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 “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

-Harriet Tubman


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5 questions to ask

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

1. Why resist or seek to get beyond a particular feeling?

2. Who is it that must / must not get angry or should not complain?

3. What is really happening as you suffer in silence?

4. When you take action to get somewhere {make progress) where are you headed? 

5. Which choices enable you to get to truly be happy?


3 Tips to get through rough spots

Every human being is familliar with bumps in the road of life.  These bumps take shape as mental challenges, physical adversity or emotional rollercoasters that involve anger, fear, sadness and grief, shame or intense energies with no labels.  Challenges threaten any facit of your sense of identity; safety, security or stability, mourning (death) or loss of connection.  When ready to step back and see with new eyes and an open heart, reflect on these 5 tips;

1. See everyone as a mirror

Everyone you encounter is inviting you to get intimate with yourself so you understand hidden emotional triggers.  How you respond to people who describe their difficulties (or complain) echoes your relationship with your true self.  Notice what you accept, resist or reject, what evokes self-love or self-loathing. You may hear yourself saying, "what do you mean? I simply wish to offer support or help someone I know going through a rough period in their own life. How do I best do it?" The simple answer is; stop seeing separation between you and other. That is key.

2.  Get grounded

The best way to help others (and yourself) is to help them focus on their bodies and being present to this moment. This is especially useful if you get emotionally triggered by people who focus energy on what perpetuates negativity.  Acknowledge discomfort is part of a process of self-acceptance. It is valuable to shift attention from memories (past) to current situation and blessings in being here.  Grounding helps manage emotional pain because it highlights pain is linked to an emotional memory and has no power to hurt in this moment.  Being here now is a way to reclaim inner power. Pain is physical and suffering is mental.

3. Reconnection

Deepening connection is the ultimate life purpose.  You may assume facing adversity or natural disaster is required to shift priorities, view reality differently. Imagine seeing your stories for what they are, exploring and healing related trauma so it no longer controls your unconscious behaviour or projections.  This invites you to find new meaning or lessons in everyone you meet and every experience you have.  Notice whether you are pro-active or reactive to experience. You can reach a place where you only view problems as a figment of the imagination and watch them miraculously work themselves out.  Watch what happens as you realize any grief or loss you feel is not for a perceived other but a loss of connection with your truest self.  Reconnecting or deepening intimacy with others requires you first get to know yourself, your unconscious patterns and emotions on a very intimate level. Self-mastery is pure freedom.


Allow abundance to fill you

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and visions all vibrate to life and take shape in what appears as your life. Notice whether you know ups and downs or if you see all is well already. What do you choose?

Imagine how it discern true needs and have them met, to exist with a sense of acceptance, peace and tranquility.  You no longer notice anything is missing.  The inner judge grows still or you no longer hear it. You experience fulfillment, satisfaction and know without a doubt that details are coming together.  Feel what it is to embody joy, happiness and appreciation.  Allow abundance to fill you.  This is not only possible, it is your core state. Let go of the unreal.  What is real remains.  The mind tells you its own version of what is real. The heart and soul know only wholeness.


Emotion is simply a word

'Emotion' is simply a word like any other.    Notice whether you react or respond.    Living through the filters of the mind prompts conditioned reaction.  Heartfelt living triggers love, acceptance and appreciation.  Emotion is felt as a signal that travels through your entire being. To view emotions as a group is to recognize inputs and outputs of energy flow.  Imagine infinite inputs and outputs. The mind does not even begin to classify those which exist. Watch and allow emotion to operate. Energy is constantly flowing. Notice what happens as you begin to see and experience things as they are.


Make sense of emotions

Notice how emotions unfold in your life, how you react or respond to the world around you.   Notice where emotions come from.  Track them back to see how they arise.  Sense how, why they build up.  What do they teach you? What do they invite you to see within yourself?

Notice how you respond to others as they confront you, get emotional or remain indifferent toward you. Eleanor Roosevelt reminds you that nobody can intimidate you without your consent. If you do not choose to be afraid, then fear cannot touch you. The apparent reasons for fear cannot last unless you believe in them and allow them to control your thoughts.

Notice whether you allow your emotions to escalate and affect your health and well-being or, whether you observe quietly, respond slowly and calmly, to whatever unfolds in your life. What if its all a test? To respond without anxiety or agitation is to exhibit what peace is all about.  You help others to know peace as you respond from this state of being yourself.

Why is it do you figure that people often focus on negative emotions and complaints? It comes back to creating unskillful thought patterns. Each of us has a choice to be mindful and to understand the origins of our thoughts and emotions. If you are angry or afraid, ask why. Every emotion is a pointer to the only emotion heart knows- unconditional love.

Consider that you always have opportunities to respond differently to comments and behaviours than you are taught. Be aware of emotional triggers and conditioned habits that do not serve you.  Fear and anger flow away as you view them as the teachers they are. Be aware that peace is itself an emotion that empowers and inspires you, come what may.

"Everytime you allow someone to trigger a negative emotion or anger or ill will, you do not have to follow that path. Why do you get angry? Anger arises from a series of agitations you think about or dwell upon. Anger is like a fire. It starts like a spark. If you catch it quickly, its easy to put out.  Through your mindfulness, awarenss and mental training, it is not hard to transcend emotions like anger, frustration and grief.  Its not a training of will power, but of wisdom power to see where things come from so you can catch them earlier." -Ajahn Brahm