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50 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

This post shared with appreciation/ acknowledgement to Metonia World:

1. Spiritual awakening raises your vibration; this involves a release of blockages which allows abundance to flow to you. Being in alignment with a higher vibration results in quicker and more beneficial manifestations to be received by you.

2. Seeking new friends and groups who are interested in the Integrated life of the spirit (meaning balance in mind-body-spirit)

3. You begin to look younger experiencing more vitality

4. A feeling that something has changed within you

5. An increased interest in exercising in ways that honour your body – mind – spirit connection

6. Becoming more aware of how your body moves through space

7. Heightened senses of hearing, smell and taste

8. An increasing ability to access inner peace in the lower chakras

9. Activating grace and fluidity of movement through posture and breath

10. A sense of your own power to create with thought, words, and actions

11. Paying attention to the places of pain/restriction in your body in order to move into them!

12. Knowing that these places within your body are showing you about areas of great opportunity for growth on all levels.

13. A feeling of being grounded to the core of the earth.

14. Seeking holistic health care practitioners as partners in your healing journey…no longer seeking a doctor to “fix you” with prescription drugs

15. Disconnection from the white noise and negative information (TV and radio)

16. More frequent flashes of ‘inner-tuition’, or intuition

17. Increasing Gnosis (knowledge of spiritual mysteries)

18. Making a conscious effort to connect to people through the eyes and the heart

19. Ability to learn new concepts, or languages rapidly increases …this stems from opening to all your soul record and remembering who you are

20. Greater understanding of symbols, numbers and sacred geometry

21. Increasing sense of empathy and connection with all people & animals

22. An increasing willingness to show your emotions to all people, rather than cover up and hide your true self

23. An increased humor; the ability to laugh at the self

24. Feelings of bliss when experiencing simple things, such as a sunset, or a seeing a beautiful cloud formation

25. A returning ability to allow your tears to flow in situations of emotional intensity

26. Letting go of the need to control outcomes

27. Giving yourself permission to follow your heart’s desires

28. “I can and I am” becoming your key words, rather than “I can’t and I am not”

29. Offering from the heart to help others in times of need, knowing that you are helping yourself

30. Increasingly seeing the Divine in the mundane

31. Meeting new people in serendipitous ways and knowing that this is divine direction in your life

32. Loving yourself as you are without the need to qualify

33. Asking for and receiving confirmation from your inner guide on a regular basis

34. Experiencing true surrender to Divine Will without feeling victimized by your own choices

35. Remembering your dreams and knowing what your spirit is telling you via symbolism of your dreams

36. Seeing the beauty in each and every person in your life

37. Letting go of expectations of how you think things “should be” and accepting them as they are

38. Being led by spiritual intuition rather than limited by emotional fear

39. Being able to transcend limited perceptions of incarnate dimensions

40. Seeing your life experience in the holographic reality of your soul

41. Feeling God within your body – an awareness of heat coming from your hands and feet.

42. Knowing that your are home now and in every Now you create

43. An increase in recognizable synchronicity, favourable people and beneficial circumstance start to appear with exactly what you need. Answers to questions are revealed to you through signs and messages. Synchronicity is a sign you are on the right track and that you are aware of these miracles happening around you. The more you notice and take heed, the more they appear so show appreciation for the guidance you are receiving.

44. You simply feel different, you may not look any different but you know something has changed internally.

45. Paying more attention to the details of daily life – your old ways are falling by the wayside and the real you is starting to emerge.

46. A desire to enroll in a classroom of “higher” learning. Going to new places and moving outside of your comfort zone

47. For many of you, this is allowing yourself to ask questions in groups, to talk to “strangers” and to let go of your fears of looking uninformed in front of others.

48. A feeling that you are somehow different, with new skills and gifts emerging, especially healing ones.

49. Increased integrity, you realize that it is time for you to seek and speak your truth.

50. A knowing sense of connectedness / Oneness. You have an abiding knowing from within of the intrinsic inter-relatedness of everything, both living and non-living. You have a sense that now your life is a living manifestation of this Truth, and that you are It — as are all people.



Surrender to true nature 

Watch what happens as you spend more time in forests.  See how it touches deeply within you and invites you to surrender to that which cannot be explained.  You lose all sense of time.  Any thought that arises in the mind is fleeting.  The urge to judge dissolves. Suddenly, it dawns on you that you do no-thing.  The revelation sparks that everything in existence is divine will.  

Consider the possibility that all you think you have ever done only unfolds in your own imagination.  It hits you that you are the God that creates this lifetime before the thoughts and experiences are created in time. From the moment you accept only God's will exists, and feel the truth, you recognize you are that God.  The person is a form through which the divine awakens within itself. Surrender to true nature.  Be here now.


Live the purpose of life

Notice you are deeply conditioned psychologically to pursue happiness, fulfillment, security. When you forget who you are, you lose the way and come to think material existence is the answer. Any fear you hold is a fear of not having, not being or meeting your expectations of your ego vision of self. As you discover such paths are unsatisfying, that pleasures and imaginary identity do not last, you are guided back to kindness, to the mysteries of nature, and to timeless wisdom. Many ways exist to recognize higher purpose and to shift so as to live in alignment with it. If you feel ready, you are here.    The what always comes before the how.

What is life? It is a global unity movement, a consciousness or flow of awareness coming through everything. Operate from the truth that humanity can thrive through cooperation and destroy itself through competition. Start to notice the catalysts that prompt you to look inside yourself. Everyone you encounter is a pointer to harmony.  Each polarity can be understood and balanced. Everything emerges from and disappears back into love. You can function based on existing world distortions or see beyond them.

Living in love is understanding and appreciating all experiences as lessons, teachings and opportunities available to you.  Act on what resonates or feels right.


This moment is always fresh

Regardless of what appears to you to be happening, how you view this moment is always fresh.  You choose how to view unfolding events in your life.  You are the judge and jury, the observer and silence. It is always possible to step back, view things from another angle or turn the page.  See what is beyond apparent roadblocks.  Be aware of what you are not seeing, why you resist.

This moment, you are given the chance to make something of yourself or nothing.  Be bold.  Envision what would take your human experience beyond imagined limits.  Fearless living takes being human to a new level.  This life is about removing all that prevents you from seeing you already soar.  God gives you the gift of life.  What you do with this life is your gift to him and you.


Awaken to connections

As you begin to join the dots in life, you begin to see everything is connected by and through systems.  Its magical. The more you let go of becoming, the more you surrender to being.  Nature is a perfect reflection of divine essence.  As you stop trying to find connections, you awaken to patterns.  Notice everything speaks to and through you.  Watch what happens as you let go of a sense of being different than what you think you see.  This allows you to feel likeness in a new ways.  Notice who shares space with infinity.  You share air, water, earth, universes with everything. Listen closely to silence and energy vibrations.  Everything is living, radiating light.  By being honest with yourself, and you honour the Earth.  Imagine you are evolving into new states of being.  Be the God you are.  Embody truth, love and oneness.