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4 Steps to help find your way

Its common to be confused about what is best for you at a particular stage of your life. Mixed messages are broadcast by media, by those we love and people we do not even know. All of these are actual projections you put forward. Ponder 4 steps to help you find your way through the quagmire.

1. See through the want.

It is always helpful to grasp what it is you think you want and the real message you are sending yourself.  Upheavals in emotions and waves of discomfort and desires are pointers when you are open. Its up to you to learn to see through it.

2. Let the music guide you.

Turn on a piece of uplifting music. Instrumental often works well and you may be drawn to particular film soundtracks. Tune into the flow of energy passing through you. More is always going on than the ego registers. You are actually beginning to tune into and decode the music (frequency) of your own soul. Its a matter of letting go of what distorts it. From here, simply allow the soul to be your pilot.

3. Surrender to spontaneity.

Pick up some toys yourself or laugh and play with a child. Go to a playground and have a slide or swing or climb a tree. Engage the imagination like never before. Paint, tie-dye, do a mural on the side of a wall or fence,  go wild in a colouring book for adults. However you engage the right brain, being imaginative is actually a direct line to higher consciousness, that part of you that knows who you are and which activities nurture the soul. Be here now. Be like a dolphin and feel what it is to exist playfully, come what may.

4. Do a handstand or turn your world upside down.

Whether you love yoga or unleash the acrobat within you, turning yourself upside down shakes up the world you come to see and helps snap you out of your own self-created trance. Whether negative emotion is beginning to take over or you feel dazed and confused, even lying on the floor with your legs on a couch or chair allow blood to rush to your brain and help you shed light on your own situation. Even if inspiration does not spark yet, you instantly know why some behaviour or choice is not the best choice now and can cease that. Self-discipline and choosing love empowers you wherever you are.

Contact Dreambuilders Australia to empower you to consciously co-create on a whole new level.


5 Tips to uncover your purpose

Many people are seeking new sense of purpose or deeper connection to what they cannot put into words.  You may feel restless, undecided about some path or course in your life. Consider these five tips to get in touch with what you are truly yearning for.  It speaks for itself:

1) Walk in nature.  Tap into your ability to attune to the grace of this moment. Everything is always speaking to you and selective awareness blocks out different frequencies or messages.

2) Do yoga.  Basic stretches or more advanced contorsions can squeeze what you are seeking out of your being.  When the student is ready, unexpected teachers and teachings appear.

3) Declutter your life. Now is the perfect time to pass on or get rid of what you outgrow or are no longer using.  This applies to physical things as well as outdated beliefs and ways of living.

4) Adjust the dial.  Whatever you typically listen to, allow yourself to hear what you tend to miss or overlook.  Listen to a new station or crowd.  Notice real reasons you tune out or tune in.

5) Appreciate silence.  Discover peace and tranquility are not only found during particular conditions.  They are ever-present, core states of being always accessible to everyone.


Be realized

Every moment is a stage of a journey into a perpetual self-discovery. Notice whether you are true to what you feel in the heart. Notice how you view or filter the world through your beliefs and perceptions. This is what limits your awareness of reality.  Its not all that is.

When the inner judge is active, you resist listening to the heart.  Notice which emotions drive you.  Notice whether you believe you must do something to become better than you are.  This restless state of mind resists the obvious. The mind thinks everything you do is a necessary step toward achieving or earning self-acceptance. What if this is misguided?

As you accept who you are, whatever happens is the best case scenario. How does it feel to be authentic? Well, as you feel the way here, and all life choices are stepping stones.  Emotion no longer controls you.  Intuition is trusted inner guidance.  Suddenly, balance, wholeness, vitality, clarity, peace and contentment are here. The seeker is the finder here and now. 

If you ponder the path, yoga is empowering.  It is more than physical stretching and poses.  It is also a way of seeing the world through the clarity of a calm mind and lens of an open heart.  Through regular practice, yoga expands awareness of physical and psychological states.  This enables you to step back, observe your reactions and coping mechanisms.  As yoga practice becomes effortless, second nature, infinite being is reached.  You master self.

"Words fail to conveythe total value of yoga.  It has to be experienced."  -Prashant S. Iyengar

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..." - Marianne Williamson


Why believe in supernatural intervention?

