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7 Ways to Flourish

The way to flourish is to go with the flow and embrace waves of change.  Yet, to embrace change, we also need to get to know ourselves intimately, know what feels right, have courage to do that.  We all need encouragement and down-to-Earth, practical ways to deal with what life throws us.  In this light, reflect on seven ways to flourish in your life, come what may;

1. Recognize your habits

Everyone has habits, or activities they engage in with regularity. For example, you may shower every few days, drink a hot beverage in the morning, eat certain foods through the day, engage in certain routines, like getting together with friends on friday or sharing rituals.  When you go through life performing or conforming to social conventions without question, your behaviour loses power to profoundly change you. Habits do not empower you to live Your Best Life Now.  Seeing habits for what they are, as expressions of the energies of joy, anger, grief, sadness, disgust or other emotions, changes everything. Teach yourself to feel your reasons for doing.

2. Be aware of your emotions

To be human is to feel and express emotions.  Physical existence is about reacting or responding to encounters.  You may not notice how often life elicits emotions and how they can become patterned habits. Reactions are unconscious ways the external world triggers certain emotions. The untrained mind reacts unconsciously.  The trained mind responds with deep understanding of what is happening. This is about cultivating emotions so we internalize more loving ways of responding to others and life experience.  We refine ritual with more clarity and consistency. 

3.  Awaken to contradictions 

Growing aware of what does not jive in your life is a kind of awakening.  As you sense conflicting emotions, turbulent energies, inconsistent choices, undesirable experiences, tense realtionships, you begin to see what is contributing to emotional highs and lows and the sense things are not working.  Every moment is an opportunity for revelations about the real source of resistence inside yourself.  When will you grow accountable? Take responsibility and stop denying your role? What are you ready and willing to see?

4. Be willing to break normal habits

In order to help ourselves change, it is useful to realize breaking normal habits is what enables us to develop different sides of ourselves. Stepping back and observing your habits helps you determine what is helping or hindering your health and well-being, relationships and situations.  

5.  Step outside the familliar

When we travel, visit a friend's home, break away from regular routines, we view life and ourselves differently.  This is why people take time off work to do a caravan tour of their own country, go on sabbatical, visit new places, even take a new route to work or exert effort to notice new things where they are.  Why do more people not do this more often? Fear, perhaps? Shifting roles, jobs, destinations, tasting new things, even moving house based on intuition, all have potential to break patterns develop new confidence and greater self- acceptance. The question is, do you desire change to escape or, for the love of spontaneity and embracing the unknown?

6. Be more flexible

By embracing patterns we see in ourselves, we allow them to harden and take root.  Labels we adopt can drive our behaviours and decisions, and become self-fulfilling prophecy.  As the result, many people perpetuate narrow views of themselves and what is possible.  In the West, true self is often assumed to be patterns of predictable responses to people and the world.  Yet, when you can continue to suprise people, you are actually closer to true being.  We are each complex arrays of emotions, dispositions, desires and different traits that often pull us in different directions.  What happens when you feel okay with diverging from your norm? 

7. Explore what evokes inner harmony

The key to everything is noticing your patterns and working actively to shift them.  Breaking our own patterns helps us realize other people are malleable too, that no relationship or situation is cut in stone.  Talking to yourself helps you work things ou in your life.  Wake up wanting to go to work or take the world by storm.  Feel better about yourself.  Know how you feel and what you experience begins and ends in you.  What ae you willing to do differenly today to see yourself and the world in new and exciting ways?


Recall what feels natural

Imagine the possibility that every situation you perceive  is an opportunity, to uncover or demonstrate the highest idea of Who You Are in relation to what is occurring.  You may wonder how to do this or which way to turn.  What if being here, being open to choices that feel right and going with what the mind cannot explain is a step to waking up and doing what matters to Soul.

Ask yourself if it feels right to talk to yourself more, to awaken and be open to exploring new ways of living your life.  This may involve shifting priorities. Every moment, you are in the process of recovering or remembering your true identity, what you exist to be and do.

