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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Breathwork Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Coach


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Most people spend their lives reacting to feelings rather than creating with them.

- Neale Donald Walsch

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5 questions to ask

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

1. Why resist or seek to get beyond a particular feeling?

2. Who is it that must / must not get angry or should not complain?

3. What is really happening as you suffer in silence?

4. When you take action to get somewhere {make progress) where are you headed? 

5. Which choices enable you to get to truly be happy?


Interview with David Roth and Jon Christine

It may surprise you, but its not thoughts but beliefs that create our reality.  When we believe whole heartedly in ourselves, we shape our reality with confidence.  David Roth, Jon Christine and the vibe of embodhi love productions are a great example. David and Jon take time out from scouting movie locations to share this dialogue.

Please begin by sharing your unique vision.

This initiative invites our own Soul-searching and much more. 

What a beautiful way to invite each of us to uncover the authentic version of who we are. It feels courage is required to recall what we exist to do, let go of all that is incongruent with our Soul.

We can always learn from the paths of others and its also helpful to recall everything is a mirror. 

Love what I am hearing through you, that the universe shows us what blocks us as a gift.  The greatest gift we can each give ourselves is living who we came here to be.

So, what draws you and Jon (Jon Christine- right in photo) to filmmaking and all that the Embodhi Love project represents and is evolving toward?

We share the strong desire within to help others. That’s the intention behind everything we do. Helping others live in greater freedom through the power of story and film. We see a huge need for conscious entertainment. Stories that not only entertain and enlighten, but also help people live more joyful, fulfilling lives.

Indeed. Everyone is weaving and growing aware of the nature and power to change a personal story. As we come to realize all is interconnected, we are each guided to forge our own unique path to contribute to a process larger than ourselves.

Serving others is a key part of it. As we help others, we are simultaneously helping ourselves.

As you imply, popular media often perpetuates unconsciousness. Initiatives like yours contribute to individual and group awakening. Gaia also offers a collection of consciousness-expanding media that has a growing audience. This echoes a global shift in awareness.   How does this shape directions of Embodhi Love productions?

Our mission, you might say, is to invite viewers to awaken in part, through watching our feature films. We know life experience is part of why we exist. We feel sharing inspiring stories guides each of us to uncover or decode our true potential or destiny.

So, it feels as though you wish to invite viewers to live vicariously through a universal experience on film to draw them deeper into themselves. How inspiring! How wonderful to imagine everyone growing aware that whatever they admire in others is actually a dormant part of themselves they have not yet accepted, focused attention on or realized in their own unique way. 

This said, what is the core message that drives or guides your life?

That freedom is here and now. We are all here to create, connect and play. That is our purpose. We want everyone pursuing their passions and aligned in their own purpose, enjoying this magic carpet ride this is LIFE.

Christie Marie Sheldon also echoes this message. She says, "If you want to heal something in your life, go play!"  I also love the analogy of the dolphin playing its way through existence. How many people frolick their way along-day-to-day, moment-to-moment like that? Many people forget this is key to living a Soul-driven life.  Love is a very high vibration. Love what you do and everything feels like play.  

Yes. When you connect with the Soul and play though life, the idea of work does not come ito it.

What has kept you from fully accepting and living your Soul purpose?

Probably patience more than anything. It took many years to get to this point in our own evolutions. We took on jobs that left us unfulfilled to know what we didn’t want in life. We had to experience those valleys to learn and remind us what we really want. We both had to grow on countless levels to finally align with our purpose and have everything click like it now is. We also know that growth is continuous. We are constantly growing into new ways of being. The art of surrender and letting go seem to be the quickest way into finding your true joy in life.

Many people can relate to the journey you describe about the 'ups and downs' of life experience. We shift from being ego-driven to heart-centred and inspired. Your story echoes that choosing to experience all we create is part of what makes us human and also allows us to uncover the best versions of ourselves.

Your current film project feels exciting. How about offering a glimpse into the story. Why share?

We are currently raising funds for our feature film, Medicina. The story is about a woman who feels stuck and wants more out of life. She ends up on a journey that helps her to awaken into her purpose. The energy behind this story cannot be contained. We’re just stewards to this divine creation that is Medicina. It came through over the past 4 years. Medicina refers to that thing in life that gives you the greatest joy. It could be your yoga practice, cooking, playing an instrument, meditation, helping and connecting with others. The list is endless. That is your true medicine for the soul. Now it’s time to inspire everyone to find more passion and purpose in their lives. 

