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“The world we are experiencing today is a result of our collective consciousness,
and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it.”
— Rosemary Fillmore

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Feel the point of it all

A common question asked is, 'what's the point of it all-- simple life experiences, the suffering, and emotional highs and lows?'

Consider the possibility that the meaning of life, the point of any given experience, is whatever you make of it, no-thing but what you decide. That implies responsibility.  What if you could feel your way to love or a message about it, wherever you are?  

Cease to believe in something and the image or memory vanishes. Your surroundings themselves materialize and change or disappear based on thought- feeling energy.  All you encounter is a different version of you requesting love and acceptance.  You are a cosmic chamaeleon. See it all as it is.


Allow illusions to dissolve

Notice what happens as you begin to realize improvement is an illusion. That is, everything is unfolding perfectly already and nothing requires you to improve on it.  Be aware your life requires no improving.  Its how you think about it that creates a problem.  None exist. Cease telling yourself anything is wrong.  Perfection cannot be improved upon. This is what you are. Watch what happens as you stop denying it. Allow illusions to dissolve.  Clarity reveals itself.


3 Ways to get to the Root 

Get to the root of the matter. All approaches have merit. Reflect on these three ways: 

1) Engage in analysis. Some people want to know where to start. They want tools to deal with a situation, to find the way beyond the conditioning that trips them up.  They wish to manage ego.  If tools become the focus, using them can obscure or hide what these people really want.

2) Assume the answer relates to missing knowledge.  Some people seek outside what can take the insecurity of not knowing (self-doubt) away. Everything you think you know or not arises as conditioning. When you do not take this to heart, you allow ego and fear control you.  Be aware of a shift in feeling, the spontaneous recognition of the emptiness that is.   When the mystery of being remembers itself, its not about finding something you do not have or do not know, but accepting what you do not initially allow yourself to be.  Fear is a passing thought.

3) Take a direct Path. Stay with something very simple. The direct path does not tell you what to do with what is not working. It is for anyone who is completely ready. Know that the mind is conditioned to steer you away from this very perspective.  Who is it that suffers? Who has the pattern? What owns the mind? This is going to the deeper root.  Notice whether you are willing to get to the root of suffering, to be at the centre.  Its very different than what you are used to dealing with.  Every moment is an all or nothing opportunity.  From the moment you accept you do not know anything, you accept you cannot know who or what you are.  When you are no longer searching you know yourself by being.  The question 'Who am I?' is not meant to get an answer but to dissolve the questioner.  In truth, there is no questioner, only moving thought.

"The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me." - Meister Eckhart


Be the change

Most people approach life as if it offers them something they need to get. Notice why you may persist in thinking you lack in some vital way.  Imagine the feeling arising at the discovery that life is more about letting go and getting rid of things.  Declutter the mind and declutter your life.

Life is like an exercise in realizing how you trick yourself into believing what is not real. The key then, is to simply be the change you wish to see.  That is, stop talking about some dream as if you would like it to be part of your future.  This is not about becoming, it is about having confidence to embrace all you are offering yourself.  You cannot help but be here.  Know you lack nothing.    Practice awareness.  Allow yourself to see what is at hand.  Nothing never ceases to amaze.


5 Ways to See Nothing

To see and be nothing requires no effort. It is to be calm and embody whatever arises in silence without judgment. This may feel familiar some of the time or none of the time. If it is not every moment, then you choose to shift attention elsewhere. What do you choose to see instead?

Often, people see an 'obstacle'. This creates a roadblock or resistance rather than allowing life to unfold. Be aware that each obstacle is a gift. It offers ways to understand why you perceive things as you do and the root cause. Consider these 5 ways you create obstacles and forget nothing:

1) Self-talk- Notice where you say, "I would like to [do something], but..." What you are really saying? Look deeper into yourself to see for the real reason you hold yourself back from inner peace, balance and acceptance of what arises. Hesitation is a pointer. You may fear change or allow fear to control you.

2) Redirection- Notice the difference between creating an obstacle because you you do not wish to do something and creating one to point you in a more suitable direction. How does the obstacle help you to see what you are not yet allowing yourself to see?

3) Who? Notice how you feel about the direction of your life when things do not appear to be going to your plan. Who's plan is it really? Explore why you are attached to a particular plan.  Is it really for you? Or, is it someone else's idea of what is for you?

4) How much? - Notice when the obstacle that arises appears to be financial.  Notice what your own thought, body language and words are saying about abundance and scarcity.  Where you focus attention is powerful.  When you focus on what you are not doing, you channel energy into lack.  When you focus on feeling joyful about what you have, then abundance is your focus and this invites more abundance in.

5) When?- Notice when you feel impatience.  Notice whether you wonder when that special relationship is going to enter your life or when your situation will change.  You may resist deeper intimacy or commitment.  You only ever stand in your own way.

Ultimately, to accept who you are, where you are, and love whatever arises is to be in the flow of nothing. To see obstacles is revealing your own illusions and resistance.