Recall what it is to feel through life. As Imagine Dragons echo in their new song Natural, what feels right invites us to leave your heartache behind.  Every moment, each of us invites ourselves to let go of limited physical identity, to grow conscious of reasons for resistance, let it go and surrender. Imagine what that would look and feel like?

Then, go futher: What if the mind released ideas of yourself confined to a set of assumed facts, events or circumstances? What do you do or how do you respond to this blank slate? We are being shown who we are and who we are not right now. Awaken the senses that listen to demonstrations of love that fit no mould. Find or create a soundboard so you hear yourself.


5 Tips to live whole-heartedly

Many people tell themselves they wish to change something about their external conditions, or change something about the external world.  Its also common to desire to change something about the behaviour or attitude of others. Who or what is really ever getting out-of-hand? What is the role of control and surrender in your life? Reflect on five tips to live whole-heartedly;

1. Live more joyfully

Wherever you are, whatever you do, allow yourself to feel and express more joy.  So often, a distinction is made between work and play, time to be serious and relax time to be light-hearted. What if you could laugh and play your way through life? What would this look and feel like? 

2. Model the behaviour you wish to see in others

The external world is a mirror.  As Gandi says, Be the change you wish to see. Imagine life experience is less about doing than being.  Thus, its not what you do or accomplish that matters, but rather, the vibration you send out with behaviour. How often are you fully present?

3. Nurture a loving and compasionate attitude

Regardless of what you encounter, reach deep within for forgiveness and understanding. The temptation exists to allow other emotions to hijack your attention and influence your behaviour.  Know you control how you respond to everything.  Growing mindful naturally shifts your focus, empowers you to reclaim inner power. you had unconsciously given away

4. Recognize every relationship is an opportunity

What if every relationship invites you to see the best in everyone? Only one relationship exists. How you feel about yourself is mirrored.  Be a living example love and acceptance. Do you choose to see and recall the best in everyone, even during moments emotions or illness take over?

5. Demonstrate and create the highest version of Who You Are

Some people feel they exist to learn lessons, climb a hierarchy, meet challenges, realize dreams. Come what may, rediscover what integrity or being true to yourself feels like.  


10 Tips to allow reality to shift

Human experience is about reacting and responding to events arise in day-to-day life.  Every moment, we each have choices about what to perceive and how to feel.  That is, notions of 'success' and 'failure' are shifting based on how we understand and apply our true potential.  Our physical experience of relationships and activities changes based on level of consciousness. 

Imagine, for a moment, you have the power to close the gap between 'here and there', to resolve your perception of separation between who you are and what you wish to be. You might imagine this gives you the ability to create miracles at will, to instantly manifest what you want, when you want it.  Yet, what if there s more to this process?  What if its not about controlling outcomes? Reflect on these 10 tips to allow your reality to shift;

1. Choose to enjoy something where you are

This includes being okay with experiencing illnesss, conflict, emotions, imbalance or whatever shakes you up. Being okay with things involves stepping outside events, being willing to see everything as an observer.  Only then are you more objective, able to see blessings right now.

2. Intuit what is occurring serves a Larger Agenda

When you think things do not seem to be going well, it is helpful to take yourself out of the picture.  This helps you realize seeing things personally is an incomplete way of looking at life.  This enables you to view work or anything you do as serving the Soul's (not ego's) agenda. It is also ego (personality aspirations)  that can get in the way of the Larger Soul (divine) Agenda. Every happening can be used to serve the agenda of the Soul. Seeing this way consistently is moving through stages of belief, hoping, faith, awakening, awareness and knowing.

3. Remember what acceptance feels like

Accepting what you see as your human conditions is not about being resigned or giving up.  It involves the willingness to be aware of the nature of your own resistance, why it exists and how it limits life.  Seeing reasons for resistance allows one to surrender to what exists beyond this.

4. Know you experience what is for your highest good

From the moment you discover the feeling of non-resistance or non-opposition linked to acceptance, you are open to infinite future possibilities.  This is about letting go of what the logical mind thinks it wants, and making room for the experience of what mind does not yet see.

