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Dr. Liara Covert

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Coach, Breathwork Psychotherapist


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In every moment, the Universe is whispering to you.  You're constantly surrounded  by signs, concidences, synchronicities, all aimed at propelling you in the direction of your destiny. - Denise Linn 


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5 Tips to Honor yourself

Honoring yourself is about paying attention and listening to yourself.  Whatever arises in response to your experiences, which can include no response at all, shows exactly where love can be sent. Ponder these 5 tips to honour yourself:

1. Locate feedback in your body

Whether you feel intimidated, like a failure, powerless, discouraged, or still wanting things to go a different way, each feeling invites you to zero in on feedback in your body, and get-to-know yourself better.  This is an opportunity to intuit deeply into your own messages, to thine own self be true.  Be empowered.  Remind yourself who is the master of your body.

2. Acknowledge your feelings

It is not necessary to know what to do or how to respond to your feelings.  Yet, it is poignant to be aware as they arise or as soon after as possible.  Watch judgements you have in relation to struggles you face.

3. Surrender

This is about relinquishing each conflict, burden and hardship in a way that allows spaciousness, relaxation and relief to take over.   Each confession you make to yourself unleashes divine grace that allows the universe to flow through you more effortlessly. 

4.  Let go of regret

You might gasp and say, "if only I had kept my mouth shut" or, "keeping that secret would have made life easier", or, "Why did I leave myself so open?"  Although you may not get the ego's desired result, every apparent ending or closing life chapter always gets the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

5. Make peace with loose ends

Every effort you exert is an unconscious attempt to avoid pain, despair and suffering.  In the emerging paradigm, it is imperative to make peace with emotions so you are no longer caught in a cycle of seeking out one feeling and avoiding others.  This is part of awakening out of polarity so you are no longer at the mercy of highs and lows of life. Excitng gains do not have to be followed by undesirable losses. Everything shifts as you are receptive to a new way of being.


3 Tips to Let your Spirit Rise

Everything about existence invites you to let your spirit rise.   In other words, you are getting a better sense of what it is to recognize what it is to be human and what it feels like to be truly alive. Reflect on three tips to live a more heartfelt life:

1) Love everything. See everything is a call for love.

2) Forgive everyone.  Humans know not what they do. 

3) Laugh more often. Feel an amazing lightness of being.


It all comes down to this

It is very simple to understand the human and its ego. Yet, one cannot understand the being.  The journey of the human+being is to begin to see the nature of each part and bring them together or begin to recognize how they are inter-connected.

The human ego thinks it is a separate individual. The human exists in perceived time and space that it imagines is filled with objects, concepts and references. Each human creates his own life, reality and sense of things, his own thinking. The individual thinks it has free will and is unaware of how he thinks things into being.  By watching the human, you get acquainted with the being.

The being resides in the changeless now.  The nature of this now is love.  This is the changeless moment where there is no memory such as the moment of giving birth. There is no ego in this kind of love. The very awareness of such love is being.  Now contains the present moment. The present contains your past and future.  Love and freedom are natural expressions of being in the unchanging now which is eternal. Being is the only reality.  Divine will is the only will.  You arise from and dissolve into the divine. Everything you do, you do it for feelings you imagine having.


Beyond the land of expectations

Expectations is the place you go before you get to where you are going.  Some people get lost on route to the land of expectations.  Other people arrive there but never leave or get beyond it. When you are not paying attention, notice you develop attachments and focus on where you could be going, what you are becoming. If you focus on this, you forget rare and seldom heard noises and awareness of what is missed.  If attachment did not exist, there would be no becoming and you would never be in the land of expectations.  See where you get by not thinking. Discover you only think your way out.  Explore all that nature is providing.  Without it, nothing happens. 

"It is simple. We are where we should be, doing what we should be doing. Otherwise we would be somewhere else, doing something else."  -Richard Stine


This moment is always fresh

Regardless of what appears to you to be happening, how you view this moment is always fresh.  You choose how to view unfolding events in your life.  You are the judge and jury, the observer and silence. It is always possible to step back, view things from another angle or turn the page.  See what is beyond apparent roadblocks.  Be aware of what you are not seeing, why you resist.

This moment, you are given the chance to make something of yourself or nothing.  Be bold.  Envision what would take your human experience beyond imagined limits.  Fearless living takes being human to a new level.  This life is about removing all that prevents you from seeing you already soar.  God gives you the gift of life.  What you do with this life is your gift to him and you.