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Breathwork Psychotherapist
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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“Gratitude is not a limited resource, nor is it costly. It is abundant as air. We breathe it in but forget to exhale." -Marshall Goldsmith




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The Secret to the Best Version

The secret to turning into the best version of ourselves is training the mind and senses to detect everything as energy first.  Imagine what happens as we automatically translate experience into a spectrum of feelings and emotions...  

So, the physical body registers all our experience as energy. The visual sense translates energy into pictures, the auditory sense registers vibes, the tactile sense registers pulses or hums, the olfactory sense tunes into moving waves and the palette registers high and low vibrations of all we consume or spit up.

All familiar and subtle senses are originally receiving vibration as light and sound language. Somehow, its common to forget about that.  Often, what happens from an early age, is that words and other languages are taught to rewire the brain, take focus away from original impressions. 

Now is the moment to get back to what feels natural. To do so, we invite ourselves to grow aware of the misperceptions that act as our filters to reality. When ready we shift away from the brain that is hard-wired for negativity to the brain that is hard-wired to perceive all energy as part of the same flow.  We choose which streams of energy to focus on and which to simply let go.  At some stage it hits, all emotions are equally valuable teachers and pointers to insight we are willing to see about ourselves and relationships. 

 “More we hide our feelings, the more they show. The more we deny our feelings, the more they grow." - Anonymous


5 keys to living backwards

If you have ever moved anywhere or completed any project, you intuitively know the key is to work backwards frm a point, that is, to imagine the future you looking observing what is necessary for the evolving you to catch up.  Consider these 5 keys to living backwards:

1. Detail the end vision (where are you?, what are you doing? For whom? Why?)

2. Ponder what fully accepting the vision involves (multisensual exercise- flow of energy/ events)

3.  Work backwards creating milestones (how to get from here to there-mind to heartfelt)

4. Notice how you feel where you stand (what is missing?)

5. Focus on passion of being alive, here, now in this moment (presence)


Create a new vision

The world that you experience begins and ends within your mind. It emerges as thought and dissolves from when it came. Now is the perfect moment to heighten awareness and recognize how you think and feel determines the nature of the life you live. Take responsibility for creating new vision. Let go of old beliefs and parameters.  Find harmony within and see every unfolding event as part of a larger harmony. The inner vision is what transforms the outer experience.


Be the bridge

Notice what happens as you feel "you" are a bridge. Notice how "you" view bridges, create bridges and live as a bridge.  Notice some bridges build themselves.  Notice where you burn bridges,  or are invited to bridge the gap between thinking and feeling. 

Come what may, notice what you are connecting or reconnecting and disconnecting from.  Notice the varied aspects of being.  Notice everything is a pointer to what escapes "you."  Be the bridge you are born to be.  Open yourself up deeper to the fluidity of life.  Allow more of your spirit to express itself through you.  It is possible to be receptive and accepting of more lives, dimensions, personality traits and experiences.  Spirit does not choose or control.  It simply allows the nature of self to be changeable and ever-flowing.  Everything is a stepping stone.


Beyond rationale

To rationalize is to reason. To explain keeps you confined in the head. Notice what happens as you feel your way through justification. You sense selective awareness. That is, you are allowing the mind to block out what is real. What you think you want to hear is not the vibration felt in the heart and soul. Ask self why you want to feel anything other than love and acceptance. Be out of the mind.

Amidst the mental noise, the active inner judge and surface emotions, you hear phrases such as; "It's REALLY nothing!" ; It was ONLY nothing!"; "Nothing TRULY matters." ; Nothing ACTUALLY makes sense!" ; "Nothing is the end of me!". Ask yourself who or what is interpreting 'nothing'? Who gives meaning to nothing? Do you detect irony, cynicism, or fear? This is not what is here.

Go beyond the tactics of the mind. Nothing is quiet, reserved, humble. It simply observes.

Recognize nothing real is ever threatened and the unreal is never real or threatening.