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Tune into a deeper purpose

Many people are conditioned to create a vision for a happy life and set out to realize it. Such a vision tends to include a profession and situation imagined to be fulfilling.  And yet, as life challenges arise, shake us up, our experience deepens, and curiosity arises.  People can go through whatever formalities are deemed necessary in life, but these never interfere with what is most important. When ready, we choose to go beyond the familliar to uncover something more.

As we realize we create our lives, it dawns that we also have the power to change how we create and what we see. It also grows clearer that some people create a bigger illusion of importance for themselves than others. Adopted filters block seeing more clearly. To allow ourselves to develop is to grow conscious of our capacity to look at things differently.  When ready, it dawns that laying a foundation for a whole new life is unrelated to conditioned ideas of who we are.

We exist for those for whom we exist.  Every encounter we create to help us recognize perception, explore new connections and opportunities for growth.  To perceive what is really going on in our lives and the Universe, one need only look into one's self without filters.  Everything we devise arises so we get-to-know thoughts, feelings, emotions and aspects of Self often missed.  Everything we uncover depends on the purity of our thoughts and the motive for asking.  All experience invites us to tap into more confidence so we do what feels right even if it scares us.

In Harry Potter: The Philosopher's Stone, some characters say "there is no such thing as magic."  Those that experience a different reality hold a different view on magic and what is possible. The wizard Dumbledore says, "The time comes Harry when we must choose between what is right and what is easy."


Three views of Life

Our view on a given situation depends on our magnification, that is, our relative physical, mental emotional closeness to or distance from it. What may be viewed as a conflict or issue close-up may seem like part of a larger harmonious system from a wider vantage point.  Where one person sees a source of tension, another sees as a passing wave in the vast ocean of order. All views are equally correct as they are simply different points of view. How we experience life varies based on our level of consciousness.  Let's reflect on three views on life;

1. As Completely Random

We can look at life from an extremely passive perspective: assuming our existence is a bit precarious, that we have little or no control over things, not over how we came to be born, or who our parents and social conditions are or how we make our way through existence.  Some people view themselves as a pure accident, that everything is a random occurrence, from how the Earth and life came to be to more complex interactions.  What if things that happen inside or external to our bodies, felt like they do not belong or do not even feel connected to other happenings? Does life sometimes feel like it is a thing that happens to you?

2. As Controlled by External Authority

Another view on life is everything that occurs unfolds under the authority of a higher force beyond our control that we somehow feel obliged to obey.  From this view, we are at the mercy of the world around us, still, to a degree helpless, yet having a slight influence on the direction of our lives, provided we follow the rules which have been laid out for us. Sometimes we may push the envelope or bend the rules. As confidence grows, we may also rediscover a journey to reclaim personal power. Our sense of identity, success and self-worth may all seem to be wrapped up in the results of our actions.

3. As Energy

To see that everything is a play of energy pulsing on and off in space, changes how we perceive and interact with what occurs. If energy is us, flows within, through and beyond us, and we decide how to respond to everything, then personal responsibility takes on new signficance. We move through perceptions of order and disorder, love and fear, pleasure and pain like waves, with opportunity toa gain insight. As we realize this, we no longer panic about whatever is arising. From this view, at every moment, everyone has access to the same patterns of energy.  We each have unique filters, conditionings and ways of experiencing.  The moment we see space is connective, we begin to understand that we are not exclusively a body or what creates our adopted identity.  The stream of a candle is a stream of hot gas just like each human is a complex flow of energy that is whirling and dancing through space. What happens as fear ceases to control our life choices? We may fear on the surface of getting burnt by fire, getting sick, losing a relationship, your job, a contract or something else we currently hold dear.  Yet, we can come to see a continuity of energy flow, the rhythm of comings and goings. 

Ultimately, the perspective we take on life and a given situation, is based on our self- and wider insight into consciousness. Being in control and being ourselves cannot be understood without recognizing something out of control and what it is to not be ourselves.  Yet, our attention is captured by what is moving in the foreground rather than what is in the background and relatively still. We actually notice far more detail. Our views on ourselves, and life and our conditions, are limited to what we are taught is important. We pay attention only to what our values define as our priorities.  As our perception expands, what we notice changes. How we spend time also changes. 


Shift toward greater integrity

Sometimes we get the feeling we are getting ahead of ourselves or, are not quite caught up with where we think we are meant to be.  Reflect on examples where you feel in between places or conditions.  These are signs of ongoing shifts toward greater authenticity.  Notice where the universe is echoing this message back:

  • Ever ask someone to assist with a project and that person responds after the job is already done?
  • Ever get asked to provide a service in a geographic area after you have moved to another location?
  • Ever feel like you are evolving at a different pace than your partner or entourage?
  • Ever witness individuals you know not behaving in their integrity and feel awkward or restless about it?
  • Ever see an honesty box by a roadside fruit stand and read a sign that some people take without paying, but feel compelled to pay?
  • Ever intuitively pay the toll for the car behind or feel drawn to show compassion in new ways

Now is the reflect on deeper sources of discomfort.  What messages is the Soul really offering? 


8 ways time teaches you about you

Your relationship to time says a lot about your relationship with yourself. You can learn a lot about your personality, state of mind and level of consciousness based on how you view and relate to time.  If you are asked what time is, notice which (or how many) of the following feel right or compatible with how you view the world:

1.  Time is a means of enslavement

Notice whether you use time unconsciously, as when your attitude resents deadlines or calendar events.  Observe how you feel, whether your muscles contract or get anxious about constraints.  This view evokes feelings of stress, limitation, resistance, discomfort, and punctuality issues. Being late is like sending the message, "I don't care", "It doesn't matter" or "F*ck you." Identify specific emotion(s) driving you along and follow them to the Source.

