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Soulful Expansion

Notice what happens as you reach a crossroads or cross a threshold of experience in your life.  A light switches on. One can be guided to live more authentically, by friends, coaches and/or mentors, to be more true to oneself. Yet each direct experience is your choice. Each option to expand perception, to stretch yourself to commit to living more fully, is up to you.

Imagine you are given new freedom to present yourself and share insights and capacities with the world based on how you feel divinely guided. What are you ready to do? What do you consciously create? Which visions are now unfolding?

We are excited to share we are joining the team as a regular contributor to Soul2Soul Radio.  Tune in to the weekly program for regular uplifting insights from all contributors. 


3 Tips to experience more freedom

Many people say they would like to experience more freedom. It is useful to ask yourself what you mean by freedom, and from what or whom are you seeking it?

You might reply from certain people, conditions or society. You may change relationships or conditions and temporarily feel liberated  Yet, notice what happens as you recognize you can only give or deny freedom to yourself. Here are 3 tips:

1. Recognize freedom begins and ends in the mind.

Thoughts are energy and this power is often underestimated. You can convince yourself you are constrained or held in some situation by circumstances beyond your control.  Yet ultimately, you are the generator, organizer and dispenser of your thoughts. Your thoughts project your experience.  You decide what matters. As a human being, you are free to choose how to think, free to respond to your own thoughts.  The freedom you have is free will.

2. Reflect on what food and drink tells you about freedom

To see and feel that everything is interconnected (as it is), is to recognize what you eat and drink sends a message about the freedom you are ready and willing to allow yourself.  Universal law says you receive and experience what you give. To choose to eat meat, eggs, dairy, or any animal products, it is like denying other living beings the happiness and freedom you think you want. This idea goes back thousands of years to the timeless wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. Yogis are often vegan or subsist on air energy (prana) alone. We each weave our own tangled web of karma until we are conscious and transcend it.  Our perceived reality is being created from our own actions.

3. Be more aware of how you feel 

When you agree with what life is showing you, you are in harmony with yourself.  When you disagree with what life is showing you, you are in disharmony with yourself. You attune to and respond to what feels natural or to choose instead to tune out or be selectively aware. This is part of your freedom.


Allow optimal health 

In the deepest core of ourselves, illness or any sense of life imbalance offends what we are.  Perceived illness and imbalance are experienced when we deny core well-being, deny perfect health is our true reality, deny responsibility for situations we are in.  To resist lessons being offered is to resist we create and respond to situations for our own growth.

Denial is resistance. It limits freedom.  The thing that core being or inner intelligence does not tolerate is loss of freedom.  From the moment you are self-limiting, you hold yourself back from being the best you can be.

Notice the heart expands into joy and love.  Allow yourself to express these things and you feel good, align with core well-being, see things as they are.  You cannot help but feel content wherever you are and people around you feel the good vibrations. Allowing optimal health and balance into your life is a choice. You allow whatever you believe and feel to manifest.


3 Ways to know truth for yourself 

Everything in life is a pointer that invites you to experience greater clarity. Imagine you are a mirror and choose to polish it. Ask yourself what it is to feel liberated. This is grasped in relation to its opposite. You measure heartfelt wisdom through direct experience.  Explore how it feels.

1) Let go of your reasons.  You are your own judge and jury.  Life gives you all the evidence to confirm what you value.  Be aware of how you navigate through life.  What represents your compass and reference points? Let them go. The helm of the ship knows how to steer itself.

2) Allow the Self to disappear. Be aware of what you cling to and how you create stepping stones or maps to follow in life.  Ponder the possibility that you do things for no reason.  Only the truth knows why things happen.  The mind can only imagine ideas of the truth.  You cannot change something using the same level of consciousness that creates it. Something sees beyond.

3) Say nothing.  See everything.  Nature is an infinite spectrum of miracles.  You are a telescope.  What you see is limited by filters. See them as they are and they dissolve instantly. 


Rediscover true nature & freedom

Many people experience what they feel is significant personal loss and instinctively begin to search for spiritual comfort and understanding. Finding meaning in suffering and change is part of the spiritual journey. As you are no longer controlled by thoughts and emotions, you no longer identify with them. This brings release. As you begin to see through illusion, let go of what is not real, true spiritual nature reveals itself. Be willing to die inside to feel reborn. Each time you let go of an ego delusion, an initially obscured spiritual quality or ability, arises into conscious awareness. Rediscover true nature and freedom. It is only ever a breath away.