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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Breathwork Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Coach


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A purpose of life is to expand the boundaries of love, to widen the circle of our concern, to open up rather than shut down and the expand rather than contract. -Arianna Huffington

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5 Tips to create consciously

Many people find themselves in limbo, somewhere between the past and future but not completely present.  You may feel like your physical body and attention are in a one place, relationship, job or set of conditions, while the mind  resists letting go of thoughts.  Maybe you still have a house on the market in one place and see it sold, yet already live in another place and have not seen final sale in real time.  Maybe you desire closure from a relationship to move on, yet grudges, conflicts or ties linger.  Maybe you are focusing on a career transition yet cannot get your mind off unfinished business elsewhere. What is it with straddling past and future? Would you like to finish one chapter, tie up loose ends and shift completely into a new role, view of yourself or lifestyle? Consider 5 tips to create consciously (and shift into the best version of you) :

1. Focus on the best emotional outcome

 By now, it is likely you no longer have new emotional experiences.  What is new are exterior conditions that create, trigger or simulate emotions. Each situation invites you to re-act as you did originally.  Mastering your emotions implies seeing every situation as fresh and new.  Look deeply into what is being felt and explore the truth about it.  This enables you to shift from reacting in fear to respond with patience and love.

2. Consciously choose how to feel

Look at anticipated life events and decide before the events occur how you are going to feel about them.  Your inner world shapes your external circumstances. Allow your feelings to be determined by the higher brain, not the lower brain that simply replays emotional reactions unconsciously.  Feelings are always authentic.  Emotions can deceive us yet, point to true feelings.

3.  Consciously decide how you choose to express feelings

Negativity can be that which you recognize and see through.  We heal unexpressed emotions by feeling and releasing them.  Awareness is knowing you live the life you choose.The key is focus and consistency and the tool is thought.  Focus and consistency benefit from mind training, spiritual practices and self-discipline.

4. Be aware of the power of intention

We are affecting our creative energy with every thought, word and action.  We either do this consciously or unconsciously every moment.  Life unfolds based on the consciously directed focus of your intention.  Letting go of guilt and fear is part of the path to getting clarity of intention so you manifest consciously sooner. Dreams unfold at based on to what degree you learn to focus intention (energy).

5. Shift from believing to knowing 

The mind believes and nurtures sparks of doubt.  The heart-mind feels and knows without question.  Shift from desiring something to happen to knowing it is done and dusted.  Focus on feeling the relief, euphoria, joy and other uplifting emotions that keep you aligned with the best vision and energized to face whatever comes.Energy is in constant motion. You can resist it, attempt to control it or allow and go with the flow.

If something feels important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour. 

-Elon Musk


Interview with Renee McDuffie

I am repeatedly surprised by the ingenuity and resourcefulness of people I encounter.  Delighted to share this dialogue with entrepreneur and supermom Renee McDuffie.  Thanks Renee, for being open to sharing how you feel and adapt through different waves of change in your life.  

How we view ourselves shapes our experience.  How do you see you?

I am firstly a Mother to 3 beautiful children; Tayla, Blake and Jayda, a wife to Shane and an Online business owner/Regional Vice President with Arbonne International. I view myself as a social butterfly, always busy always on the go. I like to think of myself as a self-driven motivated outgoing personality who loves to dream and go big! 

We each know what 'wake up calls' feel like. Sometimes its a dream, an intuition, a deja-vu or another experience. What prompts you to move to the Sunshine Coast?

Lifestyle. You might say I am ready and eager for bigger changes. I am also listening to my heart.

It is said that when you go with the natural flow, you sense synchronicity, suddenly consider new choices and opportunities.  Share some milestones in your life that lead you to where you are.

I suppose graduating with my diploma in Children’s Services (2004), after a debilitating back injury surgery going wrong.  In 2007, I had to learn how to walk again.  I became a very strong-minded, determined person because of this, and shifted my priorities. 

Sounds like your sense of wellness shifted. Health challenges certainly do have a way of shaking us up and guiding us to see what matters You are not alone when you imply your own health scare gave you a deeper appreciation for life. Chicken Soup for the Soul books are well-known.  Invite you and readers to check out the Interview with Darron Eastwell. 

