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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim to low and reach it." -Michaelangelo



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3 Tips to rewrite your hi-story

Its common to feel unhappy about the way certain events have unfolded or seem to be unfolding in our lives.  We adopt labels. We readily define ourselves as survivors or experiencers of pain and suffering. What if we could see beyond the pain body as a witness, rewrite our hi-story and transform our present and future on every level? Would we do it? Consider these three tips:

1.  Change your attitude

For things to feel stuck or uncomfortable requires two things; an event to unfold and us to feel disturbed.  As we change our attitude, stop feeling powerless and take reposnsibility for how we feel, how and what we perceive changes. Our thoughts and responses to life are alterable. Imagine what happens as we view everything as a blessing and welcome whatever comes.

2.  Recall reality is bigger than you

This moment that appears to be unfolding in our midst is one of a zillion moments that do not fall within the scope of our awareness. The only thing different or special about the events in our experience is those are ones we see or refer to as focus of our attention.  Why allow a tiny speck of energy to determine who we are?

3. Face the fear

Patterns recur as we fear what we would be without them. Drug addicts who come off drugs generally experience withdrawal.  This is a kind  of discomfort.  The first course of action is to let go. If discomfort remains, we can deal with it on a deeper level. This is why it is said we must die to be reborn. Meditation, breathwork, regression or FLP, assist us to remove filters that prevent being, seeing, feeling and sharing pure love. Pain may seem inevitable yet, suffering is optional.

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Value unmet expectations

You expected something, and it didn't happen.

You expected something, but the opposite happened or nothing.  Your ego is shaken, you are in emotional turmoil. Whenever you are miserable, look deeper to uncover why. Empower yourself.

Causes are not outside but within you. The common practice is to look outside, to lay blame or ask:

Who is making me miserable?
Who is the cause of my anger?
Who is the cause of my anguish?

Just as you cannot be intimidated without your consent, you cannot realize what is really going on by focusing outside yourself.  If you look outside you miss a deeper message. Watch what happens as you look within instead.

The source of all misery, anger, and fear, is hidden in you, (the ego).  From the moment you recognize the source, you feel who is beyond it. To know is your own ego that gives you trouble is the end of its hold over you. Nobody consciously perpetuates his own misery or discomfort if he understands it.

Ever notice how humans are conditioned to focus on what is not working rather than on what is? Shift your focus of your attention consistently and transform the nature of experience.


Allow authenticity to speak

Every moment, the mind thinks and speaks using words.  What you choose to utter reveals your sense of self-worth and much more about you than you realize.  What do you hear yourself say? What are your word choices telling you about authenticity?

Authenticity is unconditional love.  Being this is doing nothing but implicitly accepting who you are without fear. It is seeing life energy, the shared force, in everything. It is all seen through the lens of love. You are aware the conditioned mind blocks you from seeing universal oneness. When you say "I think," this echoes a sense of doubt or dissatisfaction already. Notice what you imagine into being for whatever purpose you also imagine.  Allow or resist presence that is, the unwavering love that embraces all.

Choose to truly listen. What do you notice? Write down some of the words you use. Notice the feelings that aise.  Be aware of emotions. Words are defined concepts that are, by nature, limiting. Even now, you are invited to learn and unlearn self-perception. Notice thoughts and feelings may draw attention to reasons for feeling less than perfect, less than unconditional love, peace, balance and well-being, that are all inside.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind."
- Kahlil Gibran, Sand and Foam


Allow light to speak through you

Everything of the universe is multi-dimensional.  Based on levels of awareness, wisdom, knowledge and truth reveal themselves. If you are not ready or willing to listen to the heart, you feel discomfort.  Degrees of truth emerge based on levels of fearlessness, or what you are willing to love and accept unconditionally into your scope. 

Words are vibrational patterns or sound. Emotions emit vibration. They arise based on mental perceptions of the past. Feelings arise in the moment and allow what is to express itself. Imagine being the consciousness of the sun or, that of a star.  Allow light to speak through you. Illusions and darkness serve the expansion of one creator. To pinch off unlimited knowing invites you to dig deep within. Allow truth to shatter the paradigm of duality.


See through the conflict

Sometimes, no matter who you are or what you do, you encounter critical people or have the urge to criticize others. What is all this testing? Awaken to why you focus on conflict.  Its not about any external provocateur. It is about how you permit the mind to control you. As you listen and connect with intrinsic value in others, you expand perspective, recognize you want  the same thing: to be loved and appreciated.

When was the last time you chose to see beautiful, lovable things in a labelled 'enemy?' You have the capacity to create a bridge.  Find something to respect and care about in people who appear to annoy you. As you do, you let go of the past. Its possible to forgive what triggers discomfort beneath the surface. Surprise yourself.  Go deeper into the meaning in how or why you judge.  Conflict is a gift and teacher.