2. Time is a device of convenience

Notice whether you use time consciously as a tool to rendez-vous with people in specific places, longitudes, latitudes or when the Sun is at a certain point in the sky.  Meet a friend for a hot drink or a lover for dinner. How else in the physical, linear world can you be sure to be in the same point at the same time? This view sees time as a device, like an invisible thread to bring people together in the same perceived conditions.  

3. Time is a luxury

Notice whether time is something you feel you lack, do not have or choose to deny yourself.  Pinpoint whether its something you think you must earn or bend over backwards to get, strain or struggle to obtain. This view sees time as like a carrot at the end of a fishing line you always seem to be chasing. Yet, what is luxury? It is increasingly defined by how people view and  spend time. In a busy and intrusive world, people increasingly value time for enjoying intimate moments and extraordinary or unique experiences.

4. Time is therapy

Notice how much time you give yourself reveals how much love, joy self-care you give yourself.  In another way, what you are aware of in time is all that exists for you and offers a lesson in the psychotherapy of appreciation.  The more you observe and appreciate yourself, the more your senseory perception expand s and the more of your surroundings opens itself up to you.  If you are not in the forest when a tree is cut, you do not hear it fall.  If you are unaware of your needs, you cannot satisfy them in-time.

5. Time is a pointer to the totality

Being here involves intention to know life in all dimensions. Let us say we turn down voltage to lights. You cannot see verything clearly in your midst. Imagine that your mind-body is operating at a limited voltage until you discover you hold back and then turn up the life voltage within you.  Awakening and Mastering Time to time turns up your voltage which enables you to handle whatever happens.  Inside you are fully charged.  Life within you is like an explosion.  Exercising control on the outside can lead you to constraint the energy flow on the inside. As you allow energy to flow freely inside, surrender to yourself, and properly control the outside.  The body, mind can then be used to the full extent.  Things you never thought you were capable of you begin doing simply because you begin to see yourself as a battery with voltage fully charged.


6. Time is a portal

In Science fiction books and films, time portals are often used to take a group of people or a single person back in time. Popular time travel destinations often involve traveling back to the era of the dinosaurs. In some films time portals can also be set as a hazard, for instance, they can begin to go haywire which makes them accidentally transport you where you do not wish to go. Back to the future or back to the past is a choice you can easily change with awareness.

7. Time is the key to endless possibilities

From the moment you see time as branching timelines and dimensions, excitement grows as you create pitstops as you hitchhike through universes.  You shift gears, travel differently, discover astral and lucid dreaming, the insights to travel through the chakras and other systems.

8. Time is an imaginary concept 

Notice time is an imaginary concept that exists in the mind.  You give it life and meaning by focusing attention on it. Time play with in movies and books. We need not travel by Flu powder like Harry Potter and friends who call out the name os a place, disparate and apparate  To be mindful of your past, is to be open to lessons. Yet, do not focus here, or it will trap you.  To be mindful of your future, is to know your vision of future shapes your future. But do not linger too long, or it will distract you.  Choosing to stay present is to marvel at simple wonders of this moment and be infinitely grateful all-the-time.


4 Tips to move beyond limitation

Its common to question the meaning of obstacles that present one after the other and may feel overwhelming. Where do they come from?

Obstacles are simply self-created limitations or challenges that you create for yourself to stretch into and engage more of your capacities so you grow.  Consider 4 tips to reframe and move beyond limitation:

1. Shift from the ego to soul perspective

Whatever your situation, ego judges everything through filters of fear.  It sees problems and worries, and works toward a light at the end of the tunnel. Your psychological drama is mistaken for life.  Soul recognizes the old must fall away to make room for the new. Soul sees no tunnel.  If relationships fall apart, if you lose your job or if some environmental storm damages your property, Soul sees all of it as more of what you outgrow dissolving to reveal what you are not yet seeing clearly.  Being able to see everything as it is and accept it as it is, is about accepting positive and negative views on everything. Its about creating detachment or distance from every event.

2.  See beyond linear time

A key hindrance lies in our idea of, and addiction to time, in our habit of anticipating a future in light of the past. If you focus on history and assume it must repeat, then your life process cannot grow.  Every moment can feel fresh and new and be felt as a tremendous possibility.  Today, what you are is not the point.  Seeing beyond linear time is creating this moment as a privilege. You are worthy of being given a choice about how you live.  Exercise the privilege consciously. 

3. Stop talking about more than one version of you

Some voice within you echoes you could do better, be better or find a situation better suited to you.  There cannot be two selves in one body.  That is to say, there is no better or worse you, no more or less talented you. All kinds of states of mind and dreams present and you choose which to identify with.  How you see yourself is what manifests in your experience. How much you love yourself or fear success and true greatness affects what appears in your experience. The witness creates the person and thinks itself separate from it.  The witness sees that the person appears in consciousness.  

4. Evolve into your humanity

Each person can have something different going on in the mind.  You must be able to switch off the made up world to see another reality.  If you can identify what is real and what is made up, this is a spiritual process, a deeper understanding of who you are. You can choose love, misery, issues, its up to you. Choose consciously the nature of your experience.  Being in a state of compulsive reaction is a backward step in evolution.  Being conscious is what distinguishes you as a human being and allows a sense of inclusiveness to resonate and shape your existence.