Every human being encounters phenomena unexplainable in human terms. To what these things are attibutable remains to be seen. It may be doors mysteriously opening or closing, hearing voices nobody else around you does, coming into money, recovering from serious illness or, noticing energy vibration unnoticed before. Possible occurrences are endless.

Your reasons for believing or disbelieving the senses shape your views on physical existence. Only you know what is out of the ordinary or, very real to you. You create points of reference outside of yourself and then, detect transition to turn inside. Consider 5 reasons to believe in supernatural intervention;

1) Doubt begins to dissolve. Doubt obscures beliefs and the nature of perception. Hidden motives and fear influence what you accept.  Still, lots of people hope briefly or intermittently for supernatural intervention. Consistent believing is known to diminish doubt and bring what a person's heart desires.  Getting what you want strengthens faith.  Getting what you do not want is even more powerful.

2) Awareness shifts. You notice things within the self that went unnoticed before. Energy flowing within and around your body includes subtle nuances you now choose to discern. As you realize your body and mind are always changing beneath your conscious radar, you begin to feel layers of unexplored true self inside. You begin to see through ego personality, to discern soul motives explain everything as it is meant to do.

3) Appearances diminish. To move beyond highly-limited senses of the human body is to realize physical, earthly experience does not create discomfort or redefine freedom. To move beyond what you view as natural changes you in ways you are just begining to detect.  You observe your sense of personality evolves.  Part of you begins to see beyond the past. Part of you no longer trusts memories define core identity.

4) Labels fall away. The stage comes when you no longer view yourself as linked to a particular belief, opinion, or group philosophy. You realize differences in application and interpretation have been presenting during your perceived thought and growth process. Part of you questions the meaning of your name, the point of artifical concepts with energy vibrations you have come to define as you.

5) Something remains. You may not be able to put your finger on it or describe it, but a presence is with you. Some people would suggest you only begin to sense it fully as you learn to stop thinking altogether. As you learn to pause and hold pauses in your constant stream of human thoughts, you detect something indescribable between the energy vibrations. This explains everything, even if you have no term for it.


5 Revelations to expand inner vision

Some people fear when they run out of questions, they run out of hope. Other people do not choose to ask questions or hope. They are indifferent, miserable or, attune deeply to energy. At some stage, you tap into free-flowing images and sensations you are unable to explain. To become aware is to know you have choices. Consider five revelations to expand inner vision;

1) Acknowledge the mind must transform. Sounds and images congest mental space. Background noise distracts focus. Inside, your mind is occupied and undisciplined. You nurture illusion of hope for something other than what you perceive, want experiences other than those where you are. As you become disillusioned and feel the futility of desire, you experience senselessness and suddenly shift gears.

2) Believe your can exist without self-deception. As you recognize the human mind feeds on lies, you realize you are ready to begin to systematically notice, identify and dissolve them. To feel directions, emotions and events confuse you, means you struggle between thoughts of dissatisfaction and hope for gratification. As you identify and dissolve ego, you prepare to merge with the unseen and unknowable.

3) Recognize the mind feeds on dreams. At some point, you convince yourself dreaming is necessary.  The mind conjures illusions even as you look and listen to a point of reference in the physcial world. You consciously forget dream is complete auto-deception. Hoping still exists. Discipline is the capacity to learn and know. But you cannot know or learn, unless you have attained the capacity to just be in the now.

4) Empty your mind. As you detach from beliefs, you are slowly learning to empty the mind. To experience bliss means absolute silence. You hear snow. This is possible only when there is harmony, that is, when all the discordant fragments of your personality have become one. When you are alone in the house of your mind without distraction, you are blissful.

5) Nurture courage to experience. Yoga is a method used to develop a non-dreaming mind. Its the science of being in the now. To engage fully means you are ready to detach from time, a sense of past and future.  You are willing to reframe hope, and agree not to jump ahead of your being. Yoga means to encounter reality as it is. This path makes it meaningful to uncover and apply depth of mental powers. Learn how to control them and not be controlled by them, and how to use them in the service of others. Do not permit new insight to distract the mind with sensations and focus on form.