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Love life

Watch what happens as you find a way to love or appreciate whatever is unfolding.  This is not the same thing as liking everything.  Its not allowing yourself to fear. It is about embracing everything.  Be open and receptive to all life brings you.  From the moment you love self unconditionally, you can love life, come what may.  As you truly love self, you truly love life. This means harbouring no fear, exerting no control and allowing the peace within to arise.  What a timeless gift this is.  Notice the sun shines equally on everyone without distinction.  Buddha calls this undifferentiated love.  Be at peace with love.  You have less arguments, you embrace life as it is. You are at peace with life.


Emotion is simply a word

'Emotion' is simply a word like any other.    Notice whether you react or respond.    Living through the filters of the mind prompts conditioned reaction.  Heartfelt living triggers love, acceptance and appreciation.  Emotion is felt as a signal that travels through your entire being. To view emotions as a group is to recognize inputs and outputs of energy flow.  Imagine infinite inputs and outputs. The mind does not even begin to classify those which exist. Watch and allow emotion to operate. Energy is constantly flowing. Notice what happens as you begin to see and experience things as they are.


The proof is in the pudding

You may hear the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Yet, you only truly know the taste of anything as you put it on your own palatte.  Then, the body begins to recognize texture, sensations, and vibes on a deeper level. Each flavour is unique and bursting with a story.

In other words, to fully appreciate something, you have to experience it directly yourself.  You can assume you have the same taste preferences as someone else, but this is not the same as tickling your own tastebuds or savouring something again, as if for the first time. 

Notice how opinions are created based on heresay.  Notice the actual reasons you agree or disagree with someone.  So long as ego drives you, it has something to prove, so you speak up. From the moment you experience peace and contentment, questions are answered as they arise.  Peace is felt by everyone in your presence.  There is no need to say anything.

On another level, to fully appreciate this moment, you are invited to stop comparing it with memories of other experiences.  You are invited to stop judging and assuming history has to repeat.  As every moment feels new and fresh, you are allowing life and energy to flow freely without doubt or fear.  This allows feelings of joy, peace and freedom to reveal themselves.  Paths you think you have trodden, places you think you have been, never feel the same again.


Keep nothing in mind

Notice what happens if you allow thoughts of what is right for you to limit your experience. The inner judge is active. Resistance, restlessness, impatience and disharmony are a focus.

As awareness grows, you see inner conflict only arises as you compare or exert effort to control. If this has not crossed your mind, its because thinking has nothing to do with it.

Notice what happens as you feel all is well and keep nothing in mind.  In this state of being, you appreciate everything as it is and see the beauty in it all. Intuition is the rudder and joy is the pilot. This is experienced as mindfulness.   Relish the sun rises and sets. Cherish all that is in between. At any moment, feel what happens as you no longer feel the urge to choose. 


Appreciate the little things

Whatever situations are unfolding in your life, you choose where to focus your attention.  You decide how to interpret your unique  experiences, whether you get something meaningful out of each stage of your life journey.  Notice the true nature of any restlessness you feel.  Why find anything wrong where you are, doing what you do? Be creative.  Love something about where you are now. 

Notice your conditioned ways of thinking.  Notice whether you focus on thoughts that trigger sadness, joy or evoke other emotions like anger and fear.  Notice when you focus on gratitude or allow discomfort or dissatisfaction to cloud your focus.

This said, you can always renew appreciation for 'the little things.'   This brings clarity. They may be people, aspects of nature or the environment, conditions or anything that uplifts your spirit. Notice whether you view the glass of life as half full, half empty, or as something else. What happens as you are kind to yourself and show kindness to others? The sun always shines.  You see, you take it with you wherever you go.

Take a few moments to reflect on little things that  bring joy.  What stands out? Share your perspective of 'the little things' that truly make life feel worthwhile.

"It is good to appreciate that life is now. Whatever it offers, little or much, life is now - this day - this hour."  - Charles Macomb Flandrau

"None of us has gotten where we are solely by pulling ourselves up from our own bootstraps. We got here because somebody bent down and helped us." - Thurgood Marshall