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Release pure brilliance

Notice you exist to radiate light, to release pure brilliance, to ignite creative force.  Everyone has innate gifts to share.

From the moment you recognize you are conditioned to perpetuate illusions of limitation, identity loses importance.  Let go of labels and all that you think defines you and absolute genius reveals itself. The truth is ever-present.

Allow yourself to expand on what you think you are. Pay attention to your feelings.  Let the soul be your pilot. Logic has no place here.   The more you trust, the more direct experience gives you reason to trust more fearlessly.


Uncover the obvious path 

It is common to assume that you exist to follow a certain path or series of experiences in your life in a certain sequence.  What if being taught to create and follow linear expectations is the root of discomfort and negative feelings? What if you could live differently and realize your highest potential?  

The path to joy, fulfillment and balance is not always obvious, and yet, you can take steps to uncover it for yourself. Humans are conditioned into selective awareness.  This is why it is common to overlook what is present and available and to filter the sensory perception of what is possible.

This is the moment to make positive changes in your life, to hone in on what does not feel right and identify the path that you keep hidden from yourself. Relish life purpose on a whole new level. The choice of how to live is up to you. What if you exist to do the best you can in a whole new way? Time to discover what this means directly. Your time is now.


Shift how & what you see

You may have heard that it requires a certain amount of time or number of days to change a habit. To shift how and what you see is not based on time so much as on vibration.  

The familiar five senses you use to decode or interpret life are filters.  They may seem to tell you a lot, and people are taught to rely on them as reliable guides.  Yet, in doing so, you may not realize you block other senses out completely.  

This is not about seeing the world through rose-colored glassess.  Its about being aware of the unconscious lenses you already wear, consciously evolving to see through them. 

At the perfect moment, something shifts or arises within you. When ready, you use a different compass to navigate through life. The language of geometry offers  something different. It is all about recognizing what you are taught and letting go, allowing nature and its ancient wisdom to be your pilot.  



5 Tips to Identify what you want

Before you can determine whether someone else can assist you on your journey, you need to be willing to help yourself. You are creating the parameters, the road you wish to travel. Someone can help you decode aspects of this road, but you need to bravely decide what you want to do along the way.  Here are 5 tips to help you identify what you want;

1) Give yourself some quiet time- take steps to reflect on shifts or transitions unfolding in your life, listen with the heart and feel the messages.  They are gifts you give yourself.

2) Pay attention to thoughts and feelings- you constantly give yourself messages but habits and conditioning may block seeing the subsconsious reasons you do things. 

3) Be alert to your relationships- what sorts of people do you attract and alienate? Who are you in a hurry to get away from? Who makes you feel at ease? Each human, animal (or other) guides you to see what you want more clearly.

4) Decode your priorities- are you devoting most or all of your time to something you love or, do you bide your time? Some people are talkers, others doers, still others focus on allowing the universe to make it happen.  Which are you? 

5) Note the power of spontaneity- when you are drawn to something without doubt or analysis and do not attempt to talk yourself out of it, you know you are following the positive power of the universe in the form of spontaneity.  This is a sign you are on the right track, doing what brings more joy.


10 ways sacred geometry empowers you

Sacred Geometry is not only the language of Creation but also an ancient healing tool that works on may levels. Everything is sacred yet humans are taught to forget this and create illusions that evoke imbalance instead. The platonic solids underly everything you think is real.  Each one emits a sound and even the combined symbols are part of your core being.  Coming to recognize them is easier than you think.

Feeling drawn to shapes like never before? The geometry taught in school are actually pointers to the reason why you are affected emotionally or not by what unfolds in your life.  That urge to learn more may prompt you to request a sacred geometry coaching session. Consider ten ways you can feel empowered by exploring the energy of sacred geometry:

(1) Grow more intimate with Spirit (your true self)

(2) Recall your divine (soul-level) nature 

(3) Open yourself to manifest more consciously

(4) Come to view everything as synchronicity

(5) Tap into innate courage & self-confidence

(6) Access deeper connection to the Higher Self

(7) Attract more meaningful relationships

(8) See underlying reasons about what is unfolding for you

(9) Favor high-vibrational foods like fruits, veggies & protein

(10) Strengthen and enhance your immune system