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4 Tips to allow Soul-level shifts

HUmans incarnate to go through shifts on different levels.  The human aspect of you may view these are noticable shifts or changes in relationships, career, geographic moves, physical health and other conditions.  The Soul aspect of you experiences everything as energy.  Soul messages arise in all shapes, sizes, forms, synchronicities. Other aspects of being exist as well. Consider these 4 tips as a guide to allow yourself to feel Soul-level shifts more deeply:

1.  Time ceases when everything is felt as vibration

Know we experience whatever we create in order to  to open the heart and live from a feeling place and see things as they are without human filters.

2. Take responsibility for your perception/emotion/behaviour (or they control you)

When fully conscious, you can no longer view yourself as a victim or lie to yourself because the illusion of separation falls away. This is about taking full responsibility and no longer falling prey to ego games.

3. Being present allows feeling the way into harmony.

In other words, your human body is like a tuning fork. The more you allow yourself to feel, the easier it is to release what does not resonate, the more you allow template upgrades.  Sleep allows for recalibrating energies, allows you to wake up to experience time differently.  Mastering Time is about mastering all of you.

4. Recognize every moment you speak to yourself and you also answer back

Thus, to create something in the present, to bring it from a future dream into your reality, you have to become or embody your future.


10 Tips to ground yourself 

It is tempting to feel lost and confused with so many changes unfolding within the body and in the external world.  Every moment you reach out for guidance and advice from others, you are inviting your own perception to expand to detect love in new forms. Reflect on these 10 tips to ground yourself in this process:

1. We exist in the physical body to experience Soul tests.

2.  If we knew all the answers to tests we go through before, lessons would not be meaningful.

3.  We go through stages of forgetting in order to know what the joy of remembering feels like.

4. Time is the means by which the ego creates to reflect, feel or intuit its way through lessons.

5. The more you understand about time, how it is created and used, the better you understand, your physical experience and ultimaltely master and mindfully direct energy.  

6. The more you elevate your perspective, move outward and upward from the self-centre, the easier and more obvious it is to see a wider (cosmic) view of wherever you are.

7.  When we grasp we humans exist for spiritual growth,  we shift away from being ego-driven to focus more on being love-oriented.

8.  The more your actions are grounded in love, the more you are living an authentic (soul) life.

9. Every moment you are receptive, you deepen understanding of the cosmic game and expand consciousness. 

10. The more you invite (create) like-minded kindered spirits into your life, who also desire to live authentically, the more you strengthen a deep sense of love and appreciation and grow aware of conditioned blind spots and allow them to dissolve. 


Interview with Carlos Castenada

Over the years, I have interacted with shamans through the post, in-person and in other ways. Each one is a wake-up call. Shamanic training awakens forgotten wisdom within.  Soul journeying and Soul retrieval shift perception and far more. 

Not all shamans reveal true names. They echo we are each a vessel through which energy flows, encourage us to grow aware of how we use perception to lie to ourselves and can all consciously shift our focal point. 

We are each invited to connect with the shaman within, to listen more closely to the heart and let the Soul guide us.  This is about tuning into Nature sounds, the melodies trees sing, the music of mountains, water and Earth. We often forget how to listen to Nature which echoes we forget how to listen to ourselves.  All we are taught shifts our focus away from what we know we are. So, how do we get back there? How is this done?

What you think is lost is never far away. Nikola Tesla echos,'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' Shamanic teaching happens in varied ways; drumming, ingesting plant substances and other ways sharede between teacher and student.  A spirit teacher enters you life to teach you. You know they are effective when you feel discomfort and gain insight into your blind spots. Spirit teachers are particularly good at reminding you that you know nothing (when you thought you knew everything). Such teachers are also very supportive (in their own way), compassionate (even if it hurts), and very wise. Thye may surprise you with what they know about you.  They highlight lessons you need because they exist to guide your growth into your shamanic potential. 

Carlos Castenada, is known as a shaman as well as other labels yet, widely remains a mystery. He earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology and wrote best-selling books about his shamanic journeys with Don Juan Matus.  As you read or listen to his work, such as The Active Side of Infinity, gain insight into other Toltec practices, you are invited to know or reject the material's authenticity.

