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In the Flow

Being Harmony

Universal Principles

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365 Paths to Love

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Be Your Dream

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Transform Your Life: 730 Inspirations

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Daily inspirational quotes about life from the book Transform your life - 730 Inspirations

Cosmic Synchronicity

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This book helps your recognise challenges and overcome fear

Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within

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145 inspirational quotes to motivate your to be honset with yourself and solve your problems.




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Dreambuilders Coaching

Liara Covert, Ph.D. is Director of Dreambuilders Australia. Based in Melbourne, she works with clients worldwide.

Author of 5 print books and a series of e-books, Liara is uniquely qualified to assist you during life transitions. Discover why every choice and experience can be a teacher and stepping stone.   Connect.  Explore your options. Decide if partnering with us resonates at this stage of your life.

Transform Your Life Coaching

Draw from Liara's book Transform Your Life (730 Inspirations)- published 2010

10 Session Program

Follow your joy and how you live your life becomes your bliss.  This program typically involves 10 calls/ in-person sessions, email prep & session follow -up.

  • Envision specific results
  • Tailor steps for your own transformation
  • Identify what stands in the way 
  • Explore strategies for self-discipline

    -What if you could see benefits in all that is happening?

    -What if thoughts and beliefs can be changed? 

    Interact with us to polish your vision and identify what you resist (fear).  Explore the impact of what is conditioned and unnatural and allow destiny to fall into place.  Rediscover balance, clarity, trust.

    Career Transition Coaching

    Drawing upon over 10 years experience, knowledge and insight, Liara guides you through a process to clarify your purpose and goals and assists you to identify strategy, steps and tools to implement your higher vision.

    For those who are ready to identify a new purpose and lay down the necessary strategies and tools to put the vision into practice.

    Advanced Coaching

    If you are already on your self-employment path or living the entrepreneur's life but feel you are stagnating or just not getting everything aligned, Advanced Coaching assists you uncover core blocks and sharpen aspects in your vision.  Get ready to hone skills, balance strengths and weaknesses to accomplish your higher vision.

    For those who wish to move ahead into the next level  – personally, spiritually or professionally.

    Executive Programs

    Available for individuals in positions of leadership who wish to excel, accomplish higher visions and become more conscious, effective and empowering leaders. This tailored program facilitates and provides the skills and tools needed for the individual’s empowerment, greater effectiveness and higher accomplishment in relationship with others.

    For those who wish to surpass previous results in relation to themselves and wider groups.

     Tailor Your Program Coaching

    Draw from any of Liara's books, or other tools. Combine different kinds of programs that suit your particular situation. We can also formulate a proposal and work together to empower you to achieve specific milestones, reach new levels of self confidence and self- mastery. Contact us to request free 30 minute call.