Dr. Liara Covert

Breathwork Psychotherapist
Workshop Facilitator 

Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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“Gratitude is not a limited resource, nor is it costly. It is abundant as air. We breathe it in but forget to exhale." -Marshall Goldsmith




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The Secret to the Best Version

The secret to turning into the best version of ourselves is training the mind and senses to detect everything as energy first.  Imagine what happens as we automatically translate experience into a spectrum of feelings and emotions...  

So, the physical body registers all our experience as energy. The visual sense translates energy into pictures, the auditory sense registers vibes, the tactile sense registers pulses or hums, the olfactory sense tunes into moving waves and the palette registers high and low vibrations of all we consume or spit up.

All familiar and subtle senses are originally receiving vibration as light and sound language. Somehow, its common to forget about that.  Often, what happens from an early age, is that words and other languages are taught to rewire the brain, take focus away from original impressions. 

Now is the moment to get back to what feels natural. To do so, we invite ourselves to grow aware of the misperceptions that act as our filters to reality. When ready we shift away from the brain that is hard-wired for negativity to the brain that is hard-wired to perceive all energy as part of the same flow.  We choose which streams of energy to focus on and which to simply let go.  At some stage it hits, all emotions are equally valuable teachers and pointers to insight we are willing to see about ourselves and relationships. 

 “More we hide our feelings, the more they show. The more we deny our feelings, the more they grow." - Anonymous


10 Visuals to Live More Fully

Whatever you currently perceive as your life conditions, practice these ten visualizations to live life more fully:

(1) Imagine yourself open wide and expanding  
(2) Feel like pure water: see everything in crystal clarity
(3)  Be like the wind, in the flow, embracing cycles
(4) Ground yourself in the heart, align with what feels right 
(5) Taste what it is to be immersed in this eternal moment
(6) Discover what it is to celebrate and appreciate all of life, to do everything with passion and joy
(7) Trust the universe, accept everything unfolds perfectly
(8) Relish creative expression to unleash True Nature
(9) Let go of all thoughts and beliefs that express resistance 
(10) Love everything, every encounter and experience

Passion brings you here

When passion burns inside, the mind interprets this passion.  It comments on what you are doing. Notice how you come to this place.  Notice what you think you need to get to where you are.  Notice what you focus attention on, like your desire to be what you are not.   Notice thoughts come and go in your life.  Notice what is outgrown. Notice that fear is all that stands in the way of love and self-discovery. Notice what it is to feel satisfied, to be at peace.  Nobody looks at a map when here. Notice nothing stands in the way of the light of the open heart.  God is the omniscient one seeing. 


Feel your way 

As you realize people are saying to you, 'I want what you have,' 'I want to do what you are doing,' you realize you feel your way to whatever you are asking for.  You realize what is normal and natural already exists. You realize your passion and enthusiasm are catching. You are already taking thought to where it has never been before.  From the universal witness, eternal point of view, one is aware everything is unfolding. The human mind would like you to believe you must work to create and wait for a dream to unfold. The universe knows the dream exists already. Feel that.


5 Points to orient your day

Every moment is full of opportunities to reconnect with the fuel of your creative spirit.  It is this part of you that reminds you are in the process of mastering valuable lessons at your disposal.  Consider these 5 points to help orient your day;

1) Heed core passions: they drive your creative process.

2) Detach from ego: it prevents mind-to-soul connections.

3) Engage emotions fully they drive the force of intentions.

4) Get excited about drama: it reframe valuable lessons.

5) Listen to love: connect with brave and forgiving souls.