Dr. Liara Covert

Breathwork Psychotherapist
Intuitive Coach, Workshop Facilitator 

Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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  • Cathartic Breathwork info workshops 
  • Sat, Oct 19, 1-5pm https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/covert-catharic-breathwork-workshop-tickets-75259058871
  • Sun Oct 27, 1-5pm (also on Eventbrite)
  • Essential Oils workshops (Tues, Oct 15, 6:30-9pm & Thurs, Oct 24, 12-2:30pm)
  • Lucy Libido Oils Event (Fri Oct 25, 6:30-9pm)



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Sometimes you just have to stop, take a deep breath, and put things into perspective. - Katrina Meyer




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Liara Covert's 2nd book, Cosmic Synchronicity is now available (U.S. $ 12.95 ).

To buy: Visit on-line distributors or contact us: Cosmic Synch Press release offers more.



Book Preface


This book emerges as I help care for a family member with cancer.  As you reach a crossroads in adversity or, review mortality and well-being, this is for you.

The prospect of offering care invites reflection and re-evaluation of one’s priorities.  Some people question whether too much commitment is required, whether major life changes are possible or desirable or, whether getting involved would be interfering.  Other people do not think. They do what feels right, and listen to the heart.

Instinct prompts me to move half-way around the world and to reframe existence.  I act to support this family member by day, manage a business and write by night.  Little does conscious mind know choices trigger profound, inner changes with unexpected consequences.  I reconnect with the power of silence, my inner self and expand to experience everything differently. 

As you sense illness as a concept begins inside the mind, you begin to realize a healing process is unfolding simultaneously.  This goes beyond physical symptoms.  You can choose to release what you notice and outgrow. Each human being has inner teachers.  Some of them include your beliefs and misperceptions.  Rigid mindsets deny unconditional love and self-acceptance that is yours always. 

You do not get sick to show people how to get well.  A person chooses to notice and detach from root causes of pain and anger or not.  You choose to sense blessings in all your conditions, in every relationship, or not.   You inspire change and awakening in others or not.  Other people inspire changes in you or not.  You choose to recognize emotions evoked by external events or not. 

Everything relates to karma and standards you set.  Accept everyone as they are and accept self as it is.  Lasting change unfolds with awareness. 

From the moment you no longer question what is right, but know without a doubt, you move outside the mind.  To go beyond the mind is beyond any pain, beyond the desire to control.  You sense an expanding, universal awareness.  You know responses to everything and everyone reflect a state of calm or imbalance. 

To reconnect with the heart means you act out of love and acceptance. This awakens profound healing power.   It enables you to reconnect with sources of inspiration.  An internal judge arises to be noticed and dissolved. No need to explain.  The universe knows.  Smile and say nothing. 

As you silently turn pages, you make your way through perspectives that reinforce ego and you may return to a divine space. What this means in human terms is nothing you grasp with the mind.  New states of being are emerging.  Everyone has free will and opts to recognize inner patterns, to expand or not. 

Cosmic Synchronicity invites you to create your own quotes as part of a journey to get-to-know yourself, your thoughts and feelings.

Liara Covert is a Melbourne-based life coach who offers varies tools to empower clients to live their best life now. Many of her books document conversations with different levels of consciousness.