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10 Reasons to join our workshop in Greece

When people do not act solely based on intuition, that is take action where it feels right,  sometimes they ask themselves why they should do something.  Consider ten reasons to join us at our upcoming Greece Workshop and  inspire others:

1) Visit sacred healing sites in Epidavros

2) Hear about different versions of ancient history

2) Be part of a related group contribution to charity

3) Meet and interact with like-minded souls

4) Come to see your life from a holistic perspective 

5) Expand personal & collective consciousness

6) Recognize & remove layers of denial about true nature

7) Deepen understanding of sacred geometry

8) Have fun engaging in creative expression

9) Raise awareness of core beliefs and values

10) Deepen feelings of oneness with Earth, universe & All


Augment your reality

Imagine for a moment that everything about existence is about augmenting or expanding upon your reality. The more you let go of limitation, the more you are willing to embrace what is always here and available to you.

What if you could experience any timeline or level of reality you choose within the universe? What if you already are and are catching up with other versions of you? Revitalize being.

From the moment you challenge ingrained notions and parameters of fear, death and duality, everything changes.  Who you are and why you exist, is all up for review. 


Decode more than the Holy Grail

Notice that from the moment you see the world in terms of symbols and secret codes, you begin to delve deeper into true nature.  Like Robert Langdon, the protagonist in Dan Brown's DaVinci Code, you feel compelled to take steps to decode a mystery.  As you choose to engage, how life unfolds depends on what you find and how you respond.  

Many mainstream stories exist about the nature of the Holy Grail as well as the nature, origin and influences of the Gods. Fragmented truths and misinformation is shared via media. Every revelation you have affects how you perceive the function and capacity of symbols as well as affects shifts in self-perception.  Ever feel like you could benefit from a shift in self and world views, even from seeing in a whole new way?

What if much of what you think you know about key symbols is misleading or false? What if seeing from new vantage points has the potential to transform your existence from the inside out? What if ancient cultures offer a wealth is timeless wisdom that sheds light on what is widely misunderstood? 

The June 13-14 workshop in Greece empowers people to recognize existence itself is full of encoded messages and each human being is invited to gain insight from ancient civilizations such as Greece to decode things for himself.  We each have the honor of sentient autonomy to make a journey of growth and discovery.  Let the soul be your pilot.


Experience more joy

Emotions are a reliable gauge to help you feel your way into the best place or choice for you at a given moment. Wondering whether to travel somwehere, to take part in an event, to contact someone, to stay in or move from a place, or simply wondering what to do? Choose what brings you more joy. Go with the flow of joy.  Consider these 4 tips:

1) Manifest from a state that is aligned with highest Self. From the moment you truly get this, life choices are always made from a place of love with the intention to do more of what you love and to empower others to love more wherever they are and find new blessings in their soul journey.

2) Recognize joy is a barometer for soul alignment.  If you feel like you are dragging yourself along, then you are not living from the heart.  You know you are aligned when no such things as 'work' exists, when you lose a sense of linear time and details for how things happen simply fall into place.

3) Respond to judgement with love. People do not always understand the origin of your joy because everyone is inspired by different things. When you are doing what feels right in the heart, it does not matter what other people say or do not say. It is not a question of obtaining approval because you love and accept what you do wherever you are.

4) Tune into synchronicity.  Feeling your way along implies trusting what the mind does not understand or would like to talk you out of doing. It is about noticing everything is connected, choosing steps or directions on your path based on what feels right and what you intuit is the right thing now. 


5 Tips for soulful living

When you live true to your soul, you feel peace, contentment, abundance and fulfillment.  You actually experience what the ego mind tells you to keep chasing.  You may be asking, how can I be happy now? Ponder and integrate these tips:

1) Meditate regularly. It is often assumed meditation is simply sitting in a lotus position in silence. In fact, one can meditate anywhere and many approaches to meditation exist. Everything is a divine creation because you are a divine creator.  Being consciously creative in the kitchen, garden, with paint, wood or other materials can also be a form of meditation when you lose all sense of time. Explore options.

2) Take up spiritual pracitce.  Disciplined spiritual practice enables you to strengthen and sharpen the body verhicle.   Yoga, Tai Chii, Chi Gong and other practices prepare the body for meditation so you hear your soul clearly.  This is about harmonising your physical and energy bodies,  gaining insight into emotions as they arise and mastering your mind. Spiritual practices also exist to balance each chakra

3)See Beyond "You". Divinely-inspired activities that reflect a soul calling  are not motivated by ego or self-interest.  The human vehicle you use simply divine light in action and can allow grace to work through it. Spiritual practices allow you to deepen discernment so you recognize what is soulful or  not.

4) Notice synchronicity. When you follow inution, you come to discover a trail of synchronicity to guide you to make more choices that feel right.  The logical mind does not understand, does its best to question, instil doubt,  talk you out of listening. If you cannot explain why, its likely divinely inspired.

5) Nurture the unexplainable.   A divine idea is formless, much like truth itself is formless. Every divine idea comes down through your heart and mind and takes specific form with perfect timing.  When you are ready, it begins to take more concrete shape within you through feeling alone.  As you nurture what you cannot explain, you are allowing it to grow and emerge into the world in its own unique way.