Exactly! Everyone has a source of joy, something that ignites an inner spark or endless energy.  Yet, not everyone is fully conscious of or willing to fearlessly express it until awakening fully. 

How do you choose film subjects? Do people propose ideas to you like scriptwriters pitch stories?

In full transparency, the stories just come through to us from within. For the past 4 years now, we meet once a week to discuss ideas for different stories we are working on. Whether we are meeting or writing on our own, the stories just pour through. We have a dozen projects lined up right behind this. Ideas for series and commercials as well. We’re in the process of expanding our team so that we can get all these inspiring ideas out into the world as soon as possible. People do pitch and submit to us. We welcome that anytime. What we’re doing isn’t about us. It’s about all of us.

Are you inspired by Jack Canfield and his Chicken Soup for the Soul series of inspirational stories?  How does what you do differ or, how is it similar? 

We are familiar with his work and appreciate how it has affected and uplifted so many people. What inspires us are the stories within those books. The people from those stories that went through what they did. What we do is much different from Jack Canfield. He’s an author who shares other peoples’ stories. We are storytellers, creating our own stories that get turned into feature films.

As you say, each inspirational storyteller has a unique approach to share a vision.  Its encouraging that you invite people to appreciate something universal in every story.  Anyone in particular act as a key mentor?

To be fully truthful, life itself is our teacher. We run across people of all ages every single day that inspire us. On the film side, anybody that creates films inspires us as well. The list is endless. We find perfection in the work of so many directors out there. 

What a huge revelation! Everyone and everything in our perception is the same core inspiration that draws love or messages of love and acceptance out of us.

How are you affected by meeting people who live in harmony with their Soul? 

It’s a big part of the journey, for sure. Having your tribe to always be there for you. Talk about big ideas with. Create new magic with. The energy is palpable when awakened people are in the same room. It instantly elevates the vibration and any fear or lower vibrational energy is no longer in the space. It’s just pure play and creation. When you align with others that are also doing soul driven work, it really feels like you have a ticket on the bliss train. Things just happen effortlessly.

Its common to assume good things only happen by coincidence. Yet awakening to who we are is about tuning into the energy you describe.  Its also about choosing to take responsibility for all we feel, emote, perceive and encounter. At first glance, this may seem scary and yet, it also very empowering. This is about accepting that we choose a story to create for ourselves and how to express or change it.

What advice can you offer people who have not yet grown conscious of a soulful path or destiny?

Keep pursuing what tugs on your heart. Take action towards it every single day. In time, the momentum will build and things will start happening effortlessly for you. Also, be present. When you are in the present moment, you can notice the signs that you should be following. You’ll see that life supports you and puts people and things in your path that will help you find your true purpose in life. It does really exist. Knowing now how life operates on this side, all we want is for everyone to experience this magic. Also know that you are here to create. Create anything you wish. Honor the pull within. That is your path. The things that truly light you up in life are the lanterns on your path that you should be pursuing.

Love that you highlight the power of honoring the pull within, and being mindful of what you describe as lanterns lighting up the path.  As you imply, dots exist and its up to us to join them.  Whil its natural to feel inspired by others, in some way, we each invite ourselves to be trail-blazers, to be and do what has never been done.

If you can leave our readers with some vision or insight, what would it be?

It’s said all the time but hey, it’s the truth. You can be, have or do anything you want in life.  Once you awaken to who you truly are, game on. It’s time to create, it’s time to play. It’s time to live the life you deep down within you know you should be living. The world needs you now more than ever. The days of playing small and hiding behind unfulfilling jobs are over. Spend more time in silence to receive the answers you are looking for. When they come, show up and go live your best life NOW.

Please share some specific experiences that transformed how you view yourself and the world.

Through a few different spiritual awakenings over the years in various plant medicine ceremonies, we have come to learn that we are all connected and we are all truly one family. Separation exists only in the mind. Every single one of us is truly limitless.

Share anything else you wish to add.

The Medicina Campaign is here: If you have questions, you can email us at Connect with us anytime. We welcome your input and queries.

Thank you David and Jon, for sharing such a heart-felt message. Love that you invite everyone to see the universal messages in all they perceive and choose in life. Each of us benefits from growing aware of our own myths and self-created limitations.  We can also blossom to be better than the idealized versions of ourselves. We are each boundless sources of inspiration. You and your team offer an encouraging reminder that all is possible when one is soul-guided and listens to this. 