Will do. I know forst hand that if I do not have my health, I cannot care for others or do my best work.

Other milestones include; falling pregnant with my first-born Tayla in 2008, marrying my best friend Shane in 2010, having my son Blake in 2011.  In addition, I took a Career change course to study in personal training ( never completed it), had my gorgeous little Jayda in 2014. Starting my new Career path becoming a business owner in 2015 which I am still so passionate about with Arbonne.

Your story echoes we gain access to different kinds of wisdom at different life stages. What specifically prompted you to get involved in Arbonne?  

I discovered Arbonne in 2014 and didn’t give it much of a thought.  Yet, then was re- introduced by a very close friend in 2015 and I loved the whole concept, mainly of helping others and the whole ethics of the company. I have continued to grow and love the business even more and love my team so much. I have continued on this journey and plan to for a very long time to come. This entrepreneurial role allows me to be present for my family, and the important things.  It has also allowed me many travel opportunities which I don’t think I would have had in other industries. I have done many other jobs but this one has always ticked all the boxes for me as I’m passionate about the health and wellness industry and personal development.

Well, it is said we invite into our lives only what we can handle, though not everyone listens to their passions. Opportunities feel more like synchronicity when we are in touch with our feelings. Working from home has growing appeal.  No wonder you are happy with what you are creating. 

Share some of your strengths and weaknesses and how you use these to your advantage.

Some of my strengths are: I am strong-willed and determined- once I set my mind on something, I get it done. I have learned to be a good listener and love to help others, and am very trustworthy. I also feel another strength is that I’m non- judgemental but this has also worked against me. Weaknesses: I am a massive people-pleaser so am not always as direct and honest as I would like to be. I don’t like to upset others so don’t say some things I probably should. I do sometimes get overwhelmed when situations aren’t within my control, which brings me to the next thing: I can be a control freak! (something I am working on!) To my advantage, when I get an idea on my head, I just go for it and always find a way to make a situation work. My wish to help others can work against me as I want to help/fix everyone’s problems.

Being brutally honest with ourselves is one of the hardest things to do. Kudos to you for being self-aware and taking steps to work on those behaviours that you realize can limit you.

Describe the biggest challenge you have experienced. How do you handle it?

The biggest challenge in my life would have to be when my spinal injury caused me to have surgery which didn’t go well in 2007 (I was age 23). And after a follow up emergency surgery of a blood clot forming on my spine, waking up with no feeling from the waist down, being told I may never walk again was definitelythe biggest life-changing event in my kufe so far. I handled it quite well until I hit a point when I had a breakdown.

Author Brene Brown reminds us nervous breakdowns can be key turning points in our lives. How did yours affect you?

That’s when the determination kicked in. I worked so hard for 2 years to do all I could in rehab to re-generate the nerves and build up my muscle and strength again. Surprisingly, I wouldn’t change this moment in my life.  I i made me appreciate the things we take for granted like walking, toileting etc. Overcoming struggle has also made Me who I am today. And I was lucky enough to be one of the ones to get most of the feeling back. This also lead me into the passion I have for exercise and training.

Its easy to forget we each create our own luck.  We shift from believing in coincidence to seeing synchronicity, to recognizing we create and respond to all that happens. Taking full personal responsibility can seem like a big leap, but it enables us to see blessings, come what may, is that not so?


Similar to Joyce Meyer, Jack Ma, Donald Trump, Gerry Adams, Jason Navallo, John Mason, Tedy Bruschi, and others who wrote books called Never Give up, your resilience adn relentless determination take you far. Your story is inspirational in that it encourages people to learn a lesson wherever they are and stretch themselves to reach the next level.

That ordeal definitely taught me a lot about confidence and character-building!

What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?

I am spontaneous by nature...

Aren't we all, yet, sometimes adults forget!

Well, yes.  My most spontaneous adult acts are doing the world’s highest cliff jump in Queenstown, N.Z. during a Arbonne trip, and jumping out of a plane! I am an adrenaline junky.

A woman who pushes boundaries... I love your style! We each create a sense of awe and wonder in our life choices.  Let us in on three things very few people know about you.

