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9 Ways to get closer to Truth

Many people are seeking threir version of the truth.  The common belief is that the truth cannot be where you are or related to what you think you are doing. Yet the Truth is widely sought as a pointer to peace of mind, the end of restlessness and it cannot be explained in words.  In this way, its easier to say what the truth is not.  Reflecvt on these 9 ways to get closer to the Truth:

1. Intuit the truth is not based on beliefs

A group of people can agree and form a conspiracy based on false beliefs where they all agree to tell the same false story, but it does not make their assumption true.

2. Realize the Truth does not have to be uplifting

A sense of adversity, trauma or tragedy can also be valid.

3. Accept the Truth is not necessarily based on views of majority

Fifty-one percent or more of a group can be brainwashed, conditioned to reach a wrong conclusion.

 4. Grasp the Truth cannot be understood in the mind

A lengthy, detailed presentation can still result in a false conclusion.

 5. Recognize the Truth is not defined by intention

Intentions are expressions of the mind and can be wrong.

6. Sense that Truth is not how we know

Truth is not an opinion but a knowing of what we feel.

7. Get that Truth is not simply a possibility

Truth is not something to contemplate. Its felt beyond shadow of a doubt

8. Discern the Truth is not externally- provable

A truth can be privately known (an internal revelation that cannot be shared in words)

 9. Truth is not something that changes  

Lies can appear static but they are still lies and not the truth.


Joy is a stepping stone

As you nurture faith, joy can arise.  Trust the universe, come what may, and joy is all that is felt. Suddenly, you know that whatever you need presents in your life without openly asking for it.  When you ask for things, you simply postpone what is here in the moment you are receptive.  Turn your head to the side and glimpse a spider spinning a web.  Notice how it feels to be a dew droplet glistening in the midst of this unfolding miracle.  Whatever you do, you are a miracle.

A joyful feeling of self-respect or good conscience is a stepping stone to deeper happiness and fuller concentration on what is real. Notice that to focus on what feels good, on what reflects balance and harmony, is deeply calming. Focusing on what does not appear to be going smoothly evokes a sense that something needs fixing or improving, and you take steps to make it happen.  In this case, effort appears to be a stepping stone to joy that you tell yourself is within reach.

Notice what bliss feels like. The deeper the focus on joy, the clearer the insight that arises.


Return to innocence

Many people think they know the idea of happiness amd bliss.  Do not settle for being a master of the thought or concept of such things.  Refrain from labelling what is felt and who felt it. The knower and the knowing are not separate. You need not label things, control and grasp them.  Where do you find the peace that passeth all understanding?

Notice that a child is not born speaking language.  Could this be the secret to innocence, compassion and perfect, unconditional and supreme love? Be without speech.  See what happens. Notice what happens what happens when there is the absence of anyone doing anything. Immaculate conception is not to think concepts into anything. You are unborn.

Let go of tension.  Let go of the illusory love that is defined and recognized by the mind.  Return to Source.  Imagine you have no body, no thought or life as the mind has you believe. There is actually nothing to do.  Focus attention on the silence that is wisdom and pure love.


Cat got your tongue?

If you ever lose your voice, you may hear its a punishment you get because you speak too much. You may also hear its an invitation to listen more closely to what others say or leave unsaid.  You may even ask if this figment of the imagination is a result of overthinking.

Among theories offered, people refer to witches in the Middle Ages.  In this Era, behaviour viewed as a threat to the norm was greatly feared, often misunderstood and declared heresy.  Witches, for instance, were put to death.  If you saw some practice that could identify a witch, its said her cat would "steal" or control your tongue so you couldn't report the sighting.  Some people view this as a myth.  You may also hear a Middle Eastern Tale that says liars had their tongues ripped out and fed to royal cats. Thus, varied unique reasons exist for silence.

As you stop focusing on the external and turn instead to feel heartfelt love, you begin to sense another view on selective speech.  Here, the heart echoes spiritually unconscious messages that the body is sending through physical ailments. If you temporarily lose your voice, the heart is drawing attention to  the fear of speaking up balanced with attention on the bliss of silence.  Who is identifying and decoding your story? Its no accident that the tongue is the first thing to emerge from the heart in embryonic development.  All answers stick out.


Lose what needs to be lost

If you sense fear arising, you may also wonder where it comes from and how to eliminate it.  Notice the false is diappearing.  That which is real reveals itself but you only see what you are willing to see.  The real  is always here.  You are simply conditioned to turn a blind eye.

Consider thoughts and busy-ness are required for a false sense of self to exist.  Notice what happens as you view everything through the lens of bliss, knowing all is well.  Discomfort only exists if you believe in it.  Limitation only exists if you focus attention on it. 

Notice how frequently you self-criticize or see something wrong with yourself.  Notice how often the mind has you focus on what does not appear to be going well in the external world.

Take a moment to recognize what happens to you in solitude.  All those people in your life who reinforce your beliefs are absent.  Notice how such an exercise helps you let go of all the illusions you imagine into being and allow the light tor eveal itself.  The truth is here.

"It's the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? One day they're gonna shut the game down. I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as many times as I can before it's my turn to leave." -Tupac Shakur