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5 Tips to strengthen yourself

Regardless of what is arising or facing in your life at this stage, the moment is ripe to review and on these five tips to strengthen yourself:

1. Eat more alkaline foods

Benefits of eating more alkaline diet can include better heart health, stronger bones, decreased pain and the reversal of nutrient deficiencies. Foods highlighted as part of an alkaline diet include; whole fruits, legumes, vegetables, raw foods, green juices, beans, and nuts.

2. Take cold showers

Cold showers actually increase alertness, lucidity (clarity), refine hair and skin and also jumpstart the immune system and circulation. The cold water in a shower is even known to reduce stress and speed up recovery of sore muscles.  If your mood is a bit down or depression crosses your radar, the cold temp can help raise your spirits too. 

3. Hydrate more often

You need to be drinking half your body weight in pure water or healthy fluids every day and few people actually drink before they feel thirsty.  The latter indicates the onset of mild dehydration.  Anytime you feel stress arising, drink a glass of water to assist your body to recalibrate.

4.  Immerse in Nature

Getting back to Nature or spending time in natural environments is like getting in touch with yourself. Taking in the sounds and smells during a walk, hike or other nature adventure, allows you to relax, reflect, recalibrate, in ways you may not yet even realize.

5.  Listen to the heart (intuition/ Soul)

Listening to the heart is about knowing you always act (or not) for more than one reason. There is that which is conscious and that which is unconscious.  The ultimate purpose involves making the unconscious conscious and facing your shadows to accpt and integrate all of your fractured parts.  Listening to the heart is about feeling your way through life, taking action spotaneously and learning to trust yourself more.  The more your love yourself, the more you trust yourself for conditional love and trust are one in the same. 


View the world is a mirror

Watch what happens as you view the world in your scope as a mirror.  That is, every encounter and experience is reflecting the state of your relationship with yourself.  To encounter conflict, judgement, rejection or anything other than kindness and compassion is revealing you do not yet accept all of you.  Every experience is a sounding board. Notice whether you laugh out of a sense of discomfort or you feel joy and expansion about all that is unfolding.  Notice whether you are ready to see lessons you are creating for yourself. Whatever the setting, the key lesson is the same:  Love unconditionally


15 Universal Truths

Universal truths apply to everyone, everywhere. Personal truths are not the same thing. Reflect on these 15 points.  Feel revelations being triggered.  Watch your sense of self and the world shift as you integrate the implications.

1) Everything is energy flowing and changing form.

2) Nature is a mirror for divinity and interconnectivity of All. 

3) Home is a state of being in harmony with your highest Self (not a physical place). 

4) Everyone re-emerges into the fullness of who they are. When and how is a choice. You can call it ascension, instant alignment via physical death or other transitions to immortal being.

5) Self-acceptance is, whether this state feels like you or not.

6) Experience can only match the experiencer. We accept ourselves fully or not and project unique life experience based on to what degree we accept core wholeness and infinite capacities.

7) Nothing unexpected really exists, only levels of awareness and responsibility taken by the Source Creator.

8) You are forever expanding through thought and contrast

9) All beings are energy first, knowing peace and harmony in their hearts, experiencing oneness with all of life, fully respecting all people and the earth itself. Love and compassion flow in all communications with the real

10) Equality, justice and respect for all human beings reigning on earth is the true state —no more hunger, poverty or crime — abundance available to all

11) Fearlessness is the reality of complete trust in the Divine

12) Every heart is awake to the divine inter-dimensional being it truly is

13) From the moment one lives in complete harmony and moral integrity, free, instant manifestation and communication is available with beings from other dimensions, planets and galaxies and travel to distant parts of the universe and galaxies also happens with these beings 

14) Dreams of an ideal and peaceful world are actually both a distant memory of what humand beings once experienced on another timelines and an intuitive glimpse into what is now beginning to happen on Earth.

15) Every experience you have is part of a dream you create for soul growth



Lose yourself

As a child, you begin to build an identity based on what you are told about yourself.   As a teen and adult, this identity is reinforced unless you explore love and discover what it is beyond conditioning.  Stories and images begin to stir the imagination, to create expectations for and assumptions about love in relationships.  When you judge someone as lovable or loving, you create a sense of separation from love. The process invites you to lose yourself.

Everybody feels unconscious guilt or discomfort if he has not uncovered true nature. You come to sense you cannot forgive anything you think is real.  Anything you think is real temporarily seems to own or control you.  As you begin to forgive yourself, this slowly dissolves the guilt and what is unreal falls away.  Its not what you do outside in the external world, but what you do inside that matters. pay attention to your thoughts.

Anything that disturbs you is a call for love. Once you begin to trust that you are loved, you can transcend the world and see it as an illusion.  You loosen up that separation and feel interconnectedness or oneness more.  As you allow yourself to disappear in oneness, you realize there is no you because you are everyone.  Whatever you see is the Self in a different form.  When you lose yourself, you actually find yourself, that which you are seeking is here.

Eventually, you go back to the being you have always been.  The observer and the observed arise from observation. The third factor is the cohesive quality of pure love.

Unless you realize the essence of true unconditional love, whatever you do in life is not satisfying.  Notice you can fool a human being about love but you cannot fool an animal.  They are attuned to deeper sensing. Watch how they sniff you with more than the physical nose. They see through illusion and experience love through every cell of the body.

In essence, every question is a seeking of love. The reply is always the same. Ultimately people only wish to confirm 'all is okay.'  The need arises from something deeper than the words.  Whatever emotion you are feeling, all you want is peace, contentment or security. All of this is encompassed in love that is being here.  Lose yourself.  Embrace true nature.


Dare to dream

Unconditional love and support exist for every level and layer of the dream.  Be aware that the mind is dreaming based on how it comes to view the external world and attach to it, and there's also more. There's more than what you think you want and how you think you feel.

Imagine the sun is a cell where speeds faster what humans understand as the speed of light is transformed into something slower so that it can manifest as physical light.  Imagine physical rays of the sun code and decode images that take form as your reality.  Much like shutters on a camera, you selectively allow holograms into your own changing scope of awareness. In this way, the Earth acts as the platform or holodeck for the playing out of life.

As you stop trying to achieve, stop contemplating what is next for you in travel, work, relationships or other opportunities, you see every dream is realized with perfect timing.  To aspire to future goals is to take attention away from the present.  Watch what happens as mind is peaceful. Insight and wisdom arise.  Questions are answered before being asked.   Be nobody going nowhere. Be with yourself.  See things as they truly are without distortion.