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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Breathwork Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Coach


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Most people spend their lives reacting to feelings rather than creating with them.

- Neale Donald Walsch

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4 Tips to speak your truth

How often do you express true feelings? Its common to function based on controlled thought, self-judgment, and to be disconnected from heart-based feelings. Truth is about how you feel, about sharing empathy, what is real.  Speaking your truth is not about being right, it’s about expressing feelings in an authentic, vulnerable, and transparent way.

Imagine you find the courage to speak up, say what you feel in the moment in all areas of life – your work, relationships, with family, with people in public, and in every situation.  Imagine the freedom and power you reclaim or tap into.  This is not about imposing opinions or exerting control.  Rather, it is about allowing yourself to speak or express yourself more fearlessly, with compassion, from the heart.

Ponder 4 tips to speak your truth:

1. Be aware of your physical body 

The body is an open book. You know you hold back and bite your tongue when your muscles contract, you freeze up, get goosebumps, tremble or, notice particular physiological responses.  

2. Notice it takes more effort to lie (than tell the truth) 

When you tell it like it is, you feel comfortable with yourself.  No need to keep adding layers of stories to cover your tracks.  No need to keep talking to persuade or convince apparent doubters.

3.  Trust your feelings 

Feelings are a very reliable guide. When you feel inspired, uplifted, and mysteriously guided, you are accepting yourself and what is arising within.  Any urge to impress or appease subsides. 

4.  Let go of outcomes 

When we detach from outcomes, what another person thinks, ego desire to be right, life gets real.  The willingness to be vulnerable and transparent are stepping stones to speaking your truth.  This is not about usurping power or dominating others. Its about allowing the flow.


Live as if nobody can teach you

Reasons exist for everything we perceive and invite into our lives. Most people are inspired by others.  We all imagine and create people we admire for qualities and experiences we relate to or aspire to have ourselves. 

Yet, inspriational mentors we connect with and admire also silently invite us to grow more conscious of our own true qualities so we can bring these to light. Ponder these ten points that encourage seeing yourself more often as your own guru or inspirational mentor:

1. Stand on your own

Even for a moment or a day, let go of ideas, all that you are taught. Unspoiled wisdom exists within you. This involves trusting yourself more, living more in love than fear. Trust is not about techniques, strategies or tools, but about getting to the root of your character.  The more you interact with empowering people, the more you empower and listen to yourself, the more you are accepting yourself.  What is your inner voice sharing? How does this en-lighten or en-liven you?

2. See into the nature of pleasantness

The only way to be genuinely pleasant all the time is if everything around you is always seen to be pleasant.  This is unrealistic. To be happy all the time is to deny the full gamut of emotions and lessons available. Every ah-ha moment is drawing you deeper into yourself, to see the origin of your beliefs, projections and reflections. Which core beliefs are you discovering and healing?

3.  Notice assumptions and beliefs cloud perception

As you grow more skeptical about everything and everybody, about social systems, policitial structures, religious beliefs, scientific theories, and popular beliefs about other planets, you discover no ideas enable you to get intimate with real life.  Getting real involves the willingness to question familliar foundations and bravely remove the carpet you imagine that you stand on.

4. Observe the inner skeptic 

Life unfolding around you is never going to be 100% what you think you want.  Ask yourself who thinks it should be? See the inner skeptic as the teacher it is. At any given second, a geosynchronous satellite is emitting a T1 ( a terabyte) of information.  The human brain compresses 3-4 terabytes of information for memory storage. Imagine the interaction between the human brain and geosynchronous satellites and what we are downloading unless we grow conscious and take personal responsibility.  We have the capacity to transcend all that which gives the illusion we are separate from true self.  

5. Delve into the secrets of time

How else could you learn but through the invention of time or imagined gaps between here and there? Earth is not about instantaneous manifestation though many people tell themselves this is what they want or work toward.   Recall your intention in being here. Be aware of conditioned impatience or the urge to want things or results faster. What is time teaching you about yourself, downloads and your human experience?

6. Mistakes are necessary

If you are protected from committing mistakes, you can never learn anything.  Being aware is noticing the difference between mystics and mistakes; mystics see everything the way it is, people who see mistakes judge how things should be.   Watch what happens as you grow more solutions-oriented and then begin to identify the source of perceived problems and solutions is the same.

7. See through illusion of directions

What you assume is up or down, side-to-side or in other directions, is arbitrary. Reflecting on the planet as a spinning sphere, if you are looking upward, you cannot ever be sure which direction you are looking in. The only direction you can be certain of is what is outward and what is inward.  As you explore the outer world, your inner world grows sharper.  Imagine yourself as a pilot in a plane in a wild spin with no sense of up or down. What do you do? How do you ground yourself without traditional points of reference?


8.Conscious choice followed by conscious action

One view of the ideal path is to live with awareness of what is going on energetically within and without.  The more conscious you are of what you dream, the more  conscious action you take to pave the way for what is unfolding as new realities. You take conscious action to draw out more of your forgotten or hidden self.  Notice what is arising within. Trust arises in consciously observing truth and grows as you embrace vulnerability. What truly matters?

9. Stop lying to yourself

Pain and pleasure happen within you. Have you ever experienced anything outside yourself? Who determines what happens within you? Notice what happens as you determine how your experience of life is on this planet is 100% determined by you. You cannot lie to yourself and make any more excuses as the truth reaches conscious awareness. You respond to everything as a way to wake up to the big picture.  Everyone and everything is helping you help yourself. Who or what stands out as helping you most right now?

10. Unleash your inner radiance

What feels like moments for me seems to be hours for others.  Time stops as I discover everything I believed was me is not me. What is here is there, what is there is here, past and future get mixed up until distinctions disappear.  As the fog clears, when two eyes are open, the world of time exists and when these eyes are closed, another reality presents itself though another eye. Watch what happens as Mastering Time becomes a conscious choice.


