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5 Tips to Be in the Flow of the universe

Many people ask, "how do I manifest what I want?" This is a self-interested (ego-driven) approach to life. To shift focus and live a soul-centered (heartfelt) life allows you to be in the flow of the universe. This is where magic happens without effort. To know more joy:

1) step back and see the world from a heart-centered place

2) Focus your thoughts on that which “feels” good, and also serves the greater good (things that inspire you and others).

3) Live with love and appreciation in your heart. Recognize everything is interconnected.  So, holding a loving intention sends love vibration into the whole world.

4) Surrender to something greater than your self. Know you are not consciously in control of everything but you do control how you feel and respond to everything that unfolds.

5) Follow the trail of synchronicities. The more synchronicity you notice, the more confirmation you give yourself that you are indeed in the perfect place, doing the perfect thing.


Savour where you are

Notice it is always possible to appreciate something about where you are.  Its common to focus on the direction you are headed, on particlar goals, unfolding projects or aspirations, but its less common to see blessings here and now.  If something is out of balance, it is an opportunity ot bring it into balance again.  And yet, during that journey of returning to balance, is an invite to recognize joy can be felt all along the learning curve.  Be aware additonal ways of seeing each situation always exist.  You have the power to shift your perception and experience.


Pinpoint the hidden key

Every moment, you have your finger on the hidden key to your own transformation.  You can only ever reveal this to yourself.  Be aware of a feeling of avoidance. Recognize when you feel sensitive. Every feeling is a pointer, a guide to true nature.

As you cease to take things personally,  a new kind of seeing starts to emerge.  What you see is what you are.  Who or what is hiding?  Go deeper.  Discover who is here when your individualized personality and perceived issues are not.  When will what matters most to others matter the most to you?

Consider the possibility you do not experience different personalities, but different bodies in different lifetimes which experience the same universal lessons. You cannot escape looking deeply into yourself forever. Illusions are dissolving.  Celebrate the journey to love deeper than ever before.  Appreciate everyone you meet.  Each one is a version of you bringing you closer to the heart.  Every moment and breath is an expression of love.  Love yourself in response to all you feel.


Step back for a new view

Whatever the situation unfolding in your midst, as you step back, you see things from new vantage points.  You can appreciate them from a non-emotional angle.  Recognize that you are conditioned to overlook the deeper message, to misconstrue messages you convey to yourself.  The ego mind sees through its filters and the heart feels its way to the silent truth.  Its all here.  Notice taking a breath is like creating distance between you and situations initially obscured.  Creating physical space between yourself and a situation is another alternative. Immersing in nature brings you face to face with what you already know and feel in the heart.  Do what works.


5 Ways to savour life more

Imagine how your life feels as you discover ways to savour life more.  You have more energy, enthusiasm and zest for all you are engaged in. You enjoy being wherever you are and it shows.

1) Appreciate something in everyone.  Notice everyone is a teacher inviting you to see deeper into your true self.  Every encounter is divinely orchestrated with a divine purpose. 

2) Recognize you are the source of your own sunshine.  Some people allow changing external weather to affect their moods and outlook on life.  Tune into the source of light within and joy is ever-present. You either stand in the way of the light or get out of your own way.

3) View everything as a stepping stone.  From the moment you can appreciate everything is guiding you to revelations, you value impermanence and the experience of detachment.

4) See everything as an expression of love or a call for love.  Every gesture and event that crosses your radar screen is a test to for you to recognize the message of love you are sending yourself. Discover no-body actually exists only love speaking to and seeking itself.

5) Accept you are a master illustionist.  Everything you create on this holodeck of life is conjured up through the power of your cosmic imagination.  Be in awe of the universe.  The power of thought creates all you perceive and what you overlook cannot be described in words.