5 Tips to live whole-heartedly

Many people tell themselves they wish to change something about their external conditions, or change something about the external world.  Its also common to desire to change something about the behaviour or attitude of others. Who or what is really ever getting out-of-hand? What is the role of control and surrender in your life? Reflect on five tips to live whole-heartedly;

1. Live more joyfully

Wherever you are, whatever you do, allow yourself to feel and express more joy.  So often, a distinction is made between work and play, time to be serious and relax time to be light-hearted. What if you could laugh and play your way through life? What would this look and feel like? 

2. Model the behaviour you wish to see in others

The external world is a mirror.  As Gandi says, Be the change you wish to see. Imagine life experience is less about doing than being.  Thus, its not what you do or accomplish that matters, but rather, the vibration you send out with behaviour. How often are you fully present?

3. Nurture a loving and compasionate attitude

Regardless of what you encounter, reach deep within for forgiveness and understanding. The temptation exists to allow other emotions to hijack your attention and influence your behaviour.  Know you control how you respond to everything.  Growing mindful naturally shifts your focus, empowers you to reclaim inner power. you had unconsciously given away

4. Recognize every relationship is an opportunity

What if every relationship invites you to see the best in everyone? Only one relationship exists. How you feel about yourself is mirrored.  Be a living example love and acceptance. Do you choose to see and recall the best in everyone, even during moments emotions or illness take over?

5. Demonstrate and create the highest version of Who You Are

Some people feel they exist to learn lessons, climb a hierarchy, meet challenges, realize dreams. Come what may, rediscover what integrity or being true to yourself feels like.  


10 Tips to allow reality to shift

Human experience is about reacting and responding to events arise in day-to-day life.  Every moment, we each have choices about what to perceive and how to feel.  That is, notions of 'success' and 'failure' are shifting based on how we understand and apply our true potential.  Our physical experience of relationships and activities changes based on level of consciousness. 

Imagine, for a moment, you have the power to close the gap between 'here and there', to resolve your perception of separation between who you are and what you wish to be. You might imagine this gives you the ability to create miracles at will, to instantly manifest what you want, when you want it.  Yet, what if there s more to this process?  What if its not about controlling outcomes? Reflect on these 10 tips to allow your reality to shift;

1. Choose to enjoy something where you are

This includes being okay with experiencing illnesss, conflict, emotions, imbalance or whatever shakes you up. Being okay with things involves stepping outside events, being willing to see everything as an observer.  Only then are you more objective, able to see blessings right now.

2. Intuit what is occurring serves a Larger Agenda

When you think things do not seem to be going well, it is helpful to take yourself out of the picture.  This helps you realize seeing things personally is an incomplete way of looking at life.  This enables you to view work or anything you do as serving the Soul's (not ego's) agenda. It is also ego (personality aspirations)  that can get in the way of the Larger Soul (divine) Agenda. Every happening can be used to serve the agenda of the Soul. Seeing this way consistently is moving through stages of belief, hoping, faith, awakening, awareness and knowing.

3. Remember what acceptance feels like

Accepting what you see as your human conditions is not about being resigned or giving up.  It involves the willingness to be aware of the nature of your own resistance, why it exists and how it limits life.  Seeing reasons for resistance allows one to surrender to what exists beyond this.

4. Know you experience what is for your highest good

From the moment you discover the feeling of non-resistance or non-opposition linked to acceptance, you are open to infinite future possibilities.  This is about letting go of what the logical mind thinks it wants, and making room for the experience of what mind does not yet see.

5.  Recognize the basic instinct is not survival

This is huge. The basic urge to see inter-connectedness and divinity in all things is conditioned out of humans at birth when they adopt the illusion of separation.  Yet, the feeling of Oneness with all life cannot be completely forgotten.  Glimpses of the Stars, Sun, Velestial bodies and oceans evoke awe in everyone. Deeper insights about air, water, fire, energy arise in time.

5.  See perfection in whatever is occurring

To master oneself, one stops arguing or resisting what is happening on all levels.  When we stop arguing with ourselves and love life, we can relax and savor every moment, come what may, laughing and crying more because we simply allow emotions to flow and be as they are.  Inner peace arises as a feeling as we see and accept perfection in everything including, ourselves.