5 Tips to strengthen yourself

Regardless of what is arising or facing in your life at this stage, the moment is ripe to review and on these five tips to strengthen yourself:

1. Eat more alkaline foods

Benefits of eating more alkaline diet can include better heart health, stronger bones, decreased pain and the reversal of nutrient deficiencies. Foods highlighted as part of an alkaline diet include; whole fruits, legumes, vegetables, raw foods, green juices, beans, and nuts.

2. Take cold showers

Cold showers actually increase alertness, lucidity (clarity), refine hair and skin and also jumpstart the immune system and circulation. The cold water in a shower is even known to reduce stress and speed up recovery of sore muscles.  If your mood is a bit down or depression crosses your radar, the cold temp can help raise your spirits too. 

3. Hydrate more often

You need to be drinking half your body weight in pure water or healthy fluids every day and few people actually drink before they feel thirsty.  The latter indicates the onset of mild dehydration.  Anytime you feel stress arising, drink a glass of water to assist your body to recalibrate.

4.  Immerse in Nature

Getting back to Nature or spending time in natural environments is like getting in touch with yourself. Taking in the sounds and smells during a walk, hike or other nature adventure, allows you to relax, reflect, recalibrate, in ways you may not yet even realize.

5.  Listen to the heart (intuition/ Soul)

Listening to the heart is about knowing you always act (or not) for more than one reason. There is that which is conscious and that which is unconscious.  The ultimate purpose involves making the unconscious conscious and facing your shadows to accpt and integrate all of your fractured parts.  Listening to the heart is about feeling your way through life, taking action spotaneously and learning to trust yourself more.  The more your love yourself, the more you trust yourself for conditional love and trust are one in the same. 


4 Ways to transform yourself

What are you truly seeking? This is something you must clarify for yourself.  If you do not know what you really want, the question of how to create it does not arise.  Ponder four ways to transform yourself from a piece of creation to being a conscious creator, a power to reckon with:

1. Maintain a steady stream of thought

Maintain a steady stream of thought without deviation, and the thought must happen. Generate a powerful thought and let it out. Express it repeatedly. Know and feel it is happening. Generally people use faith to hide a negative thought. Trust takes your vibration to a whole new level.

2. Commit Yourself

To commit yourself whole-heartedly means you make or allow something to happen without standing in its way. There is no such thing as something is possible or not possible.  The happening is a natural following. For a committed person, there is no such thing as failure.

3. Focus on this planet

Many people focus on what is happening on other planets.  All the good things that you, a human being can experience, are often linked to other people, other planets, angels or heaven.  This is perpetuating the illusion of separation, of human mind wanting something to happen rather than living it now.  Many things can be brought into your perception. Focus on being here and knowing love is here not somewhere else.  All you are is accessible when you let go of filters that tell you otherwise.

4.  Address and create what you really want

All that any human being is seeking is pleasantness within himself and pleasantness around him.  Health and pleasure (body) Peace and joy (mind), love and compassion (emotion), blissfulness and exstacy (energy). Today wherever you go, create a peaceful and loving world. Once your thought, mind, emotion and energy are established, organized, aligned in one direction, you activate the source of creation within.  Once you access this innate power, your creative ability skyrockets and you create what you want.  What finds expression in the human mind takes shape in the external world. Learning to control what arises in the mind transforms yourself and the world you perceive, which is a reflection of how you perceive yourself.  Because creation exists, humans assume a separate creator exists and forget Source is within.


6 Tips to accept true genius

Whatever your vision, the process of getting to experience it is well underway.  At this point, you may temporarily sense a gap between the vision and its manifestation. Ponder 6 Tips to accept true genius (experience a more balanced and integrated perspective):

1. Accept you have what it takes

Encouraging self-talk is powerful yet it only takes you so far.   Stories about other people offer solace but are not themselves a solution. Shift from believing something is possible to knowing and feeling its already here. You are not allowed to have the dream if you do not have ability to create it.   Be aware everything is accessible via resourcefulness and ingenuity.   You may need to learn or unlearn something or collaborate. What is required is fearlessness and creative vision. Rest assured, any dream can take shape for you.  The what comes before the how. Details of the unfolding and the physical timeline are up to you.

2. See beyond the obstacles

Never ask why something is happening to you.  Always ask how you can reframe and transcend within your present level of experience. You may currently only know what is happening through the five senses.  Sense organs only know things in terms of comparison which creates distortion.  This is not perception, and is not sufficient to know the issue as it is. What you perceive directly, viscerally is what you know.  The rest is your imagination.

3.  Trust your vibes

Your feelings guide you to do things that are not understood by the logical and rational mind. Allow feelings to guide you.  If you feel restless in an environment or no longer feel good eating certain things, find the courage to change your environment and what you are eating.  You'll dind that making changes in one area of your life trickles over to peompt changes in other areas.  This is about being consistent and true to yourself on all levels.  

4.  Pay attention to how you are conducting yourself

Happiness or misery may seem to be arising within you. You not have to give anyone else the privilege of triggering emotions or deciding for you how you will interpet incoming energy available to you. If you give your power away, reclaim this power. You decide how to perceive and respond to everything. 

5.  See value in negativity

Frustration, impatience and tension are all subtle forms of anger.  This is very powerful energy which can be harnessed and rechannelled in creative and productive directions. the choice of how to recognize, and direct energy that is constantly flowing through and around you, is completely up to you. Decide to see it as inspiring, otivating, a stepping stone to realizing more of your true greatness.  

6.  Recognize your mortality

If the longing for salvation (to know the truth) is genuine, and you are constantly conscious of your mortality, you only do what truly matters to you. You do not waste a moment doing anything else.