According to Casteneda, growing aware of our life force guides us to see we separate life threads or stories.  Each thread is a discrete element, an experience that stretches back in time. We each have ability to recognize and integrate threads of life force back into our being.

What grows evident to the initiate is the shaman's spirit can leave the body to enter the supernatural world to search for answers. The lower world, middle world and higher world are some worlds open to journeying. At our own pace, we each find what we need. Imagining  Dragons reminds us we are a Believer of the world we live in or stop and see beyond it. Come what may, we are all Walking the Wire of Love. Even as we look down from above at versions of ourselves, we still take what comes. How we respond is unique to our chosen path. 

Listen to this Castenada interview with Theodore Roszak and leave comments below.

Carlos Castenada Interview with Theodore Roszak (1969)

 If you could ask Carlos a question, what would you ask? Can you anticipate the answer?

 "The soul is not in the body, but the body in the soul.” — Alan Watts

"Come out of the masses. Stand Alone. Live Like a Lion and Live Your own Life According to your own Light." -Osho.


5 Tips to shift gears 

If you hold a vision and it is not entering your life experience fast enough,  then its the perfect moment to shift gears.  Ponder these five tips;

1) Recognize you do not want what you think but the feeling of having it/ being here

The underlying message is to focus on the feelings you imagine are evoked by the envisioned experience.  This is about shifting focus and energy from separation (how to get it or make it happen), to unity (how it feels to be in this place or to experience something right now). 

2) Accept time is an obstacle you create you close the imaginary  gap 

Dreams are realized instantly in the inner realm. You are already 'here'.  You imagine someone and are instantly with them, imagine going to a place and imagine the jouney unfolding. Allowing an experience to enter your awareness involves consistently acting as if no gap or timelag exists. 

3)  Talk as If

Its important talk as if you are already doing something to make it more real. Speak about it in the present tense and often.  This aligns you with the specific dream vibration and allows it to take shape into your experience.

4) See everything as energy first

From the moment you see everything as energy, frequency and vibration, you shift from believing something is possible to knowing its already happening. This shifts your energy from separation to being a living example your vision.As the vibration of acceptance, worthiness and love take over, this is energetic, heartfelt living. When you only see one flow of energy, situations enter your scope faster.  This is an exercise in letting go of separation. 

5) Let the universe determine the details

The universe can deliver your dreams in infinite ways.  It may be easier and quicker for your dream to come in a way you’ve never considered. The what always comes before the how is important to remember. The how is not up to you.  Simply allow yourself to feel the way into the perfect circumstances. The universe does the rest. 


7 Tips to reframe New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions typically involve intentions to visualize, create or manifest a personal life that lessens or minimizes suffering and focuses on external ideas of happiness.  Here are 7 tips to reframe your resolutions;

1) Decide to understand everything on a WHOLE new level [Rather than be self-centered (ego-driven) and focused on the external]

2) Shift to feel everything as vibration and frequency (energy).  See beyond appearances to the Source and lesson behind each projected experience. 

3) Be fully accountable for how you think and feel. Read your own vibes of discomfort and discontent about the external as pointers to the tug of war going on in you (conflict between illusory ego & universal being)

4) Know physical senses only perceive a fragment of the existing spectrum. True being has capacity to access every frequency and vibration on the cosmic radio dial and communicates simultaneously at all levels, tunes in and out at will.

5) Accept that everything you encounter is a self-created mirror of yourself. Acknowledge all you imagine into being exists to teach compassion and unconditional acceptance.

6) Be aware the original language of the universe is not words but images, formed by light and sounds. Telepathic/ energetic dialogue is the natural function of your core antenna (unhindered, one receives, decodes & transmits light)

7) Recognize the Path to unlimited power involves tuning into transmissions of consciousness in form (sacred geometry).  The core geometric template or Cryst-all (Christ) consciousness is untouchable, inalterable and expresses the most expanded version of oneSelf; an omniscient, omni-present being of Light that is infinitely loving, multi-dimensional and only knows harmony