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“Listen to your inner voice.  Trust yoru intuition.  Its important to have courage to trust yourself."

-Dawn Ostroff




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7 Tips to promote wellness

The ideal vision of relationship harmony and optimum wellness appeals to many. Still, this is not everyone's reality.  We may work toward it, but sometimes obstacles seem to get in the way.

Consider this: we all encounter stress.  This is part of being human.  Whether we deny, recognize or deal with it, and the approaches we take, simply differ.  Stress isn’t just a feeling or a mental state; if we do not address it, it affects every area of our lives.  Beyond physical symptoms, stress can also have a huge impact on our emotions and general mood. (www.Stress.org describes some mental or emotional symptoms of mounting stress)

On a deeper level, its about energy flow or blockages. When we notice symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, we have different options to decipher and cope, depending on the severity of the condition.  Different approaches can be complementary.

Consider 7 Tips to promote wellness

1. Participate in emotional release workshops

2. Join a mindfulness stress reduction program

3. Book breathwork Sessions

4. Engage in meditation

5. Stretch into yoga & holistic spiritual practices

6. Learn new things everyday (challenge the mind)

7. Commit to coaching involving relationship & soulwork 


5 Tips to eliminate stress forever

At different stages, you may think you feel stressed and share stories about it. Listen to words and tenses you use to describe observations.   You may fear history will repeat or worry about what has not yet happened.  How do you keep your head above water?

Perhaps you also allow the mind to linger on missed opportunities because you felt something was too risky or you feared what would happen and got stressed.  Be attentive to how often you write and speak in the present tense.  Rest assured, life  exists beyond stress, and it is accessible to all.  Ponder these 5 tips to eiminate stress forever;

1) Let go of the past.  You cannot change the past so why spend your time thinking about it and talking about it? Watch what happens when people around you do this.  The pulse races, adrenalin kicks in and an emotional roller coaster can take over.  Know that a silent observer beyond brain and mental noise can shift your focus of attention. 

2) Stop worrying about the future.  Consider what happens as you allow thoughts to dwell on the future.  Fear encroaches.  Stay in the present moment and do what is necessary to prepare your mind for any challenges you may face around the corner.

3) Be a rubbish bin with a hole in the bottom.  Notice people dump their stories of frustration, imbalance, anger and pressure on you.  You can dwell onthem or allow them to pass through you.  Similarly, you can dwell on your thoughts and perceptions or focus attention beyond them.  Thinking about things reveals itself as the hard part. 

4) Explore meditation.  Allowing the mind to recell the feeling of emptying helps you trust that letting go of thoughts.  Notice the longer you hold onto a full glass of water (or something else), the heavier it gets.  Similarly, the longer you cling to memories of experiences and discuss them, the more they weigh you down.

5) Focus on the present moment.  Listen to the signs of the body.  Notice that you only get sick if you grow desensitized about what the body is telling you.  Notice the basic energy level of the brain and other body parts. Notice how often you ignore your body.  Notice how when you are kind and rest appropriately, you can perform to a very high standard.  Without rest, you are inefficient.

 “Be gentle first with yourself if you wish to be gentle with others.” -Lama Yeshe