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Why read Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within?

This 308p book guides you:

  • to discover deeper fulfilment in all areas of your life.

  • to extend awareness beyond your perceived norm.

  • to make breakthroughs about your own emotional & spiritual intelligence.

  • to more actively and deliberately create your own experience.

This book invites you to realize:

  • why you think, feel and behave as you do

  • how to recognize, understand & transcend your fears

  • how to reassess your shifts in awareness and vibration

  • when is the right time to sharpen your focus

  • what happens as you remember to attune to the power of love

Highlights include;

  • stages of awareness that reveal participant and observer within

  • 145 inspirational quotes

  • stories and universal relevance

  • guiding lessons for each chapter

  • end-of-section questions organized by theme

  • 3 lengthy, end-of-book questionnaires

Why is it so empowering?

  • gain insight into the benefits of emotional roller coasters 

  • recognize you can stand back and see anew wherever you are.

  • recall that losing "everything" is actually a wake up call for what truly matters.

  • tap into your own intuition and higher awareness to empower others.

  • use it as a tool to guide your journalling, self-healing and deeper relationship connections.   

Which problems does this book guide you how to solve?

  • Ever experience a coincidence you could not explain? Learn the reality of synchronicity.
  • Are you sleepwalking through life? Learn to be recognize why you do what you do.
  • How do you access what you already know, but temporarily forgot?
  • & much more!

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