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12 Tips to energize & create a new world for yourself 

This is the perfect moment to review where you are, feel what it is to energize and create a new world for yourself.  Here are twelve tips;

You are energized when:

1. you interact with people who remind you of who you are (unlimited)

2. you recognize you exist to generate energy and create a new world

3. you realize love is not about possession but about giving/ inspiring

4. you question your true origins and fearlessly explore the unknown

5. you trust intuition to guide you to precisely what you need

6. you read books, are open to learning from yourself and also others

7. you are increasingly open-minded

8. you recognize constriction in your body that you can release

9. you grow aware of unconscious responses and move beyond them

10. you are worthy to live the life you have alway dreamed

11. you accept the 'what' always comes before the 'how'

12. your world is as healthy as the food you put into your body (*the most high vibrational food is raw, organic plant-based sustenance)



Release pure brilliance

Notice you exist to radiate light, to release pure brilliance, to ignite creative force.  Everyone has innate gifts to share.

From the moment you recognize you are conditioned to perpetuate illusions of limitation, identity loses importance.  Let go of labels and all that you think defines you and absolute genius reveals itself. The truth is ever-present.

Allow yourself to expand on what you think you are. Pay attention to your feelings.  Let the soul be your pilot. Logic has no place here.   The more you trust, the more direct experience gives you reason to trust more fearlessly.


This moment is always fresh

Regardless of what appears to you to be happening, how you view this moment is always fresh.  You choose how to view unfolding events in your life.  You are the judge and jury, the observer and silence. It is always possible to step back, view things from another angle or turn the page.  See what is beyond apparent roadblocks.  Be aware of what you are not seeing, why you resist.

This moment, you are given the chance to make something of yourself or nothing.  Be bold.  Envision what would take your human experience beyond imagined limits.  Fearless living takes being human to a new level.  This life is about removing all that prevents you from seeing you already soar.  God gives you the gift of life.  What you do with this life is your gift to him and you.