There’s not a lot that people don’t know about me as I’m an open book. I am definitely an over-thinker and over-dramatize situations in my head. I do a lot of self-talk.  As much as I love a social life, I also love me-time, sitting, watching mind-numbing trash t.v. and documentaries, I also love the beach (my happy place).

Tell us about a time when you did or said something that had a positive impact on an employee, co-worker, or customer. How did it make you feel?

I think in the role I play within my business and team I’m lucky enough to be able to pep my team up and try to help them break through a block in work/ life. I can think if times I’ve cried with some of the girls in my team when I can see a breakthrough in their personal development, within themselves and making them know that they are worthy of everything that they want and more. This always fills my cup up seeing them achieve great things or stepping out of their comfort zones. 

As you imply, stepping out of comfort zones does not come easily to everyone, but it pays off.   If your peers and team had to describe you in three to five words, what would they say?

If my peers and team had to describe me in 3-5 words : loud, chatty, fun, positive, driven, and determined.

What people reflect back tells us a lot about our level of authenticity. Speaking of this, tell us about a dream you have yet to realize. What are you doing to progress further to make it real?

My dream is to build my business up so strong that my husband can travel less with his work and be around more and be able to be more present with me and the kids. He is when he can but is also away a bit interstate and does miss some important things. I am working my tail off to hit that goal so we can then choose to be together more as a family.

Describe a time when a colleague came to you with a problem. How did you respond?

There are a fair few times a colleague has come to me with a problem I won’t specifically name any due to privacy.  Each time, listened with 2 ears and waited to respond. Sometimes people just want to be heard.

So right! Empathy and compassion can be conveyed in silence as well as through words.   We each have the power to give something of ourselves to enrich the world. We do this with time, money or other gestures. Tell us about a time when understanding something differently shifted your perception and priorities.

I’ve had a few situations in life that I have learnt from when I’ve had to step back and put myself in someone else’s shoes to see why they may be saying or doing something that has upset me. I’ve learnt that there is always a reason why someone is doing what they do. I’ve also learned to to as well and I can check my Ego at the door!

Why is it important to develop connection? How do you build a rapport?

I love connecting and building a report with people I meet in life. I’m always fascinated by others and their stories and think it’s so important to build that trust with new people. I guess I listen and if I can relate to something they are saying I let them know that I understand.

Indeed. Sometimes what is left unspoken is very powerful and leaves a huge impact.

If you could write yourself a letter before leaving this world that would be received by your reincarnation, what would the letter say?

Oh gosh! If I could write myself a letter from the future and read it today- wow 😮. It would probably say live life to the full, follow your dreams and don’t let others steal them, always have fun, always laugh even at yourself and love without judgement

Add anything else you wish to say...

My website is   

email: phone: 0409338774

Much gratitude Renee for all you share.  This is a fabulous example of how shifts in priorities happen in our lives when we least expect it. Renee, like each of us in our own way, is a true gift to this world.  She shows us that once we get in touch with what matters and identify our priorities, we can create a more fulfilling life and be happier people.  Yet, a big message that stands out is before we can truly love others, and make a real difference, we must learn how it feels and what it involves to truly love ourselves. This is a unique journey for each of us. And the Soul learns and unlearns at its own pace.

As Arianna Huffington echoes in her best-selling book Thrive, its up to each of us to uncover and experience directly the meaning of well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving, during our lifetime. This is what gives our lives deeper meaning and us a sense of unique purpose. Check out Thrive Global for hints.


Interview with Darron Eastwell

We each have a story. How we perceive ourselves and respond to events of our journey, enable us to grow and also offers opportunities enrich the world.  During a recent professional event, I had the privilege of meeting Darron Eastwell. This versatile author and speaker has experienced major shifts and its a delight to share our interview. 

In a nutshell, please describe yourself.

I’m 44 years old, married 20 years, father of 2 kids. I live in Buderim, Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Of course, there is far more to you than initially meets the eye. Would you say you had a conventional career?

Well, my main work life was a 25-year banking career with National Australia Bank (NAB). Since leaving high school, this was my only employer. I'm originally from country Victoria.  However, due to my NAB roles, I relocated many times for different job opportunities.  While holding Business Banking management roles, I moved around Victoria, South East Queensland and Central Queensland before settling back on the Sunshine Coast in 2015.