6. Grasp the subtlety of Law of Attraction

The world appears in our perception to reflect qualities inside ourselves. The more needy or insecure we feel, the more we wish to accomplish or acquire in the external world.   And yet, with acceptance of divine perfection comes a surrender to one's Soul purpose.  What arises is something unforeseen yet better than what was envisioned when attached to results.

7. Explore how long you can stare 

Ever see how long you can stare at your reflection into a glass mirror? Why turn away? The eyes are windows into the soul because they echo how authentic you are, how blissful the truth is. The eyes reveal everything we see is identical to something we have already done in some form. Everything is understood. Stare at something or someone long enough and true being reveals itself.  You fall in love with your own wholeness. This is why so often people look away. What if staring at yourself is a guide to living more authentically (from the soul or heart)?

8.  Know nothing is unclear to the Soul

This is the stage where you are not only excited to get out of bed every day, but as you grow more conscious, your actions align with the desire of All of life. Awakening to your own Soul vision paves the way to evolve into grander versions of the Self.  This is not about inflated (ego-driven )versions of ourselves, but being on purpose with the Soul vision of the most expanded version of you.  Feelings are a reliable guage.

9. Recognize miracles are within reach

At some stage, it grows apparent miracles are within reach and each of us is a miracle worker.  Each of us has within us everything required to live a life of complete happiness and fulfillment.  Sometimes our filters simply get in the way.  Thus, the processes  of letting go, unlearning and shifting from seeing quantity to quality of life are milestones within reach for All.

10.  Know you exist for reason that transcends physicality 

With perfect timing, you begin to reflect on the purpose of life, the purpose of this moment and what you choose to do with it as part of a bigger picture.  At some point, it dawns that life is a spiritual rather than a purely physical experience.  Every moment is a window or stargate of opportunity to decipher and mould the agenda of your spiritual self that can only be experienced in the realm of the physical. The whole point of creating a physical life (incarnating) is to have a vehicle for living out a spiritual agenda. How do you feel about where you are as a worldbridger?


11 Tips to embrace change with grace

More and more people are growing aware of changes and opportunities for change are unfolding all around them. 

You may find yourself feeling confused, uncomfortable, getting emotional more often, noticing opportunity for change knocking at your door or change happening without you in different situations.  Consider 11 tips for embacing change with grace:

1) Focus inward

Pay attention to how you are thinking and feeling. Be aware of core beliefs you project are what reflects and your external reality.

2) Notice your emotional triggers

Being aware of your emotional triggers implies not only recognizing when you are triggered, uncovering and healing deeper reasons for them.  This empowers you to create a new reality.

3) Talk less, listen more

Rather than listen with the intent to reply, listen with the intent to understand how you/ people are feeling. This approach offers surprising insight into why it feels easy or hard to go with the flow of change.

4) Validate yourself

Validating yourself is being heartfelt. Listening to the heart means taking more action based on intuition, and having the courage to do what feels right rather than on what you are conditioned to believe is acceptable or would appease others.

5) Invest more in personal development

When spiritual or related programs, workshops, courses, books, videos, coaches or mentoring enter your scope, you are ready.  Its up to you to see the value in investing in yourself and actually commit.

6) Offer workshops or courses

Share insight based on your passion, interest or hobby. Join skillshare, offer your own on-line courses, propose a physical airbnb experience in your local area.  The options are only limited by your imagination. 

7) See everything is connected

What is happening in education, economies, religion and other spheres is all connected.  From the moment you grow more aware of trends and interconnectedness, you begin to see through illusions of separation on a whole new level.

8) Accept yourself

The degree you accept (or reject) yourself is reflected back in every area of your perception and life. As you grow in tolerance and understanding of the world around you, this reflects changing self-acceptance.

9) Love more

As you can begin to find something to appreciate whatever you perceive to be happening, you are beginning to see through your own filters of judgement and negativity. Resistance to change is akin to resisting love.

10) Feel deeper

Feelings are key to understanding yourself and why you choose to suffer, see and create the world as you do. Suppressing feelings is the conditioned way to live.  The more you explore your feelings in the moment and along timelines rather than overlook or deny them, the more you begin to understand yourself and why you accept or resist your destiny in thi s (and other) lifetime (s).

11) Explore breathwork

Consciousness flows through the breath.  Exploring breathwork is a kind of rebirthing process which allows you to gain invaluable insight into how and why you create habits, behaviours and patterns. All of this shapes your perception of Self and the external. It helps you understand your unconscious motives for creating and responding to change. Nothing transforms your life like making the unconscious conscious.