empowers you at a soul level.  Feel the Tao.

10.  Trust yourself more

Every moment, you are giving yourself clues about why you exist. The ego has its ideas which perpetuate the illusion of separation.  Heartfelt intuition as well as heart-mind inclinations are guiding you in soulful directions.  The more you identify and engage in what allows you to feel truly alive, the closer you are to expressing the gifts you exist in this world to express. Call it being a pioneer, trail-blazer or dreamweaver, doing what has never been done flows as you allow yourself to focus on what feels natural and go with it. This is unaffected by what other people say, judge or not.  This is about knowing you generate, orchestrate and deny/destroy your dream. You are the master of your changing course.


Realize why you are here 

Realize why you are here.  In the heart, feel you exist to be truly helpful.  There is no need to worry about what to say or what to do because you are always divinely directed.  The highest being, call it Holy Spirit, Source, God or whatever, it arises not always as a voice, but as an inspiration, intuition, or a feeling.

You can have a feeling 'something' is going to happen and not know what it is.   This thing, reveals itself, all with perfect timing.  It can speak through another person to whom you truly listen. Spirit reaches you in dreams, whispers in the wind as you walk in nature, shows up when you least expect it.  Simply be open. 

You may be asking what does this mean for you.  The more the mind sees through and lets go of attachment to beliefs, the freer the mind is from blocks that prevent it from hearing Spirit.  This can be described as the 'call of the wild'.  Smile. Go with it.

Recognize Spirit does not have to evolve, or else it would not be perfect.  You, as perfect love, only ever speak to yourself in different forms.  No matter how complicated life seems, you only have two choices, to love or fear, and only one of them is real.  Only one exists.  No-one else.  It only seems to be so.  The conscious mind sees separation in bodies and forms yet, its all illusion. The unconscious is like an iceberg that knows what exists beyond surface appearances.  What is all-encompassing is real and what is not perfectly whole is unreal.

The way you experience and feel about yourself is determined by how you look and feel about the apparent external world.  May the revelations continue and infinite trust arise.  See things as they are: immortal, invulnerable, untouchable by this world.


Recognize the nature of choices

As you begin to recognize the nature of your choices, you can grow more conscious of what you are choosing and which aspects of experience are of particular benefit to you. Be aware what stands out. Notice the nature of your own specialized conditioning, your beliefs and selective attention. Notice that when you cease to focus on something, it no longer matters. Notice the intensity of your emotions and what they are telling you.

Notice how you feel about dreams. Notice whether you value them and how this directly relates to  your dream recall. Notice whether you are willing to open yourself more widely to dream messages and validity and if not, why not.  When you are willing to explore dreams, you are opening yourself to be more conscious about who you are.  You are opening to new levels of communication with deeper parts of your being.

Every night, you see from the perspective of Spirit. You know you are multi-layered and multi-dimensional and present at every level. From this space, you explore a wide open framework free of time and space.  This is a powerful window into the broader reasons why you choose what you do in this highly-focused physical reality. That which you remember about dreams is simply a translation through the biological senses and the filters through which you define experience. Notice how you are trained to recall and overlook certain details.  Be open to exploring. You are connected to love.


Be open to the Source

You may have dreams where someone invites you to 'see reason' or another point of view.  You may also have dreams where this Source of wisdom invites you to step back and see your fears from a new vantage point.  These dreams may surprise you due to your own willingness to listen. 

Guess what? This apparent person or source of wisdom is a version of the higher self. It shows love and compassion and invites you to recognize conditioned beliefs as the illusions they are. Know it is within your power to bring these dreamtime revelations to conscious living now.

Give this ago: view each person you encounter as a messenger from the higher self. Each person points to what you listen and whether you allow the paradox of fear to capture your attention. Notice every time you do something, you create restlessness. The more you do, the further you are from stillness. Stop thinking and measuring Self based on what you think you do. See deeper.

As you do nothing, freedom happens, solutions are obvious, you abandon sense of Self and all identity. Doing nothing allows mental energy to arise. This only has power in stillness. Notice "you," the body and preoccupations disappear. Stillness presides. Listen to the sound of silence. This allows peace to arise. Let go. Be still. Open the door of the heart. Freedom comes to you.


OBE & shadow memories

As you sleep, consciousness is shifting along a scale of dimensions.  Your physical eyes are closed, yet the dream mind sees.  As you grow aware of the out-of-body experience (OBE), you begin to sense the physical mind continues thinking and being while the projected double is split into an independent aspect. You can shift focus or point of consciousness out in front of the body, even above and beyond it.  More than one aspect of you is expanding on experience.

It comes to your attention that the mind is recording more than one set of dream memories. In fact, you discover you can have two or more sets of memories for a single time period, that of the participant and the observer, and possibly other perspectives.  More than one set of dream memories co-exist.  As the projected double rejoins or re-integrates with the physical body, the strongest set of memories stand out.  Other, shadow memories also exist, but are often lost. 

Even now, you gain insight into a range of experiences from non-physical sight to projection. Mind's eye vision is revealing itself. The depth and complexity of dream recall sharpens as you practice, strengthen awareness, learn to keep OBEs short and train the mind so physical and projected aspects are aware and focused on each other. You see what you are ready to accept.

"Men are the dreams of a shadow." - Pindar (Ancient Greek lyrical poet)