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“Gratitude is not a limited resource, nor is it costly. It is abundant as air. We breathe it in but forget to exhale." -Marshall Goldsmith




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The Secret to the Best Version

The secret to turning into the best version of ourselves is training the mind and senses to detect everything as energy first.  Imagine what happens as we automatically translate experience into a spectrum of feelings and emotions...  

So, the physical body registers all our experience as energy. The visual sense translates energy into pictures, the auditory sense registers vibes, the tactile sense registers pulses or hums, the olfactory sense tunes into moving waves and the palette registers high and low vibrations of all we consume or spit up.

All familiar and subtle senses are originally receiving vibration as light and sound language. Somehow, its common to forget about that.  Often, what happens from an early age, is that words and other languages are taught to rewire the brain, take focus away from original impressions. 

Now is the moment to get back to what feels natural. To do so, we invite ourselves to grow aware of the misperceptions that act as our filters to reality. When ready we shift away from the brain that is hard-wired for negativity to the brain that is hard-wired to perceive all energy as part of the same flow.  We choose which streams of energy to focus on and which to simply let go.  At some stage it hits, all emotions are equally valuable teachers and pointers to insight we are willing to see about ourselves and relationships. 

 “More we hide our feelings, the more they show. The more we deny our feelings, the more they grow." - Anonymous


Allow illusions to dissolve

Notice what happens as you begin to realize improvement is an illusion. That is, everything is unfolding perfectly already and nothing requires you to improve on it.  Be aware your life requires no improving.  Its how you think about it that creates a problem.  None exist. Cease telling yourself anything is wrong.  Perfection cannot be improved upon. This is what you are. Watch what happens as you stop denying it. Allow illusions to dissolve.  Clarity reveals itself.


Create a new vision

The world that you experience begins and ends within your mind. It emerges as thought and dissolves from when it came. Now is the perfect moment to heighten awareness and recognize how you think and feel determines the nature of the life you live. Take responsibility for creating new vision. Let go of old beliefs and parameters.  Find harmony within and see every unfolding event as part of a larger harmony. The inner vision is what transforms the outer experience.


Master your fear 

Self-mastery is always within reach.  Understanding fear is a big step to watching it disappear from your life.

You may hear people say they expect to get older, weaker, and generally deteriorate and imagine other reasons for fear to arise.  Some people quickly tell you their limitations. Watch thoughts passing through your mind and feelings in your bones.  Notice your own beliefs, assumptions and expectations. If you focus on what you do not want, you focus on the absence at what you do and experience fear.

If you notice any negative or pessimistic thoughts, then part of you is open to the possibility that things are not going well or things can get worse.  When you allow yourself to believe this, you forget what you think creates your experience.  You always have the power to shift your attention and change your thoughts.  It is a choice to shift focus away from peace of mind and knowing in the heart all is always well. 

What if you train the mind and can retrain it?  What if you underestimate the power of intention? What if you intend to feel younger, stronger, and more energized?  What if you convince yourself that you are getting more creative, attractive and inspired? What if your appetite is changing? Good feelings set the stage for more good things. 

In a practical sense, watch what happens as you envision your business growing, your health good and stable, your relationships nuturing,  your life enriching, that your dreams are within reach and unfolding. Notice what happens as you allow yourself to see beyond conditioned ways of seeing your situation.  

Ultimately, a vision of well-being, abundance, contentment, fulfillment, love and acceptance exist whether you allow them into your life or not. You have to be wiling to allow these ideas into your experience. Notice how emotions both distract you from perfect health and well-being and alsoguage how far you stray from who you are.


The Power of Words

Notice the power of words.  They point to that which cannot be named.  Be aware of the nature of the words you use and the emotions behind them.  Taking resposibility for life is easier and more straightforward than the mind would have you believe.  The words cannot be you because you exist to give them life, perceive and hear them.

Consider that as you grow aware of your choices of words and the intentions behind them, you have the power to stop using words that do not serve the highest being.  Be mindful.  Listen to your words.  What do they reveal? Watch what happens as you stop using words outgrown.  Your external world transforms.  What do you choose to see?  

Are your words empowering or disempowering? What do they say about optimism or pessimism? Is it your tendency to use the present tense or do use more past and future tenses? Which words reveal who you truly are and which words reinforce what you are not? Notice how your words influence the word choices and life perspective of others.  You are powerful beyond measure.  Every word you utter is a silent pointer.

Join us on Aware Talk Radio with Steven L. Hairfield (The American Monk) and Jeoff Hutcherson on Wed Nov 2 (or Thurs Nov 3 depending on your time-zone) when we explore this subject.  You can also listen to show archives.

"Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill." - Buddha

"Prayers and mantras show us how to express thoughts which are most noble, which are completely beneficial, pure, and good... these activities sow the seeds for good and right things in our mind which will become the basis for the expression of what will benefit ourselves and others." -Thrangu Rinpoche