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For Immediate News: Dec. 25, 2013

Life-Changing Book

How to Simplify Your Life (Kindle Edition) now available from on-line distributors in Europe, North America, Australia and beyond. (Paperback coming soon)

Authors Robert Jirda, Thordur Bergmann, Liara Covert, Julie Timms & Annemieke van Eijkeren offer empowering insights to raise awareness of positive change.  Allow life to further enrich you. 

Summary: Simple living involves different voluntary practices that help you eliminate complexities and stress from your lifestyle.  Come to recognize the power of thought, the wisdom of feelings and truly listening to the inner voice. This book offers insights into basic meditation, Mother Nature, emotions and other aspects of life as teachers that are all guiding us to rendez-vous with destiny.


Thordur Bergmann shows you the simple how and why of getting started with daily meditation. 

Liara Covert shares wonderful insight on nature and its role in our lives. 

Annemieke van Eijkeren will guide you through the emotional storms we sometimes fall victim to. 

Julie Timms makes an excellent point about how our lives are circles, and how to share yours with the people you care for and who care for you. 

Robert Jirda then ties up the loose ends and uncovers the common thread that runs through the previous pieces, illuminating the tips you’ve already received, and sharing a few more of his own. 



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