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In order to re-invent ourselves in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever had about Who We Are, we have to collectively produce circumstances allowing (or requiring) us to do so. 

-Neale Donald Walsch

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10 Ways to redefine success

Something tells you it is the moment to review and refine your version of success.  This term has different meanings to different people. Ever ask yourself why this topic comes to your attention right now?  Maybe you are in transition, reflecting on the nature of your accomplishments, feel restless about professional progress or unsure of your current longer term direction.  Whatever it is, the moment is right to devote some time to what success means to you.  Observe how your own version of success is changing with you. 

1. Is success about meeting a deadline?

2. Is success about goal-setting, planning, and working toward short-term goals? 

3. Is success about giving yourself  the freedom to to help others reach their version of success?

4. Is success a moving target, always reched for but rarely if ever achieved?

5. Is success about shadowing mentors/ inspirations or drawing their qualities out of yourself?

6.  Is success a state of mind that you nurture or train inside to carry with you?

7.  Is success finding ways to be happy where you are, to love something about what you do?

8. Is success about soul-searching? Finding that perfect relationship  or situation?

9. Is success some combination of the above?

10. Is success something else? 

"My definition of success is fulfillment of your soul's purpose." -Jack Canfield


What I want is what you want

Notice what I want is what you want and I cannot specify what you want. 

When you do not know what you want, you may not have thought about it, or so many choices arise, you cannot choose.  A naive view is a desire to control everything, some kind of technological omnipotence or power where the"I" (ego) is in charge.  Craving is the source of suffering and exists due to ignorance. All disappointments are the result of frustrated desire and believing in the illusion and constraints of time.

When you reach the state of not wanting, not seeking, this is desirelessness. You have to let go and let it happen.  Its not about arriving anywhere, not about a journey or being results-oriented at all.  To be in complete control is not something any sensible person wants. Every moment, the universe is simply reacting to your perceived problems until you see they are imaginary.  See if you can calm desire and be a master of life.  When you get control of everything , what would you do with it? Turn off pain, foretell the future, read your thoughts, be above ordinary human frailty. Go beyond all pleasures at your command.

Why don't you know what you want? 

a) You have it

b) You do not know yourself because you never can. The Godhead is not an object of its own knowledge.

I do not know is the same as humility, and unconditional love. If you know you do not understand. When you cease to cling to yourself, you access infinite power.  It is common to waste energy trying to force things. The moment you stop, that wasted energy is available.  When you stop defending yourself, you are letting go of energy you suppress, allowing it to flow.

 What is helping you ?

1) Courage to see beyond fear

2) The fact that everything is in decay, dissolving, process of constant death is helping you because you do not have to let go.  Nothing exists to hold.

3) The power that comes to you does when you do not reach out for it.  It arises when you can be trusted fully with power (and do no harm) 


The real power of choices

How many times in life do you tell yourself to behave in a certain way with the thought this will bring you a certain outcome?  The linear way of seeing is conditioned and a common assumption.

The ego will have you believe your behaviour determines a certain outcome, even when the unfolding is meant to be regardless of your behavior.  Perception alters experience.

Get this: the terms and conditions of your experience are pre-determined before your incarnation. Yet, you can make choices to change how you see, feel, live the quality of each moment.

Brace yourself: your choices do not make things happen.  Your choices determine the quality of the experience you are living out.  You are only talking to a  screen, versions of yourself.

Ultimately, every experience you have is an invitation to recognize the heart is always open.  Love flows freely unless you get in the way.  As adversity arises and you get emotional, ego is dissolving from your field, and you are being more authentic and deserve more love. Every experience invites you to be loving and to appreciate yourself more.  

Thus, unexpected change has the power to inspire your deepest growth.  When your focus and attention are not on loving yourself more then you unconsciously and energetically create relationships and conditions that invite you to do this.


Embrace self-reliance

Notice the world around you is giving you signs that all you have come to rely on outside yourself is unreliable. Patterns in the weather, in economies, in geology, in human behaviour, no longer exist as you once thought. In fact, all you are taught to believe is systematically revealing its not what it seems.  

How you delegate authority, how you earn and where you spend money, is changing based on changing values and priorities.  One perspective is that people are growing more conscious of how they give their power away and how this can be reclaimed.  A shift in awareness or consciousness is triggering other shifts.

Amidst all the curve balls that you do not control, you have the choice to love and accept all that is happening or to resist, disagree and be in conflict with it.  You have the choice to notice the sources of your food, the choice to be more self-sufficient and healthier.  You have the choice of where to live, how to live, and how to spend your time.  Recognize what you have done to this point matters less that what you do right now. Be willing to recognize what does not resonate or feel right.  Let go of attachments.  It is always possible to find the silver lining



The Power of Words

Notice the power of words.  They point to that which cannot be named.  Be aware of the nature of the words you use and the emotions behind them.  Taking resposibility for life is easier and more straightforward than the mind would have you believe.  The words cannot be you because you exist to give them life, perceive and hear them.

Consider that as you grow aware of your choices of words and the intentions behind them, you have the power to stop using words that do not serve the highest being.  Be mindful.  Listen to your words.  What do they reveal? Watch what happens as you stop using words outgrown.  Your external world transforms.  What do you choose to see?  

Are your words empowering or disempowering? What do they say about optimism or pessimism? Is it your tendency to use the present tense or do use more past and future tenses? Which words reveal who you truly are and which words reinforce what you are not? Notice how your words influence the word choices and life perspective of others.  You are powerful beyond measure.  Every word you utter is a silent pointer.

Join us on Aware Talk Radio with Steven L. Hairfield (The American Monk) and Jeoff Hutcherson on Wed Nov 2 (or Thurs Nov 3 depending on your time-zone) when we explore this subject.  You can also listen to show archives.

"Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill." - Buddha

"Prayers and mantras show us how to express thoughts which are most noble, which are completely beneficial, pure, and good... these activities sow the seeds for good and right things in our mind which will become the basis for the expression of what will benefit ourselves and others." -Thrangu Rinpoche