Sounds like you come to thrive on change.  What has driven you through it all?   

Working for a large, corporate bank in demanding, high-pressure jobs consumed me. However, I really enjoyed the opportunities the bank provided.  After all, I never finished high school or gained any specialized education qualifications. I stuck with my banking career, worked my way up. I used to say I have a “Street-smart” degree.

Your life demonstrates that being adaptable enables us to respond well to whatever comes. Tell us how your work priorities have affected your family life.

I have always been a highly-dedicated family man with my family being my number one priority as I was the “bread-winner” for many years.  My wife and I chose to raise our kids so that they didn’t have to attend day care or after school day care. So, Bianca stayed home, looked after the kids while I went to work, traditional family compared to these days, we were very fortunate.

Sounds like you had your life pretty much planned out and the details were coming together. What caused your life to change dramatically?

Due to my mountain bike accident, our roles were reversed. Bianca had to be my carer then go out and work while I stayed home and continued rehabilitation and recovery.

How did your life focus and values change in all this?

I no longer feel that my high-pressured, corporate banking job is important. I feel like I was just a number to them. All I want to do now is gain part-time employment so I’m not consumed by work. Creating a healthy work-life balance enables me to enjoy the Sunshine Coast, all life has to offer. 

Share some key life challenges and how you respond.

Pre-accident, life was great. I didn’t have a worry in the world other than what most people would worry about. (i.e. how long would it last?) Yet, job satisfaction with NAB was nearing an expiry date and I still didn’t own my family home I had to work to pay the bills. 

My key life challenge was no doubt was on 23/05/2015 when I had my mountain bike accident, which changed my life forever. Even three and half years later, I still have zero memory of that day and the following 12 months after the accident due to the injuries. This is probably a good thing. Injuries sustained from the mountain bike accident were as follows: Fractured Skull, Fractured Neck (occipital condyle fracture), Fractured T7 Vertebrae Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (Diffuse Axonal Injury).  I was in a medically- induced coma for 10 days. I had a Glasgow Coma Score of 5 (GCS range from 3-15 -the lower the number, the more severe the injury; GCS of 3 equals a dead person).  Once I awoke from the coma, I had Post Traumatic Amnesia for 32 days.  Given the duration, this indicated a very severe TBI.

What you describe feels like a huge shake-up and perhaps a wake-up call on many levels. What else stands out for you?

I was in 3 different hospitals for a total period of 2 months, spending 6 weeks in the Princess Alexandra Hospital Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit where I had to undergo rehab Occupation Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Balance Therapy. It was full-on.

Wow! You are certainly one resilient spirit! As your experience points out, challenges may seem economic or physical on the surface, but beneath it all, it is our attitude, will, how we respond mentally and emotionally, that determine what plays out.  

Yes. I had to re-learn life's simplest of skills, basically relearn to live independently again.  But I was so focused on getting well, nothing got in the way. I felt I had so much to live for including; my family, where I lived, my house, the lifestyle we had set up for ourselves.  I just wanted to be healthy again. My drive for recovery came from my perseverance and 'never give up' attitude, which I still have to this day.

What you say here invites readers to quietly ponder what is really important, what they really want. Its not usually what first comes to mind. What brings you the greatest joy?

My greatest joy is that I now live a quality, healthy life with my loving family on the Sunshine Coast in our family home which we built 10 years prior. I’m living my dream. I am now able to spend more time with family, exercise more and play my guitars more.

Ahh! So, you are also a musician! Have you always played? 

Well, I did not make much time for that hobby before my accident. My wife and I always spoke about returning to the coast, not having to relocate again.  We wanted to live a simple, uncomplicated lifestyle, enjoying the beaches, the sunny coast, warm climate.  We feel motivated to be outdoors.  We wanted our kids get to grow up in such a beautiful part of not only Australia, but the world.

As the saying goes, ‘Ask and it is given.’ You have given yourself your most heartfelt wish. Tell us, in your own words, how setbacks can be seen as gifts.

Set-backs can be gifts as they can change how you think what's really important.   Without your health, you little to feel joyful about.

