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“The world we are experiencing today is a result of our collective consciousness,
and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it.”
— Rosemary Fillmore

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3 Signs is time to Re-define Success

Many people wonder how they can do what they love and get paid what they are worth.  This voice may echo inside you too. Ponder three signs its time to redefine success:

1) Something is shifting inside. You do the work you do and are not actively looking for a new role and yet, a quiet discomfort or restlessness is arising.     Stong feelings are bubbling up.  You are noticing sensations surfacing within that you have not noticed before. This is the moment to pay more attention to what makes you tick.

2)  Dialogue triggers it.  You may strike up a conversation with someone you know, a group or a complete stranger.  Whomever it is draws your attention to something you are unable to put into words. You do not know what you are looking for but it hits that part of you is indeed looking. Work and success do not relate at they did even moments ago. A different relationship is capturing your attention and shifting your priorities about which mountains to climb.

3) Opportunities are knocking. You may not yet get head-hunted for that dream job but emails are mysteriously showing up in your in-box. You know new opportunities are showing their heads.  New postions in different fields are also crossing your radar.  You even hear positions related to your own are offering higher salary than you currently earn. You feel increasingly open to offers. Why? No brainer! Something within is beginning to clarify a new version of success. 


6 Steps to greater clarity

It is always possible to open to see oneself and the world as never before. Everything you notice and create for yourself offers lessons for the soul.   Follow six steps to greater clarity:

1) Look for good in or love everything without holding judgement

2) Grow aware of critical opinions that remain in your thoughts

3) Fill consciousness with reverence and respect for all life to awaken dormant forces and access deeper insights within

4) Engage in selfless acts without thought of reciprocity

5) See fellow beings and creatures differently than before

6) Surrender less to impressions of the outer world & develop an active inner life


Focus is everything

Notice that focus is everything.  Your conditioned attention determines what you create and manifest.  It also determines what you notice and what you do not permit yourself to see or integrate into conscious awareness. Brace yourself.  The ego creates shutters with the mind.  It  prevents you from seeing with true clarity. Be aware the shutters are dissolving at your pace:

1) Notice what unfolds from the moment you only allow yourself to see blessings in everything.

2) Notice what unfolds from the moment you always take responsibility for your emotions.

3) Notic what unfolds from the moment you see wholeness and love speaking through all life.

4) Notice what unfolds as you recognize its not possible for anything to go wrong.

5) Notice what is arising in awareness as all your beliefs and judgements fall away.


Allow illusions to dissolve

Notice what happens as you begin to realize improvement is an illusion. That is, everything is unfolding perfectly already and nothing requires you to improve on it.  Be aware your life requires no improving.  Its how you think about it that creates a problem.  None exist. Cease telling yourself anything is wrong.  Perfection cannot be improved upon. This is what you are. Watch what happens as you stop denying it. Allow illusions to dissolve.  Clarity reveals itself.


3 Ways to know truth for yourself 

Everything in life is a pointer that invites you to experience greater clarity. Imagine you are a mirror and choose to polish it. Ask yourself what it is to feel liberated. This is grasped in relation to its opposite. You measure heartfelt wisdom through direct experience.  Explore how it feels.

1) Let go of your reasons.  You are your own judge and jury.  Life gives you all the evidence to confirm what you value.  Be aware of how you navigate through life.  What represents your compass and reference points? Let them go. The helm of the ship knows how to steer itself.

2) Allow the Self to disappear. Be aware of what you cling to and how you create stepping stones or maps to follow in life.  Ponder the possibility that you do things for no reason.  Only the truth knows why things happen.  The mind can only imagine ideas of the truth.  You cannot change something using the same level of consciousness that creates it. Something sees beyond.

3) Say nothing.  See everything.  Nature is an infinite spectrum of miracles.  You are a telescope.  What you see is limited by filters. See them as they are and they dissolve instantly.