5.  Recognize the basic instinct is not survival

This is huge. The basic urge to see inter-connectedness and divinity in all things is conditioned out of humans at birth when they adopt the illusion of separation.  Yet, the feeling of Oneness with all life cannot be completely forgotten.  Glimpses of the Stars, Sun, Velestial bodies and oceans evoke awe in everyone. Deeper insights about air, water, fire, energy arise in time.

5.  See perfection in whatever is occurring

To master oneself, one stops arguing or resisting what is happening on all levels.  When we stop arguing with ourselves and love life, we can relax and savor every moment, come what may, laughing and crying more because we simply allow emotions to flow and be as they are.  Inner peace arises as a feeling as we see and accept perfection in everything including, ourselves.

6. Grasp the subtlety of Law of Attraction

The world appears in our perception to reflect qualities inside ourselves. The more needy or insecure we feel, the more we wish to accomplish or acquire in the external world.   And yet, with acceptance of divine perfection comes a surrender to one's Soul purpose.  What arises is something unforeseen yet better than what was envisioned when attached to results.

7. Explore how long you can stare 

Ever see how long you can stare at your reflection into a glass mirror? Why turn away? The eyes are windows into the soul because they echo how authentic you are, how blissful the truth is. The eyes reveal everything we see is identical to something we have already done in some form. Everything is understood. Stare at something or someone long enough and true being reveals itself.  You fall in love with your own wholeness. This is why so often people look away. What if staring at yourself is a guide to living more authentically (from the soul or heart)?

8.  Know nothing is unclear to the Soul

This is the stage where you are not only excited to get out of bed every day, but as you grow more conscious, your actions align with the desire of All of life. Awakening to your own Soul vision paves the way to evolve into grander versions of the Self.  This is not about inflated (ego-driven )versions of ourselves, but being on purpose with the Soul vision of the most expanded version of you.  Feelings are a reliable guage.

9. Recognize miracles are within reach

At some stage, it grows apparent miracles are within reach and each of us is a miracle worker.  Each of us has within us everything required to live a life of complete happiness and fulfillment.  Sometimes our filters simply get in the way.  Thus, the processes  of letting go, unlearning and shifting from seeing quantity to quality of life are milestones within reach for All.

10.  Know you exist for reason that transcends physicality 

With perfect timing, you begin to reflect on the purpose of life, the purpose of this moment and what you choose to do with it as part of a bigger picture.  At some point, it dawns that life is a spiritual rather than a purely physical experience.  Every moment is a window or stargate of opportunity to decipher and mould the agenda of your spiritual self that can only be experienced in the realm of the physical. The whole point of creating a physical life (incarnating) is to have a vehicle for living out a spiritual agenda. How do you feel about where you are as a worldbridger?


4 Tips to speak your truth

How often do you express true feelings? Its common to function based on controlled thought, self-judgment, and to be disconnected from heart-based feelings. Truth is about how you feel, about sharing empathy, what is real.  Speaking your truth is not about being right, it’s about expressing feelings in an authentic, vulnerable, and transparent way.

Imagine you find the courage to speak up, say what you feel in the moment in all areas of life – your work, relationships, with family, with people in public, and in every situation.  Imagine the freedom and power you reclaim or tap into.  This is not about imposing opinions or exerting control.  Rather, it is about allowing yourself to speak or express yourself more fearlessly, with compassion, from the heart.

Ponder 4 tips to speak your truth:

1. Be aware of your physical body 

The body is an open book. You know you hold back and bite your tongue when your muscles contract, you freeze up, get goosebumps, tremble or, notice particular physiological responses.  

2. Notice it takes more effort to lie (than tell the truth) 

When you tell it like it is, you feel comfortable with yourself.  No need to keep adding layers of stories to cover your tracks.  No need to keep talking to persuade or convince apparent doubters.

3.  Trust your feelings 

Feelings are a very reliable guide. When you feel inspired, uplifted, and mysteriously guided, you are accepting yourself and what is arising within.  Any urge to impress or appease subsides. 

4.  Let go of outcomes 

When we detach from outcomes, what another person thinks, ego desire to be right, life gets real.  The willingness to be vulnerable and transparent are stepping stones to speaking your truth.  This is not about usurping power or dominating others. Its about allowing the flow.