Near-Death Experiences (NDE) change lives.  My own have changed me. Consider also people like Dannion Brinkle- he died twice by lightning and wrote At Peace in the Light & Saved by the Light. We also feel the impact of related out-of-body experiences (OBEs) explored in Interview with William Buhlman and others.  How did having an NDE change you?

Surviving my near-death experience (NDE) has made me a better person and appreciate life more and I now realise how life can change in a heartbeat.

My mind echoes: I am not going to be a victim. I am not going to be negative about what happened. I believe everything happens for a reason. Positivity is so powerful. Having a positive mindset can assist with overcoming the impossible. I wouldn’t change what happened to me for a second. It has enabled so many doors to close but more doors have opened.

This echoes that saying, "When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window." Let us know what windows inspire you, what nourishes your soul?

I’m inspired to live the best version of this new Darron, inspired to remain happy & healthy and share my story of survival against the odds. My wife is the biggest inspiration. Without her support, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

What a heart-warming story of connection with your family, your deeper self to inspire the world. This is a perfect lead in to tell us about your new book.

My book is, The Day I Broke My Brain. Basically, this is what I did through my accident.

It reminds me of Proof of Heaven by and the implications explored in Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander and the the book and Ted Talk Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor.

As previously shared, due to my injuries, post-traumatic amnesia and severed memory problems, my occupation therapist suggested that I start writing a daily journal.  This   improved my memory and fine motor skills such as writing. I began with my name, address and where I had lived, my family’s names ages.  Then, I wrote about my thoughts, emotions and anything that I felt like writing.  This went on for about 6 months before I thought of the idea that I could have a book on my hands about my survival and rehabilitation story. Thus, over a period of 12 months, the daily journal writing evolved to have greater detail.  I had longer and longer writing sessions, all by hand, to the point when I had finished my book in its manuscript version.  I still have the hand-written notes today.

Other than assisting in your rehabilitation, what is your hope for this book?

Besides writing the book to help me deal with or at least uncover what happened to me, my hope is to help other people impacted by brain or other severe injury, to provide inspiration or motivation for healing. My recovery is proof that you can recover, not always 100%, but at least to redefine a high-quality and independent life. Having a book is the modern version of a business card. It provides creditability, paves the way for new connections, and a new career as a motivational speaker.

 Your story is one of determination and empowerment. It reminds me of the attitude of quadruple amputee Kyle Maynard who wrote No Excuses. What do you foresee next?

My hope is that it continues to sell, provides opportunities for me to meet new people. Talking at public events provides more income and eventually help with me gaining employment. My ultimate goal would be if the book could be put to movie as I think its a great story a positive story of someone beating the odds and overcoming such an injury it changed his entire life for the good.

How do you envision your book can help people?

I think my book can help people not only impacted by brain injury, but it can help anyone who is lacking the drive, motivation to improve their life, change mindset to see that nothing is really bad.  We do not have to wait for tragedy or an NDE to trigger the change.

What else have you done and are you doing to contribute to a new level of well-being?

After 12 months of traditional rehabilitation in hospital, I had had enough of it and was screaming out to do something else to feel happy.  Hence, I thru myself into physical exercise, music therapy, meditation, yoga, and naturopathic supplements.  In addition, I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol for two and half years.  Now, I only drink very small amounts, changed my diet to try and eat more healthy foods, intermittent fasting and eat brain foods.

Congrats on reaching a new level of balance and well-being. Who is your book's intended audience?

My audience is brain injury survivors, their families and individuals in need of motivation due to challenges. It is estimated about 700,000 people in Australia are living with a brain injury and in America around 3,000,000 people are impacted by brain injury.  Clearly, many people impacted by a situation related to my own.

 Where can people obtain a copy of your book?

The book has been purchased in 17 different countries so far or reading my blog on my website

As the result of your bike accident, how has your outlook and life perspective shifted?

I love my family and extended family more than ever. I no longer fear dying.

I relate to other people who have survived near death experiences (NDEs), tragedies or overcome trauma, sickness and injury. I can relate better to these kinds of people.

I don't have patience for materialistic people who are not realistic or they show no compassion for others. In general, I feel I am a calmer, more relaxed person because of my experience and enjoy the simple little things these days better, especially chatting to people 

As you look forward, how do you see your life unfolding?

