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“Unconditional love is caring more abotu alignment than being right." - Abraham




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Interview with Julie Cardillo


The Secret to the Best Version

The secret to turning into the best version of ourselves is training the mind and senses to detect everything as energy first.  Imagine what happens as we automatically translate experience into a spectrum of feelings and emotions...  

So, the physical body registers all our experience as energy. The visual sense translates energy into pictures, the auditory sense registers vibes, the tactile sense registers pulses or hums, the olfactory sense tunes into moving waves and the palette registers high and low vibrations of all we consume or spit up.

All familiar and subtle senses are originally receiving vibration as light and sound language. Somehow, its common to forget about that.  Often, what happens from an early age, is that words and other languages are taught to rewire the brain, take focus away from original impressions. 

Now is the moment to get back to what feels natural. To do so, we invite ourselves to grow aware of the misperceptions that act as our filters to reality. When ready we shift away from the brain that is hard-wired for negativity to the brain that is hard-wired to perceive all energy as part of the same flow.  We choose which streams of energy to focus on and which to simply let go.  At some stage it hits, all emotions are equally valuable teachers and pointers to insight we are willing to see about ourselves and relationships. 

 “More we hide our feelings, the more they show. The more we deny our feelings, the more they grow." - Anonymous


5 Ways Breathwork empowers us

People increasingly ask about breathwork psychotherapy, what it is exactly, and how it can empower people to shift perception, energy levels, paradigms, timelines, and ultimately, life conditions.  Consider 5 ways breathwork is a tool that empowers us:

1. It empowers us to make the unconscious, conscious

Its one thing for someone to tell us something.  Its quite another to experience it for ourselves. Breathwork has completely shifted how I see myself and the world, and shows me the language of the breath reveals how we each breathe life into stories. When someone suggests an idea or speaks from experience, we can choose to believe it or not.  As we tune into ourselves, sense something is off, we may not know exactly what, but we are always guided to uncover what we are ready to see.  Breathwork empowers us to flow as energy to make unconscious emotional trauma conscious.  Thus, we see through misperceptions and feel everything, so we can let go.

2. It enables us to breathe our way to clarity

Different breathing techniques exist that draw our attention to our own rhythm and where it originates, in the present moment. When ready, each of us can recall how to read our breath like a horoscope. Ask yourself what leaves you breathless, when you feel light-headed, why you get the 'wind knocked out of you,' and where you are prompted to breathe deeply.  Every breathing rhythm emits a vibration that echoes specific emotions.  Knowing this helps us understand if we are approaching or getting further away from something. Notice the spectrum of feelings and emotions, from fear and anxiety to peace and joy, and how each vibration is sharpening or obscuring clarity.  As we master the power of the breath now, we know we exist neither in past or future.  It is being the breath that effortlessly allow events to unfold right where we are.

3. It guides us to shift models of reality 

Getting in touch with breathing rhythms empowers us to grow aware of dis-empowering models of reality as well as our unconscious decisions that cause them. As the result, we can empower ourselves to accelerate huge life changes. We cannot begin to imagine the profound impact and far-reaching implications of stepping into more of our hidden personal power. We can reclaim what we unknowingly give away.   Whatever we believe to be true comes true until we see through and transcend our own misplaced perceptions. We unconsciously give meaning to every experience and adopt distorted models of reality until ready to upgrade them.

4.  It enables us to release suppressed energy

Rather than taking pills, or engaging in unhealthy patterns or habits to suppress emotions, breathwork is one process which enables us to access underlying reasons for stuckness and release it, permanently.  What's inspiring is how fast and powerful transformations are.  Breathwork raises awareness of and enables us to consciously shift energy.  We can combine (compliment) it with acts of meditation, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness (everyone of everything) and other spiritual practices that guide us to tap into something above or beyond ourselves. Such practices engage us energetically on an authentic feeling level in this moment. Releasing suppressed energy is allows constricted inspiration and genius to flow freely.

5.  It enables us to rewire our brain

Each of us has insight into levels of happiness.  Yet much of our conditioning focuses our attention to stress, anxiety, depression, fear and instances when are convinced that we are not happy.  Breathwork empowers us to release dense energy so we can refocus our attention on being happy.  From here we naturally feel our way intuitively into choices that feel more exciting, fun, myserious and inspiring. The result is we rewire the brain to visualize and believe in things that intensify these uplifting and energizing energy bursts and flows. 

If this article resonates, contact us for a pre-requisite questionnaire for our 12 week coaching program and also read the insightful Interview With Dan Brule.


4 Tips to allow Soul-level shifts

HUmans incarnate to go through shifts on different levels.  The human aspect of you may view these are noticable shifts or changes in relationships, career, geographic moves, physical health and other conditions.  The Soul aspect of you experiences everything as energy.  Soul messages arise in all shapes, sizes, forms, synchronicities. Other aspects of being exist as well. Consider these 4 tips as a guide to allow yourself to feel Soul-level shifts more deeply:

1.  Time ceases when everything is felt as vibration

Know we experience whatever we create in order to  to open the heart and live from a feeling place and see things as they are without human filters.

2. Take responsibility for your perception/emotion/behaviour (or they control you)

When fully conscious, you can no longer view yourself as a victim or lie to yourself because the illusion of separation falls away. This is about taking full responsibility and no longer falling prey to ego games.

3. Being present allows feeling the way into harmony.

In other words, your human body is like a tuning fork. The more you allow yourself to feel, the easier it is to release what does not resonate, the more you allow template upgrades.  Sleep allows for recalibrating energies, allows you to wake up to experience time differently.  Mastering Time is about mastering all of you.

4. Recognize every moment you speak to yourself and you also answer back

Thus, to create something in the present, to bring it from a future dream into your reality, you have to become or embody your future.


10 Tips to ground yourself 

It is tempting to feel lost and confused with so many changes unfolding within the body and in the external world.  Every moment you reach out for guidance and advice from others, you are inviting your own perception to expand to detect love in new forms. Reflect on these 10 tips to ground yourself in this process:

1. We exist in the physical body to experience Soul tests.

2.  If we knew all the answers to tests we go through before, lessons would not be meaningful.

3.  We go through stages of forgetting in order to know what the joy of remembering feels like.

4. Time is the means by which the ego creates to reflect, feel or intuit its way through lessons.

5. The more you understand about time, how it is created and used, the better you understand, your physical experience and ultimaltely master and mindfully direct energy.  

6. The more you elevate your perspective, move outward and upward from the self-centre, the easier and more obvious it is to see a wider (cosmic) view of wherever you are.

7.  When we grasp we humans exist for spiritual growth,  we shift away from being ego-driven to focus more on being love-oriented.

8.  The more your actions are grounded in love, the more you are living an authentic (soul) life.

9. Every moment you are receptive, you deepen understanding of the cosmic game and expand consciousness. 

10. The more you invite (create) like-minded kindered spirits into your life, who also desire to live authentically, the more you strengthen a deep sense of love and appreciation and grow aware of conditioned blind spots and allow them to dissolve.