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5 Steps to be happier more often 

Everyone seems to be looking for something. How to find whatever this is may be less obvious for you. Consider five points to be happier more often.  Enjoy a more enriching life:

1) Expect good things.

Some people say expect the unexpected and never be disappointed. This is true, but understanding the power of thought is also knowing your experience reflects what you expect. Imagine the best case scenario and focus on this vision, and this is more likely to become your reality.

2) Know how you feel is up to you.

Its very common to blame situations on others. Although you cannot always control what goes on around you, you are actually in charge of how you respond to everything you encounter. Take personal responsibility for how you feel and suddenly, you can be happy now. No more excuses.

3) Tune into the signals around you.

All the world is made of energy.  Each human being can feel the pulse of the Earth beneath bare feet and through every pore of the skin. Simply realize everything from change in body temperature, to goosebumps, emotions arising and mood swings, are all forms of non-verbal communication between nature and the illusion of separate self. You are always guiding yourself to the best choices for yourself. All you have to do is tune into your signs and signals and listen.

4) Accept all the universe is supporting you.

It may require a shift in your perspective, but assuming everything is always working out for the best is an empowering revelation. This enables you to see blessings in the apparent ups and downs of life and find you are able to laugh and smile, come what may. Life is more light-hearted.

5) Decide everything is possible.

Whatever your personal, professional or other conditions, deciding everything is possible empowers you to realize where the will exists, and a way can be found. You can discover ways to self-heal, launch a bumper business, find the financial means to realize a dream, plan or innovate approaches to whatever life presents. The world is your oyster. This reminds you thoughts shape your perception of priorities and experience. All you need is at your fingertips.


5 Ways to be more receptive to life

In a rapidly changing environment, there are things you can do to be more receptive to whatever unfolds in every area of your life.  Its easy.  Be open to these five points:

1) Trust in your capacity to adapt effectively to unknown 

2) Shift attention from the horizontal flow of recycled information (that has you think you are separate) to be aware of a vertical flow of new wisdoms / insights (feelings of oneness with all) 

3) Be willing to change your relationship with reality

4) Notice everything is a teacher (i.e., Nature, garden, children, strangers, all events).  As awareness grows, student -teacher roles are increasingly inter-changeable, and engage unseen energies more consciously to expand new ways of seeing.

5) Recognize letting go of old beliefs allows wider evolution, DNA repatterning, the chance for each person to be more transparent; uninhibited and free to interact directly with the Light of a New Consciousness. (i.e. be your own authority)


Envision the perfect life

Watch what happens as you envision the perfect life. Imagine nothing about you or conditions requires fixing or improving, that you are always making the best of where you are.  Be aware of how you feel when you are convinced everything is unfolding perfectly, that everyone you meet is a messenger from the soul.  Realize perception of worlds begins and ends in you. All experience is an extension of how you feel. Let go of a need to control. Take note of of how is your life blossoming now.


Feel the point of it all

A common question asked is, 'what's the point of it all-- simple life experiences, the suffering, and emotional highs and lows?'

Consider the possibility that the meaning of life, the point of any given experience, is whatever you make of it, no-thing but what you decide. That implies responsibility.  What if you could feel your way to love or a message about it, wherever you are?  

Cease to believe in something and the image or memory vanishes. Your surroundings themselves materialize and change or disappear based on thought- feeling energy.  All you encounter is a different version of you requesting love and acceptance.  You are a cosmic chamaeleon. See it all as it is.


5 Ways to savour life more

Imagine how your life feels as you discover ways to savour life more.  You have more energy, enthusiasm and zest for all you are engaged in. You enjoy being wherever you are and it shows.

1) Appreciate something in everyone.  Notice everyone is a teacher inviting you to see deeper into your true self.  Every encounter is divinely orchestrated with a divine purpose. 

2) Recognize you are the source of your own sunshine.  Some people allow changing external weather to affect their moods and outlook on life.  Tune into the source of light within and joy is ever-present. You either stand in the way of the light or get out of your own way.

3) View everything as a stepping stone.  From the moment you can appreciate everything is guiding you to revelations, you value impermanence and the experience of detachment.

4) See everything as an expression of love or a call for love.  Every gesture and event that crosses your radar screen is a test to for you to recognize the message of love you are sending yourself. Discover no-body actually exists only love speaking to and seeking itself.

5) Accept you are a master illustionist.  Everything you create on this holodeck of life is conjured up through the power of your cosmic imagination.  Be in awe of the universe.  The power of thought creates all you perceive and what you overlook cannot be described in words.