I foresee my life unfolding like this:

  •          I will continue to live on the Sunshine Coast with my family & finally can call it home
  •          I will continue to visualize making a difference and seeing ths happen as in The Answer by Allan & Barbara Pease (I have used this technique 15 years and know it works)
  •          I will return to working in 2019 in a part-time capacity
  •          I will secure a job for which I am training now  (as a barista within the coffee industry)

Like yourself, I can attest to the effectiveness of feeling my way into a new lifestyle and way of being. Our life focus shifts with our awareness and priorities. It happens with perfect timing. As Gandhi echoes: happiness happens when what we think, do and say, are all in harmony.  Bobby Davro says a measure of success is happiness and peace and mind. How do you view success?

I will be successful at what ever I'm doing as that is how I am programmed.  When I do things, I have to do it right and put in 150%. I have high expectations for myself.

If you had a piece of advice or a vision to leave with our audience, what would it be?

Never take life for granted, go for your dreams or what makes your happy and ensure you live a healthy uncomplicated life.

Please share anything else you would like to add, including events, websites, links, broadcasts or any other ways our audience can connect with and learn more about you.

Here are some links to articles about me. Invite readers to visit my website, and find information relevant to their own journey.  (Refer to pages 16-19) Refer to page 24

Thanks Darron.  We know you are an inspiring success and continue to enrich all thoe lives you touch. You invite us all to recognize blessings where we are, and to appreciate who we are and how we can assist each other. 

Notice our collective reality arises from what we choose to believe about information our elders leave us, and whether we choose to question it. If we insist on believing we are separate from God/ Source and each other, then life is about living in separation. Many people believe God condones violence as a means of conflict resolution and feel separate from what does not affect them personally. Behavior arises from belief. Our big challenge is to find ways to get people to see, feel, act collectively. The issue is we often seek to solve problems at every level except the level at which problems exist. What if creating heaven wherever you are and its the prime objective? Imagine a life without fear, guilt or anger. Imagine the end of frustration and anxiety, and negative feelings. Imagine experiencing awe and wonder, the impulse to give freely, all expressing itself through you due to your expanding awareness. We can begin to create this in lives of those we touch. It is a matter of making conscious connections. Internal shifts transform external experience.


5 questions to ask

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

1. Why resist or seek to get beyond a particular feeling?

2. Who is it that must / must not get angry or should not complain?

3. What is really happening as you suffer in silence?

4. When you take action to get somewhere {make progress) where are you headed? 

5. Which choices enable you to get to truly be happy?


Interview with Dan Brulé

Another synchronicity guides me to connect with Breathmaster Dan Brulé. He was recently offering workshops in Melbourne and the Gold Coast (Australia). Since the early 1970’s, he’s shared his craft with more than 150,000 people in over sixty countries.  His invites us all to pay attention to the simple things, to uncover the hidden power and wisdom in the the rhythm of the breath.  Thanks for generously creating time and space for this interview.

Breathwork is often described as a New- Age technique more people are trying as a quick fix to perceived problems.  What is your view and how did you get into it?

Breathwork means using the breath for self-healing and personal growth. It is an ancient practice that focuses and quiets the mind. It is a mindfulness practice that also relaxes and energizes the body. I used breath control in the military to manage my mental and emotional state—for self-control. It has been my primary path and method of spiritual development. It is just as ancient as it is New-Age.

So true! Your insight helps to demystify breathwork. More people are beginning to view this practice as a bridge between body-mind, cultures, eras and ways of life.  Remote viewing is a practice used by the military that also entered the mainstream. As people share tranformational breathing experiences, more people get curious.

Celebrities like Christy Turlington, Oprah, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and Naomie Harris, use breathing techniques to reduce stress, connect with audiences and achieve their version of success.  Who else can benefit from breath awareness?

People from every walk of life and in every profession from Navy Seals and martial artists to psychotherapy and corporate executives practice breath awareness and breath control to destress and to perform better.

How did it happen that you came to be Tony Robbins’ breathwork coach? How does this help you both?

