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One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

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6 Ways to appreciate change

Many people ground themselves in what is familiar and assume it is permanent.  You may resist change and seem to have difficulties when you encounter what seems to be perpetual change. Notice what stays the same is impermanence.  Be aware adjusting to this changes your life.  Consider these six ways to appreciate change that can be explored further, at your leisure:

1) Ground yourself in what feels good. Rather than focus on what bothers you, or on what you do not think is working, focus instead on things that feel positive and uplifting.  

2) See it as a turning point.  Notice every change is a milestone and a wake-up call.  Pay attention to the learning curve and opportunities to unlearn what you are ready to let go.  

3) Look to Nature.  Recognize that something has to disintegrate or fall apart before something new can emerge or be built in its place. Look to nature for examples of how plants, flowers and trees grow and pass away to make room for the up and coming.  Appreciate where you are.  See value in every stage.

4) Be alert to conditioning. Know joy is something you can choose to experience every moment, every day, in every experience just as negativity is a choice.  

5) Be empowered to know you create every change unfolding in your life. You can gain insight into yourself by recognizing higher consciousness always puts you in situations you can handle.

6) Get proactive.  Know you are ready to make the changes you wish to see in your life.  Whether its  relationship beginnings, transitions or endings, a career or geographical move, parenthood, or other new chapters of life, your focus and attitude help you weather storms.


Get back on track

Notice when you give your undivided attention to something.  Notice how often this happens.  You likely notice your attention is dissipated on many things. What message are you sending to yourself when multi-tasking does not bring balance, when you cannot recall who said what?

When the mind is focused on one thing, and you are physically engaged in something else, this brings trouble. Notice how it feels to be talking to someone who is not focused on your words. Many people get emotional without clarity of thought.  People can also think things without being aware of how they feel. Mental imbalance hinders the ability to fully engage and focus.

Distractions may seem like a normal part of life. Its easy to see disconnected thoughts and feelings in others. Yet, is it as easy to see in yourself? It may be time for more than one person to get back on track. How you communicate with others and how they interact with you are pointing to what you can do to strengthen communication and relationships.  Notice what you get absorbed in, and how your behaviours and the behaviours of others are actually helping you.


Get the message

Every person you encounter is drawing your attention to something you are not yet noticing about yourself.  You may be in a plane, train, taxi, bus or some other mode of transport. You may meet in passing at the local library or bookstore, be sitting in a park, or you may be out walking your pet. Revelations arise as you stand in line waiting to be served and you chat with strangers. You may be sitting next to another parent at your child's sports event. Nothing is ever random. Everything and everyone is a pointer. Notice what is emerging through each encounter. You create them all to help yourself. Notice what you see, feel and experience.

Be aware each encounter is a guide and mirror. See the appropriateness of them. Every choice you make has a purpose. You decide what matters. You decide how the guidance unfolds in your life; in passing, triggering eureka moments, evolving into intimacy, friendships or connecting with temporary or lifelong mentors. Each one is a window. Retreat into your own natural stillness. Get the message you reach for right now.


The scriptwriter emerges

Notice how you attribute responsibility to what appears to be happening, right here.  Notice if you attribute events to God, the universe, Higher power, or something else. Is that so? 

Imagine that wider awareness is revealing itself by part of self that is not yet fully clear.  Imagine that you cease resisting the heart, spirit and choice of being the scriptwriter and architect of life.  What happens as you begin to recognize not-knowing of something at any given moment is a choice of the wider you? Be aware of the page you are on.  A page lasts only as long as you allow it to hold attention. The book of life is constantly unfolding.  You are the camera, writer, director and single actor playing all roles. Every event is of your making.

Be aware.  This book of energy is constanty flowing, changing this is not a matter of a higher being who is not here, creating.  Some events that arise are judged and resisted.  Other events are embraced and loved as they are. The ups and downs of a movie are part of what intrigues you, fascinates and inspires you.  It is all you. 

Like Harry Potter, you are the invisible magician, who is forever changing the story, creating every aspect of the illusion you call life.  Although you script events, you do not script how you respond and feel.  See the same movie or read the same book again, and experience it again, as if for the first time. Diverse experiences exist by choice.

Notice what occurs as you begin to flow with life without wishing to change anything.  You grow detached from the plot and appreciate the wisdom of your scripting. Let go of the pain and never a dull moment. Every moment is a vital part of the unfolding. Trust yourself more. The higher power is you. Love life fully.  Love yourself fully. Embody joy.


Be intensely aware

Be like a river.  It asks for nothing.  It has no direction or destination. Attention on particular directions introduces limitation.  Simply intuit what to do and which way to go. Cooperate with the inevitable, with the flow of life itself.  Be open.  Feel ways to navigate beyond what mind thinks. You start to see what you are ready to see. The flow sheds light, brings clarity, in ways that cannot be imagined.  When you are not focused on division, you surrender.

The mind is taught to focus and fixate on objects, to judge and develop dependence.  It contracts around what it can pin down.  It desires to control it.   Let go of noise.  Appreciate being unsure of what is unfolding in energy, light and unseen information.  Ease into a state of meditation on true awareness.  Introduce a question into the silent mind. BE that.