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The Power of Love 

Love is described in many ways.  Often overlooked is that every instance you say, "I love ...anything" perpetuates illusions of separation. Humans are taught to fear the impersonal. This is why its common to be concerned with creating an identity, gathering labels, credentials and accumulating roles and experiences or stories to share.  People are taught to fear losing these ideas, and so, experience a tug-of-war within. Whenever discomfort arises, this is a gauge you are drifting or turning away from the truth felt in the heart. The power of love never stops vibrating through everything. Your body is simply a vehicle where you tune in or out of the flow of something bigger than you.

Watch what happens as you turn away from the personal, from desires and fears, from the thoughts and memories they create, the sense of linear time and space or familliar points of reference.  Hence the phrase, 'all roads lead to Rome'.  Home is not a place, but a feeling that is felt come what may. Being the witness allows the natural state to reveal itself beyond self-created illusions.  Every moment the Light has potentlal to illuminate itself.

Thus, it is said, whatever you do, happiness is. It is not dependent on experiences. Real love is without conditions.  Everything is actually love energy in motion.  What is perceived is shaped by mental filters until mental filters are recognized as they are and allowed to dissolve.

The true Power of Love is felt as everything is felt to have equal value.  That is, everyone you meet, every experience is created, orchestrated and/or destroyed by you for lessons.  Every revelation triggered, every thought and feeling, is the universe speaking to and through itself, in infinite diversity. 


Listen to the Soul

Notice what it is to listen to the soul. In every choice you make, there exists the ego perception and a higher consciousness knowing of the bigger picture.

When you look back at any situation to understand where you are and why you do what you do, this is ego perception in linear time.  When you focus on appearances, this is ego filtering reality. You never actually do or cancel out on things, change plans, situations, careers or relationships for reasons you think. There is always more to it which you see when ready.

Listening to the Soul allows you to see from more expanded vantage points and appreciate multi-dimensional nature.  It is feeling soulful reasons for everything, being aware of specific teachings and lessons available for soul growth on a soul journey at every step.  It involves engaging subtle senses, moving in all directions in this moment, a grasp of spherical time. This is also recognizing how other people behave reflects their karma and has nothing to do with you.  How you respond reveals degrees of acceptance of true nature and everything you project is a mirror.

Ponder three examples;

1) At first glance, attending a conference or event may seem to relate to work or some area of interest.  Yet, the larger part of you is privy to deeper, soul-related reasons for creating specific situations and encounters.

2) When anyone you encounter feels uncomfortable accepting complements, gifts or gestures of generosity, how you respond is a gauge of where you vibrate between scarcity and abundance consciousness. Seeing everything as a gift you give yourself allows you to appreciate something in all situations.

3) Money is a form of energy you direct consciously or unconsciously based on values and feelings.  No matter how much money you have, it is a form of energy flow. How you spend your money is an energetic message. Being soulful involves directing energy flow in ways that expand consciousness, team-building and inter-connectedness (rather than separation). Are you contributing to a sense of community or are you ego driven?

A key revelation is you cannot perceive something you are not the vibration of. Every experience is teaching you to let go of what you are not. Every experience invites you to listen to intuition, make soulful choices.


The key to everything

Ever notice that when you hold no expectations, you cannot be disappointed? Real love is experienced when nothing is expected in return for being who you are. Yet, how does this translate into realizing dreams in a 3-D world?

This does not mean desires cease.  It implies inner peace is experienced when you detach from outcomes. Energy flows are driven by forces beyond the scope of ego, beyond what is detected by physical senses. Everything in physical worlds originates in the unseen or not yet detected or understood. You know you are following synchronicities when encounters and choices all make sense. You suddenly know why you do the things you do, why your choices and priorities are changing. Intuition is guiding you to do what feels right, and you feel okay not attempting to explain.

For unique ideas to unfold, allow them to percolate.  Allow consciousness to expand to where you have no way to make ideas obey your desires or direction.  The key to everything is to be open-minded and fearless. Rediscover what it is to be in the flow and why you decided to tune out.

“When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without p...ain. From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it.”

— Rumi


5 Tips to make smoother transitions

Whether you see a move on the horizon, a change of scenery, workplace, relationship or other conditions, these five tips can assist you to make smoother transitions;

1. Act as if.

From the moment you grasp everything unfolds based on energy vibration, you realize it is to your advantage to visualize and act as if related details of your pending transition are already smoothly in place. This requires exercising the imagination and remembering experience arises only as you dream it into being. Whatever behaviour or pattern you wish to let go of or outgrow, tell yourself so be it and whatch the result unfold within you.

2. Feel as if.

If you sense you do not receive on some level what you feel you deserve, you benefit from treating yourself as you would  like to be treated, and even better than that. Recognize people do not receive what they deserve, but what they allow and choose to gift or withold from themselves. Whatever you think you are not getting, you are depriving it from yourself as a lesson or invitation to alter your vibration. 

3.  Know everything is already here.

Recall only abundance exists. Perceived lack only exists in the mind. It is reassuring to know whatever you are convinced you require is already  being offered to you and is accessible to you when you are ready and willing to accept it. Whether its money, guidance, a new home, business, or other change you are ready for, imagine that it presents like the parking space you desire around the corner and so it is- presto!

4. Love all that arises.

Taking personal responsibility is loving all that arises and accepting you create and manifest it all for your own soul growth. You do not have to see higher consciousness to be aware that you work in cooperation with your highest being.

5. You always move from here to here.

It may surprise you but the idea of linear time it seems to require to make or allow your dreams to manifest is an illusion. Nothing is really happening and yet, you are enjoying the process of co-creating immensely.


Experience more joy

Emotions are a reliable gauge to help you feel your way into the best place or choice for you at a given moment. Wondering whether to travel somwehere, to take part in an event, to contact someone, to stay in or move from a place, or simply wondering what to do? Choose what brings you more joy. Go with the flow of joy.  Consider these 4 tips:

1) Manifest from a state that is aligned with highest Self. From the moment you truly get this, life choices are always made from a place of love with the intention to do more of what you love and to empower others to love more wherever they are and find new blessings in their soul journey.

2) Recognize joy is a barometer for soul alignment.  If you feel like you are dragging yourself along, then you are not living from the heart.  You know you are aligned when no such things as 'work' exists, when you lose a sense of linear time and details for how things happen simply fall into place.

3) Respond to judgement with love. People do not always understand the origin of your joy because everyone is inspired by different things. When you are doing what feels right in the heart, it does not matter what other people say or do not say. It is not a question of obtaining approval because you love and accept what you do wherever you are.

4) Tune into synchronicity.  Feeling your way along implies trusting what the mind does not understand or would like to talk you out of doing. It is about noticing everything is connected, choosing steps or directions on your path based on what feels right and what you intuit is the right thing now.