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In the Flow

Being Harmony

Universal Principles

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365 Paths to Love

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Be Your Dream

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Transform Your Life: 730 Inspirations

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Daily inspirational quotes about life from the book Transform your life - 730 Inspirations

Cosmic Synchronicity

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This book helps your recognise challenges and overcome fear

Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within

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145 inspirational quotes to motivate your to be honset with yourself and solve your problems.




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Liara Covert knows many roles. The turning point was losing everything she once thought important only to discover what truly is. Her holistic perspective allows her to guide others to see from new vantage points.

She is author of many books, offers life coaching and consulting services, leads interactive workshops, offers public talks and contributes to radio shows. Her experience arises from travel and experiences in 65 countries.

She lives with her husband and two children in the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne.


Print Books

How To Simplify Your Life (Kindle Edition, 58pgs, December 2013; by Robert Jirda paperback also available; contributing author)

365 Paths to Love (Body Awareness) (Paperback, Mar 2012) Self mastery(book 1)

Be Your Dream (Paperback, InnerCircle Publishing, June 2011, 128pgs).
Transform Your Life: 730 Inspirations (Paper, InnerCircle Publishing, June 2010, 404 pgs)
Cosmic Synchronicity (Paperback, InnerCircle Publishing, February 2010, 154pgs)
Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within (Hardcover, Strategic Books, New York, Mar 2009, 308pgs)


Be Yourself (Mind Awareness) (ebook, Mar 2013) Self mastery(book 2)

Harness the Energy of Your Dreams (April 2010)
Soul Work: 50 Exercises to align mind, body and spirit (Sept 2009)
Expand Consciousness Now (Aug 2009)

Excerpts in:
The Quote Effect by Davina Hainsell at 

Contributing Author

How to Simplify Your Life

(Kindle Edition, Dec 2013; 58pgs; paperback also available; by Robert Jirda)

Grab Your Tiger: How 110 Women Made the First Move to Capture the Men of Their Dreams (Paperback, Sept 2007, 256pgs, by author Kathy Schwadel)