Dr. Liara Covert

Breathwork Psychotherapist
Speaker, Workshop Facilitator 

Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


Contact us about our October Events

  • Cathartic Breathwork info workshops 
  • Sat, Oct 19, 1-5pm https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/covert-catharic-breathwork-workshop-tickets-75259058871
  • Sun Oct 27, 1-5pm (also on Eventbrite)
  • Essential Oils workshops (Tues, Oct 15, 6:30-9pm & Thurs, Oct 24, 12-2:30pm)
  • Lucy Libido Oils Event (Fri Oct 25, 6:30-9pm)



Quote of the Day

Sometimes you just have to stop, take a deep breath, and put things into perspective. - Katrina Meyer




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*Mastering Time

(Feb 2018)

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365 Paths to Love

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Be Your Dream

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Transform Your Life

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Daily inspirational quotes about life from the book Transform your life - 730 Inspirations

Cosmic Synchronicity

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This book helps your recognise challenges and overcome fear


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145 inspirational quotes to motivate your to be honset with yourself and solve your problems.




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Transform Your Life: 730 Inspirations
Testimonials (back cover)

“Liara offers an amazing blend of quotes with the added flavor of her own experiences to offer people knowledge on the path of self-mastery.   If one is seeking personal growth and knowledge, this is the book to read as it will open you to the truth of who you are.”

--Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D., author A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible and host on Aware Talk Radio (The American Monk).

"A book of questions...and a book of answers. Using quotes from inspirational teachers from around the world, Liara leads you on a blissful journey of self-discovery. Be prepared to meet your true self."

--Jacky Newcomb, Angel Lady, multi award-winning author, columnist/ T.V. host

What a beautiful concept! Liara assembles empowering quotes by people from so many different cultures, wisdom traditions and walks of life, and nested those quotes within inspiring life stories and thoughtful insights. The result is a gentle and fascinating presentation of hundreds of powerful, positive life values.  This book is rich and substantive, always offering a warm and cleansing bath to revive the spirit.”

 -- Ralph Marston Author, Founder of DailyMotivator.com & also Inspiration Editor of Patheos.com

"Liara has found a unique way for us to transform our lives by bringing together tid-bits of many who have accomplished this and much more. Her book provides everyone with the mustard seed they seek, to move any mountains blocking their life's path."

--Ben Abba, co-author (with Dr. Wayne Dyer) of the best-seller, Wake Up... Moments of Inspiration & author of Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History

“The journey of transformation is fraught with moments of the very negative emotions that we try to balance with the positive.  In those moments remember this book; it will never fail to inspire you.  I highly recommend it.”

--Amit Goswami, Ph. D., quantum physicist & author of The Self-Aware Universe, God is not Dead, and Creative Evolution


Check out 16 additional testimonials inside this book!!!  

Heather Urquhart,  Self-healed from Cancer

DeAnne Hampton, Shaman & Author of The New Human & host on World Puja Radio Network

Michele Meiche, Editor-in-Chief, Conscious Inspired Living & Host Awakenings Radio

Brian Schrokosh, Host of Radiate Love Radio

Rysa, Founder, Goldring of Enlightenment

Jaikaur LeBlanc, Healer & Host of Women's Grace, Grit & Gratitude

Ralph Okrafo-Smart, filmmaker & host of Infinite Waters

Karin Bartimole, Artist, blogger, & Self-healed from Cancer

Nanice Ellis, Author & Host of 'Chai with Nanice' on LA Talk Radio   

Douglas Melloy, Author & Aware Talk Radio host

Stephanie Oland- self-healed from chronic illness

Stewart Swerdlow Author, Seminar Leader & Co-founder of Expansions

Dawn Hill, Author

Tina Fiorda, Co-author, A Book of Insight: Wisdom from the Other Side

Sonia Barrett Author, The Holographic Canvas, Speaker & Host of Sovereign Mind Radio

Dr. Ian Gordon, Spiritualist Minister