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 Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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You see it all 

As you imagine a place without any distinction whatsoever, you no longer notice anything is bad or wrong.  You love something about everything. You know everything turns out well.  At any given moment, you exist in the best-feeling place you can find.  It is no longer possible to experience the absence of something you want.  You only vibrate on the same frequency as that which resonates with you and you have it all.  You choose to allow everything. You only see things through eyes that sense wellness, love, abundance, appreciation, value, compliments, advantages, optimism and align this.  You see it all through you.  You only see the best in yourself.  Focus on that feeling.  You expand love into places you do not yet dream.


The things we love most 

You might wonder if you can truly love anything more than anything else.  Everything being equal, the essence of being loves all the same. Yet, during your process of remembering in physical worlds, notice inner evolution.  As you identify and focus on positive aspects of all situations, you invite clarity, allow well-being, feel a greater sense of relief and draw toward you more experience that is meaningful. 

Notice how often your habits of thought resist or deny that everything serves you.  This includes all those encounters with friends and relatives that evoke discomfort, fear and negativity inside you.  The more you choose to feel good about where you are, the more reasons you attract to feel good.  As you reflect, you realize what you love most about existence is messages of unconditional love are everywhere.  You are reminded of contrast to encourage you to 'snap out of' temporary amnesia.  Know you are worthy.  Trust all is well. Sense you are in a perfect place to laugh, love and appreciate every moment you are given.


Use the power of the mind

As awareness grows, you direct your thoughts more consciously.  Turn your attention to something that you are not already experiencing.  You are now in the process of creating. Consider the dream you are presently living reflects your thoughts.  They are themselves manifest desires.  You recognize and reinforce the presence or lack of what you think about. 

Consider what you believe is possible and why you care how or what other people think about you and your choices.  When what people think matters to you, this holds you back from closing the gap between what you dream and what you experience.  Connect with your inner energy.  Align with the inner love and appreciation.  External approval is irrelevant.


Regain your sense of centre

Appreciating yourself is a way to offer an example to others and help them regain a sense of centre or grounding. Choose to guide someone to reconnect to a core state of being, that is joy, pure unconditional love and acceptance. 

Notice your motive is to encourage freedom and letting go of inhibition in that person as well as yourself.  Take your attention away from any disruptive vibrations which include any resistance to existing love and acceptance.  Be willing to imagine that person realizing his intention to be in a healthier and happier state of being.  Insodoing, you also channel energy into your own vision for a parallel state of balance and wellness.  Allow joy to flow.


Lighten your load

Your thoughts and beliefs sometimes create feelings of heaviness which are misplaced and misguided. What would it take for you to release any blocks that prevent you from living a more uplifting life? What would you have to do to hear what your Higher Self tells you? This core of being never ceases to tell you how much you are loved as you are.

If you detect an awkward heaviness, its an invitation to lighten your load. Learn to anchor the mind in a new place. Seeking self-improvement reflects a desire to feel better about yourself, yet it overlooks that faults and weakness only exist in the mind.

Learn to listen, trust, and take action guided by the fun-loving accepting heart. If certain choices evoke discomfort, notice what these geelings point toward. You can explore this. Shifting attention to what you imagine feels good brings this forth.

You are alive and everything you do or do not do can only help you. Listen to heartfelt messages to know all burdens are illusion. Discomfort signals your desire to heal a wound you come to feel is no longer there. Anger reminds you untapped energy can be transformed and rechannelled. Worry teaches the power of trust. Know everything is a disguised form of love pointing to how it feels to be yourself.  Its the simplest thing to do.