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“The world we are experiencing today is a result of our collective consciousness,
and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it.”
— Rosemary Fillmore

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3 Tips to take life as it comes

Life is uncertain, no matter how much planning you think you can do.  Unexpected happenings, people acting out of what you think is normal character, may seem to be in your face more and more often. Maybe your phone stops working, some other technology breaks down, you are unable to receive or respond to messages, or lights go on and off mysteriously in your presence.  

Upon closer look, mere coincidence is changng to increasing glimpses of ever-present synchronicities. In light of such strange or unusual occurrences, you may ask who is really in control here and what  is the message you are giving yourself? Take these three tips to accept life as it comes;

1) Remember permanence is illusion. 

Humans are taught to create a  sense of lasting security and stability when all that is predictable is change.

2) Laugh more often to keep your sanity

Every laugh is a mystery bubbling to the surface to reveal itself in decipherable terms. When you can see things from a more objective or removed vantage point, everything looks different than when taking things personally. Notice a shift in or new sense of normal.  Every unfolding, every encounter is a pointer to you, the source creating every situation as a springboard to expand into more.

3) Focus on what you are gaining, what is working or being revealed.

 Humans are conditioned to focus on what they seem to be losing or not getting and focret point of attention detemines perception and experience. The same energy can be felt as disappointment/fear or reason for excitement.


Allow illusions to dissolve

Notice what happens as you begin to realize improvement is an illusion. That is, everything is unfolding perfectly already and nothing requires you to improve on it.  Be aware your life requires no improving.  Its how you think about it that creates a problem.  None exist. Cease telling yourself anything is wrong.  Perfection cannot be improved upon. This is what you are. Watch what happens as you stop denying it. Allow illusions to dissolve.  Clarity reveals itself.


Embody who you are

As you truly embody who you are, you allow level of Spirit to merge with the level of your Humanity.  As you pass through fear, you come into the embodied experience. 

Spirit sees through the illusion.  It is a state of love and freedom.  It knows judgments are simply a mental projection of fear. Being with Spirit is to know, feel and experience life without fear.  To see through the lens of the heart is to see things as they are.  This is direct experience of your own Spirit.  It is about being who you are.  Spirit knows no wounding or reasons to heal.  All beliefs and anything outside this core state is illusion.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel without judgment.  This is what it is to experience life through the heart.  When you resonate with something, you consciously realize you create this reality and it flows out from you.  This is feeling your Spirit.  Allow yourself to be a freely feeling and expressing person and the Spirit comes alive.  As you view through the lens of Spirit, you recall from whence you chose to forget who you are.

Know we each contain collective consciousness.  We are each a bridge.  The Earth emerges from the sum of all of us.  It is always a perfect harmony through lens of love.


Appreciate the depth of illusion

If the urge arises to shatter all illusions faster, the depth of Earthly experience lessens. Notice what is flowing through the lens of experience as well as the self-created filters. Appreciate the complexity of the dream, why you choose to be here now. Every layer is a timeless teacher.


You are that

The ego mind interprets the tangible, the perceptible, that which is subject to change.  It views dreams through its own self-centred filters.  How do you know that you are paying more attention to self? What exactly is i that observes the changeable?

That which is the essence of being is the silent witness that can only be pointed toward.  It does not arise and disappear. It is changeless, conscious presence, in perfect harmony with effortless silence.  One consciousness sees no division or difference.  It is awareness felt in ways that which words simply cannot convey.  The universe reveals itself in subtle ways. As self identity no longer thinks itself as separate, one being awakens to recognize itself operating in the inner realm of consciousness.

"Because you fnd the dream creations transitory in relation to the waking state there is said to be a difference. This is only apparent and not real." -Ramana Maharishi

"Part of our psyche is not in time and not in space. They are only an illusion, time and space, and so in a certain part of our psyche time does not exist at all." - Carl Jung