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Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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“Gratitude is not a limited resource, nor is it costly. It is abundant as air. We breathe it in but forget to exhale." -Marshall Goldsmith




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The Secret to the Best Version

The secret to turning into the best version of ourselves is training the mind and senses to detect everything as energy first.  Imagine what happens as we automatically translate experience into a spectrum of feelings and emotions...  

So, the physical body registers all our experience as energy. The visual sense translates energy into pictures, the auditory sense registers vibes, the tactile sense registers pulses or hums, the olfactory sense tunes into moving waves and the palette registers high and low vibrations of all we consume or spit up.

All familiar and subtle senses are originally receiving vibration as light and sound language. Somehow, its common to forget about that.  Often, what happens from an early age, is that words and other languages are taught to rewire the brain, take focus away from original impressions. 

Now is the moment to get back to what feels natural. To do so, we invite ourselves to grow aware of the misperceptions that act as our filters to reality. When ready we shift away from the brain that is hard-wired for negativity to the brain that is hard-wired to perceive all energy as part of the same flow.  We choose which streams of energy to focus on and which to simply let go.  At some stage it hits, all emotions are equally valuable teachers and pointers to insight we are willing to see about ourselves and relationships. 

 “More we hide our feelings, the more they show. The more we deny our feelings, the more they grow." - Anonymous


Recall what feels natural

Imagine the possibility that every situation you perceive  is an opportunity, to uncover or demonstrate the highest idea of Who You Are in relation to what is occurring.  You may wonder how to do this or which way to turn.  What if being here, being open to choices that feel right and going with what the mind cannot explain is a step to waking up and doing what matters to Soul.

Ask yourself if it feels right to talk to yourself more, to awaken and be open to exploring new ways of living your life.  This may involve shifting priorities. Every moment, you are in the process of recovering or remembering your true identity, what you exist to be and do.

Recall what it is to feel through life. As Imagine Dragons echo in their new song Natural, what feels right invites us to leave your heartache behind.  Every moment, each of us invites ourselves to let go of limited physical identity, to grow conscious of reasons for resistance, let it go and surrender. Imagine what that would look and feel like?

Then, go futher: What if the mind released ideas of yourself confined to a set of assumed facts, events or circumstances? What do you do or how do you respond to this blank slate? We are being shown who we are and who we are not right now. Awaken the senses that listen to demonstrations of love that fit no mould. Find or create a soundboard so you hear yourself.


It all comes down to this

It is very simple to understand the human and its ego. Yet, one cannot understand the being.  The journey of the human+being is to begin to see the nature of each part and bring them together or begin to recognize how they are inter-connected.

The human ego thinks it is a separate individual. The human exists in perceived time and space that it imagines is filled with objects, concepts and references. Each human creates his own life, reality and sense of things, his own thinking. The individual thinks it has free will and is unaware of how he thinks things into being.  By watching the human, you get acquainted with the being.

The being resides in the changeless now.  The nature of this now is love.  This is the changeless moment where there is no memory such as the moment of giving birth. There is no ego in this kind of love. The very awareness of such love is being.  Now contains the present moment. The present contains your past and future.  Love and freedom are natural expressions of being in the unchanging now which is eternal. Being is the only reality.  Divine will is the only will.  You arise from and dissolve into the divine. Everything you do, you do it for feelings you imagine having.


Allow what is natural 

With no effort, core being is naturally fulfilled unless it imagines itself to be different. The one who is ready simply awakens.  He who is not ready sleeps.  Nothing stops 'you' unless you are not ready to allow yourself to see.  The unfolding simply unfolds unless 'you' get in the way, or imagine obstacles.  By living, without knowing or doing anything, all is well. Being quiet is being yourself, not following anything from the mind.  If a thought arises, it is as though the thought never came.  Before a thought arises, it has no meaning. Be without intention. Keep quiet.  Watch what happens without waiting.


Do what comes naturally

Notice what happens as you allow what comes naturally. Sense what it feels like.  Reality does not change.  Only your perception of things evolves with awareness. Reflect on this;

1) Observe the external world calmly.  Take nothing personally.

2) Silently be aware of your thoughts.  Recognize each one is a pointer.

3) Listen closely to the body.  Nourish it.  Eliminate on cue and rest properly.

4) Detect heartfelt intuition and trust it.  Emotions are a gauge of how well you listen.

5) Love freely and laugh at the wonder of it all.