I met his son Jarek through a mutual friend and teacher Marc Divine at the Sealfit Training Center in San Diego. And another mutual friend and breathworker Binnie Dansby was present at his birth. It’s a small world! Jarek told his father about me, and Tony called me up. He was already aware of breathing. He notices when people hold their breath or when their breathing pattern changes in relation to their psychological, emotional, or physiological state.

He himself has been practicing certain yogic breathing techniques for a long time. I have spent virtually my whole life studying and practicing, and Tony appreciates the value of that level of focus and dedication. He decided to tap my knowledge and skills to help him in his quest of maximizing his potential to lead a more extraordinary and successful life. He lowered his blood pressure by 15 points within a week of our first session, and became a fan and supporter.

Wow! That stands out as an impressive example of the effectiveness of breathwork. When individuals respected in the public eye like Tony Robbins, experience measurable health benefits, and long-term change, you would imagine this would prompt more people to give it a go.  

People who have used a range of therapies claim breathwork has freed them from repressed trauma and addiction, enhanced their creativity, and sharpened their intuition, literally changed their lives.  Why do you feel more people are not aware of such evidence and that such ancient techniques are not more widely available or accessible to the masses? What is required in your view, for this to happen?

Yes, those are some of the natural benefits of breathwork, and there are many more. People who work in high stakes, life or death situations, are trained to breathe. The average person is not. Maybe it seems too simple, too basic, too obvious, and so many people overlook and underestimate its power and potential. Yet, the simple things, the basic things, are always the most powerful. The answer is more education. And it’s happening. Breathing is entering the mass consciousness. It is being taught and practiced all over the world. Plus, science and medicine are catching up: the health benefits are unarguable.

It is said that the only way to strengthen our relationships is to make conscious and take responsibility for the emotional and childhood issues we bring.  From your experience, how does engaging in breathwork empower people to have stronger, more intimate and successful adult relationships?

Our health and happiness depend on what we do with our consciousness and our energy. When we breathe, we are controlling both. Our breathing habits and patterns reflect and express psychological, emotional and behavioural habits and patterns. When our state changes, our breathing pattern changes. And it’s a two-way street: when we change our breathing pattern, we change our state. And we can use breath awareness and conscious breathing to interrupt habits patterns. We can use breathwork to manage or release emotions rather than be controlled by them.

Some people who give breathwork ‘a go’ describe that it feels like the body is being gently electrocuted, that they begin to hear higher frequencies and sensations.  Some people connect with non-physical energy, expand perception and return to this world similar to those who have had a near death experience (NDE).  That is, they have a deeper understanding of love and their purpose for being here. Share a mystical happening or revelation that you have experienced & how it changed you.

My experience is that we are all connected, and everything is comprised of energy. Good breathwork awakens a felt sense—a direct experience—of this energy. Call it prana, chi, ki, life force, spirit. This inter-connectedness of all life is not just a pretty spiritual idea: it is a fact in reality.

We are all sucking off the same bubble of air that surrounds this planet. The breath that is in you now, was in someone else a short time ago, and it will be in the dog walking down the street and the bird flying overhead tomorrow.

The breath literally connects us. It connects our mind to our body, it connects the conscious and subconscious mind. It connects us to each other, to life, nature, and the world. And it connects us to our source, our essence, our creator.

Since we are all connected, how can I hurt you without hurting myself? And since we are all connected, maybe no one is totally free until we are all free. And maybe if one of us can become completely free, all of us are liberated in the process.

And so, maybe the best thing I can do for my own freedom is to free everyone. And the best thing I can do for everyone else is to free myself. Breathwork awakened me to this truth, and it forces me to live from this truth. And that changes everything.

Freedom is certainly something many people reach for outside of themselves.  Your message invites us all to recognize the power of interconnecteness as it takes shape in our experience.

Dr. Stan Groff is known for his research into psychedelics and Holotropic Breathwork.  Leonard Orr is said to have coined the term Rebirthing.  Arthur Janov coined Primal Scream Therapy. We hear breathwork draws from psychotherapy, psychology and other paradigms. How would you describe your approach and who are your mentors or inspirations?

