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“Listen to your inner voice.  Trust yoru intuition.  Its important to have courage to trust yourself."

-Dawn Ostroff




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Beyond the land of expectations

Expectations is the place you go before you get to where you are going.  Some people get lost on route to the land of expectations.  Other people arrive there but never leave or get beyond it. When you are not paying attention, notice you develop attachments and focus on where you could be going, what you are becoming. If you focus on this, you forget rare and seldom heard noises and awareness of what is missed.  If attachment did not exist, there would be no becoming and you would never be in the land of expectations.  See where you get by not thinking. Discover you only think your way out.  Explore all that nature is providing.  Without it, nothing happens. 

"It is simple. We are where we should be, doing what we should be doing. Otherwise we would be somewhere else, doing something else."  -Richard Stine


Turn inward

Whatever you see and understand as the external world, you come to discover that you cannot make it happen your way or control it exactly as you want.  No person, creature situation or relationship in your life is always doing what you want it to do all of the time.  This revelation unleashes a gush of nothing.  Even that which cannot be named is heartfelt.

What's happening in your head is your dream.  Its also projection.  As you recognize you do not control the external, this is an invitation to turn inward to access peace.  If you are not feeling peaceful and contented, then your attention is anywhere but here.  You begin to sense that if you do not do the right things, the right things do not happen to you.  You begin to feel you create the nature of your life.  When you feel joyful, you treat others well. Everything is a mirror for how deeply you access the essence of being within you.  The social world is an extension of allowing and resisting all you are.  How quiet can 'you' be?

Every moment is an opportunity to experience the present in its pure perfection.

"The awakened one is open to everything and everything falls into place." -Sri Bhagavan


Notice what is obvious

Notice what is obvious and "to whom".  Notice who is asking the question and who answers.

The ego mind has limited or selective awareness.  It sees the dream through conditioned filters.  It shifts attention between the past and future.  It judges and compares, sees body parts, people and conditions as separate, and even creates hierarchies of what is thought to be better or worse, more or less desirable.  This is the rebel, fault-finder and people-pleaser, always seeking to improve or find something out of reach or sight.  It attaches or clings and sees things as you are or through the lens of adopted thought, self-image and beliefs.

The omniscient observer sees all and judges nothing right in this very moment. It views through a lens of unconditional love and acceptance. It views everything as a mirror of pure peace, joy and love. In essence, it see things as they are, and feels everything points to this truth. It feels what is real and sees through what is unreal. It is the silent and ever-present guide home.  It knows clarity and enlightenment are never lost. It knows the essence of being cannot lose itself or be anything other than authentic. It is light, joy, freedom and all that direct experience reveals beyond words and associations. It only sees what it feels.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience." -Pierre Tielhard de Chardin


When all is said and done

As you become aware of thoughts, you grow aware of the colour the ego gives them. The awakened mind sees through the colour that takes form as beliefs and attitudes. Everything that moves through the mind may manifest through the body. Everything is a pointer.

Engage the intuition. Feel your way into what is reliable. You know how it feels to sense imbalance and to recognize decision-making time. How we deal with each other is what matters. Be at peace with yourself and in harmony with others. Whenever you want to, you can stop the universe and be still. What is real creates peace, stillness and happiness. Be aware of the reactions going on inside the mind. Notice what you know without thinking.

Ask how you can argue with love, harmony, peace? You cannot know them in your head, only through direct experience. When all is said and done, nothing remains. Nothing is always here and is often overlooked. Why? An underlying stream of thoughts adds colour.

Notice what you allow yourself to see. Notice where you get emotionally involved.  Notice where you observe and remain humble and silent.  Notice darkness and light and what it feels like as they merge.  Saying nothing, doing nothing, being nothing, simply be who you are. If ripples exist on the surface of the lake of your mind, you do not see the stars clearly.

"You know if its truth if it leads to peace and harmony and freedom, it leads to letting go, to enlightnement, to the highest happiness, you cna know it must be the truth."  -Buddha


Be realized

Every moment is a stage of a journey into a perpetual self-discovery. Notice whether you are true to what you feel in the heart. Notice how you view or filter the world through your beliefs and perceptions. This is what limits your awareness of reality.  Its not all that is.

When the inner judge is active, you resist listening to the heart.  Notice which emotions drive you.  Notice whether you believe you must do something to become better than you are.  This restless state of mind resists the obvious. The mind thinks everything you do is a necessary step toward achieving or earning self-acceptance. What if this is misguided?

As you accept who you are, whatever happens is the best case scenario. How does it feel to be authentic? Well, as you feel the way here, and all life choices are stepping stones.  Emotion no longer controls you.  Intuition is trusted inner guidance.  Suddenly, balance, wholeness, vitality, clarity, peace and contentment are here. The seeker is the finder here and now. 

If you ponder the path, yoga is empowering.  It is more than physical stretching and poses.  It is also a way of seeing the world through the clarity of a calm mind and lens of an open heart.  Through regular practice, yoga expands awareness of physical and psychological states.  This enables you to step back, observe your reactions and coping mechanisms.  As yoga practice becomes effortless, second nature, infinite being is reached.  You master self.

"Words fail to conveythe total value of yoga.  It has to be experienced."  -Prashant S. Iyengar

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..." - Marianne Williamson