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3 Tips to take life as it comes

Life is uncertain, no matter how much planning you think you can do.  Unexpected happenings, people acting out of what you think is normal character, may seem to be in your face more and more often. Maybe your phone stops working, some other technology breaks down, you are unable to receive or respond to messages, or lights go on and off mysteriously in your presence.  

Upon closer look, mere coincidence is changng to increasing glimpses of ever-present synchronicities. In light of such strange or unusual occurrences, you may ask who is really in control here and what  is the message you are giving yourself? Take these three tips to accept life as it comes;

1) Remember permanence is illusion. 

Humans are taught to create a  sense of lasting security and stability when all that is predictable is change.

2) Laugh more often to keep your sanity

Every laugh is a mystery bubbling to the surface to reveal itself in decipherable terms. When you can see things from a more objective or removed vantage point, everything looks different than when taking things personally. Notice a shift in or new sense of normal.  Every unfolding, every encounter is a pointer to you, the source creating every situation as a springboard to expand into more.

3) Focus on what you are gaining, what is working or being revealed.

 Humans are conditioned to focus on what they seem to be losing or not getting and focret point of attention detemines perception and experience. The same energy can be felt as disappointment/fear or reason for excitement.


Listen to the heart

Every moment of every day, many choices present to you. Notice which ones capture your attention and which ones you ignore. You encounter different teachers at different life stages too. Whenever you are ready a new one appears. 

Family and friends offer their perspective on your life based on how they see you. An intuitive coach acts as a more objective soundboard to allow you to recognize more clearly how you see yourself and helps you rediscover the real you.  Imagine an insightful observer using a toolkit of skills and experiences to assist you on your path. Does it resonate?

To listen to the heart is to make choices based on love that allow you to grow, to gain new insight into your life, to tune into what feels right, empowers you to see the world anew.

To live based on the logic of the mind is to second guess or doubt yourself, to act based on emotion or judgement, to procrastinate or belittle what your heart feels is important.

Every moment, you can choose to take steps to expand consciousness.  Simply be willing to review the nature of your perception and perceived life conditions.  Find the courage to review why you think, feel and believe all you do.  When you are ready to experience life on a whole new level, contact us. Collaboration, commitment and curiosity to propel growth.


Shift into a new version of you

People only wake up, make changes, new commitments in their lives and expand on their sense of reality when ready. Are you ready, willing to shift into a new version of you?

You can witness what is happening on different levels around you, hold humanity in the heart without violating individual growth processes. What you see is always pointing to messages about yourself, that is, lessons you make available, new opportunities for taking responsibility and taking your life in new directions. Everything is guiding you to new ways of seeing how you currently exist and can live if open and receptive. It simply requires genuine honesty.

Different tools and teachers appear in awareness with perfect timing. When ready to explore how you create beliefs that affect your life experience, you can develop certain grounding and emotional capacity to help you truly appreciate new kinds of experience you are forging for yourself.

Contact us to expand into deeper insights and understandings of what the world has to offer you.


Unleash infinite being

Notice everything in society teaches us and speaks to us about what we are not.  Nothing talks with humans about their infinite being and how to unleash and nurture it.

At birth, each human is born with the same energetics and potential to unleash infinite being. Yet, how many actually do? And how many people spend much of their lives telling themselves what they do not like, what they would rather be doing, why they do not act differently, as of right now? 

Humans are never stuck as they are taught to think and assume.  Our choices define, confine us and can expand into new realities.  We are the gift we gift ourselves. What are you doing with the gift? You are the determining factor in your life experience.  Where you go from here and when is up to you.

Intersted in this topic? Listen to our archived Insight Radio Show with co-host Dr. Steven Hairfield (The American Monk) from July 8, 2015. Click on hyperlink on sidebar.


Who needs self-awareness?

A common question is 'who needs self-awareness?' And another question is 'can self-awareness even be taught?'

The funny thing is, only awareness that something is good for you really prompts you to do it and you require a certain level of awarness to know it.  Humor is always indispensable, expecially when you realize certain thing you can only ever figure out for yourself or allow to happen naturally.

Being here implies being on a path of expanding awareness. This is the only reason energy like this enters your scope. After all, you co-create everything you encounter for soul lessons and do not see anything you are not ready for.

One big revelation is that sacred geometry is a language of mathematics and sound (vibration).  Exposing yourself to such imagery opens your intuitive awareness.  It also expands understanding of timeless insights about energy.