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This Saturday, July 27, 2019



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“Listen to your inner voice.  Trust yoru intuition.  Its important to have courage to trust yourself."

-Dawn Ostroff




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Choose love over judgement

The feeling of being in harmony with our surroundings may seem harder when among people or living our day-to-day lives.  The peacefulness of a nature walk, soothing meditation or centred yoga practice may wear off. Is the mind quick to analyze, group, compare, and label everything?

Although the comparison game takes us out of the stream of well-being, comparing serves a useful purpose.  It helps us grow aware of our preferences.  They create new desires in us which fuel joy and excitement.  This kind of energy propels us forward to create new realities.

Contrasts are part of what makes earth what it is.  What is important is to be aware of how to be connected to Source and not controlled by negative emotions and judgements.  Its part of a process to come to recognize changes in the body and behaviour and coming to connect them to changing thoughts, beliefs and perception. 

Before making a choice, tune into the energy surrounding it. Ask whether the urge to change relationships, career, circumstances comes from the desire to escape or avoid something or to embrace something new. Then, allow seeing everything as energy.  Feel forcefully pushed or conditioned in a certain direction?, or maybe a gentle nudge like the wind on the back. As we choose love more consistently over fear, we are subtly shifting our energy vibration, perception and reality.  We are expanding into new potential.  Each of us decides what and how to see.


The proof is in the pudding

You may hear the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Yet, you only truly know the taste of anything as you put it on your own palatte.  Then, the body begins to recognize texture, sensations, and vibes on a deeper level. Each flavour is unique and bursting with a story.

In other words, to fully appreciate something, you have to experience it directly yourself.  You can assume you have the same taste preferences as someone else, but this is not the same as tickling your own tastebuds or savouring something again, as if for the first time. 

Notice how opinions are created based on heresay.  Notice the actual reasons you agree or disagree with someone.  So long as ego drives you, it has something to prove, so you speak up. From the moment you experience peace and contentment, questions are answered as they arise.  Peace is felt by everyone in your presence.  There is no need to say anything.

On another level, to fully appreciate this moment, you are invited to stop comparing it with memories of other experiences.  You are invited to stop judging and assuming history has to repeat.  As every moment feels new and fresh, you are allowing life and energy to flow freely without doubt or fear.  This allows feelings of joy, peace and freedom to reveal themselves.  Paths you think you have trodden, places you think you have been, never feel the same again.