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Recognize who you are

One of the most common dreams people share is the desire to work toward and become enlightened. These people admit they wish to love life more, or be more content and at peace.  They pray, aspire to be like Deities, living gurus, deceased masters or ordinary living people they know who just seem to be able to find joy where they are. One of the biggest ah-ha moments one can have relates to the perception of time. 

That is, the mastery of time is like mastering your true self. How you go about this is up to you.  What you perceive begins and ends inside yourself. When you understand psychological time and how it shapes your perception and thought processes, you begin to recognize the nature of this moment and all that is here and accessible to you right now.

Enlightenment is the moment you completely recognize who you are and integrate this heartfelt knowing by living more consciously.  Enlightenment expands as every moment feels fresh and new.  It is like innate goodness is being born and reborn whenever we appreciate the Now. You are the ony thing preventing yourself from being happy where you are.

It is always possible to tune into the energy vibration of basic goodness.  It is alive and flows through our entire being and all of creation.  Human beings are gifted with the ability to raise awareness and experience the warmth of love in infinite ways.  This is the Now from which everything arises and where everything you think you lose disappears. It is simply thought that blocks seeing what is always here. Thought is psychological time, an barrier you create to experience transcendence. True nature transcends time altogether.


Be awake to what matters

At any moment, you can wake up.  Any situation can awaken you.  Existence is an exercise where you create ways to feel more alive.  Being awake is feeling into knowing what matters.  Sometimes small life changes enable you to feel more awake, more present.  Even splashing water on the face can help.  How much sleep do you need to be awake to what matters?

To be awake is to recognize it was a dream that created the sense of distance between who you are and what you think you want.  Dreaming is the distance.  For dreaming to feel real, sleeping is necessary.  From the moment you are awake sleep disappears along with the world of dreams and the impulse to dream.

Being awake is being here now and accepting what you already are.  Awakening cannot be made a goal. All goals are dreaming like all achievements and pursuits to them are dreaming. He who is asleep cannot dream his way to enlightenment.  Whatever you imagine is not the same as being what you are already.

It is assumed that a process exists for everything and so process is dreamed into being.  It is imagined you must follow a path to reach a destination, take training to become qualified with a certain skill, literally travel from place to place, when the starting point and destination are the same. That is, you convince yourself you are less than you are in order to think you must earn the reward of a desired experience.   Being awake to what matters is accepting everything is instantaneous.

Similarly, it is often assumed a person moves through dreaming and waking states to wakefulness and then to that which has no name.  Everything but the last state takes you away from yourself. In reality, you do not go anywhere but life and experience looks different in the imagination.  You think you must lose yourself to become whole, do something to merit entry into paradise.  When you truly lose the self, your false identity or sense of separation from who you are,  you cannot come back to it and for desire and ego cease to exist.  

Get this: Paradise is here now.  Being awake to what matters is knowing no-thing you think exists.  Yet, the point of it all is enjoying every step of the imagined journey, appreciating every experience, and loving everything you encounter along the way back to where you never leave.  Love is the answer.  All of existence points toward it and is it. 


Love opens more than senses

This love meditation invites you to open more than perceived senses. What if every experience, every choice, is the best? Share a vision of love in your scope.  How does it enable you to connect with aspects of true self you temporarily forget?


What happens through grace?

Some people ask how to describe a state of divine connection. Direct experience speaks for itself in ways words cannot. You may wonder how Spirit operates and regenerates through you. This relates Soul and Spirit.

If you sense truth is felt, grace may present as overflowing kindness, impulsive generosity and an unending flow of accurate information you tap into through gratitude. Maybe you shift to non-doing or realize what it means to just be.

Grace flows freely.  As you start to recognize your self-created illusions and lose interest in them, you starve them of attention.  They can only fizzle.  As you awaken from another layer of the dream, you feel joy and revelations like ;

1) enlightenment is here and now unless you resist it.

2) thinking about and analyzing questions becomes meaningless.

3) cravings and illusions are generated by an active, ego-mind.

4) a shift of focus to inner power is imminent.

5) neural circuitry of the brain is re-organizing.

6) feedback loops and karma dissolve along with views of a separate self.

7) energy frequency enables you to feel more present.

8) you peel away layers of human interpretation.

9) neurobiological pathways shift, re-align and stabilize.

10 ) senses sharpen and all expanding faculties to reveal themselves.

"Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meail.  Its a way to live."
-Jackie Windspear