I have studied and travelled extensively with both Leonard Orr and Stan Groff, and many others: Bruno Hans Geba, Carl Stough, Nancy Zi, Hu Bin, Swami Rama, little know masters, and of course Babaji… I found inspiration in China, India, Europe, Canada and the Northwest Territories, South America, Russia and Australia.

I like to mix and match both ancient and modern styles and schools and methods. I have taken the best from all of my teachers, and added in my own work, my own accidental and intuitive discoveries. Like any artist, I like to have a lot of colours on my palette. And so, I have developed an approach that is both unique and universal.

Tell us about your recent book Just Breathe. Why did you write it and what is your purpose in doing so?

Basically, I wrote JUST BREATHE because I had a friend and student who was a publicist and she got Simon & Schuster interested enough to offer me a very generous advance to write a book that could bring breathwork into the mainstream. The synopsis of the book describes and explains my reasons: The extraordinary abilities and high states once reserved only for the great masters, saints, yogis and warriors, and only after years of work— ordinary people, deserve and can attain these same extraordinary abilities and high states very quickly, just thru breathing! When something beautiful and powerful happens to us, and helps us, we have a natural desire to share it with the world.

What a heart-warming motivation you share and testament to the power of synchronicity.  To recognize the illusion of separation is to move from the perspective of student to master within.  Everyone and everything is here to support our inner evolution, Yet, when seeing from a place of fear this is not so obvious.  Shifting from fear to love changes this.

The surname Brulé is said to have its origin in Switzerland, where the name arose from humble beginnings but gained a significant reputation for its contribution to emerging mediaeval society. What do you see as your unfolding life purpose in this era? How do you see collective human reality shifting? (i.e. do you sense we are catching up with a future version of ourselves who is watching the evolution through our memories?)

Hmmmm… I never heard that about my name. There was an American Indian chief and tribe by that name, and my great grandparents came from Canada… Anyway, breathwork is my passion (pass-I-on) and my profession (profess-I-on). It is my purpose and my mission in life to serve the spirit of breath. And because of it, I am able to be living my dream.

And oh yes, we are being all being called to uplift ourselves and each other and the planet. Things are accelerating, evolution is accelerating, and breathwork is the tool of our time. It helps us to come up to speed with the profound changes taking place in us and around us.

If you could offer our readers any advice or leave them with specific insight, what would it be?

Sometimes what we are seeking is right under our nose. It is not an accident that the lungs are wrapped around our heart. When we breathe, we open our hearts. It’s not a coincidence or an accident that breathing is both completely automatic and also completely under our control: that is an invitation, an opportunity, to take part in our own nature, our own evolution.

Every breath is a blessing. Every breath is a prayer. We only need to see it as such, to make it so.

Please add anything else you feel would benefit our readers.

Breathwork is the new yoga. It is meditation for people who can’t mediate! Whenever we turn to our breathing, tune into it, pay attention to it, we come more fully into the present moment. Breathwork awakens body intelligence, heart intelligence, as well as mind intelligence. It brings us more fully into who we really are.

And, there is no need to breathe in any certain way. The simple practice of Breath Awareness, breath watching, changes everything. And simple things like yawning and the sigh of relief, when done consciously and often can change everything!

Remembering to stop and take a conscious breath, to feel ourselves open and expand with the inhale, and relax and let go with the exhale… if we can remember and chose to do this in certain moments, it can make all the difference in the world!

The root of the word inspiration, expiration, respiration… is spirit. Every ancient language seems to have the same word for air, breath, and life. I think that means something. But then again, as one of my teachers once said: “Concepts get you nowhere. Training gets you everywhere!” And so I encourage your readers to practice and train!

Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to do what I love: wake people up to the breath and breathing!

Infinite blessings and appreciation for this timely dialogue. Invite readers to check out Dan Brule's book and explore options to learn more about breathwork.  For example,  check out Shane and Angelina Saunders offer the Podcast The Breathing Edge, and recently interviewed Dan Brulé.  They remind us all, "life is better when we breathe." If it resonates, attend a workshop, connect with a breathwork therapist near you. The Guy Lawrence Podcast also presents a glimpse of Dan Brule's master training on his show. Also invite the audience to check out the Australian Breathwork Association and Interview with Jaan Jerabek.