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7 Tips to breathe easier

Life's purpose changes for many of us.  We are invited to allow people, events and experiences to shake us up and wake us up rather than put us to sleep.  Showing empathy and compassion for everything that arises on our path is allowing all we encounter to be our teacher, to show us what we are willing to see. Its all about opening up to unleash and experience more of our true selves.

Come what may, the rhythm of the breath is a gauge that helps us recognize which emotions we are feeling and what is really going on beneath the surface. Ponder these 7 tips to breathe easier;  

1. Listen to your breath

We can each come to sense more of what is going on within ourselves by tuning in and paying closer attention to the nature of our own breath. Simply noticing whether we breathe deeply, more shallow or somewhere in between, tells us much about what is going on inside of us.

2.  Ground yourself

As we breathe, we can imagine inhaling air up through our feet to ground ourselves in the Earth and feel more stable.  We can also go further, imagining the breath energy (prana or life force) circulating through the entire body. Focusing on this visualisation has a very peaceful effect.

3. Defrag & recentre

Multi-tasking may cause us to feel like we have a bit of vertigo. When different parts of us feel disconnected or spinning out of control, its helpful to stop wherever we are and sit down. Close the eyes and imagine each inhaled breath is facilitating a defrag.  We can retrieve whatever feels out of place. A computer defrag allows it to slow down and pull its files together to function more efficiently. Each exhale can purge whatever you no longer need. 

4.  Re-orient

When we are faced with life choices, an obvious best course may not stand out rigth away. Sometimes we can get worked up. Fear and anxiety may arise. A helpful approach is to visualize each choice and breath into and out of it and feel the vibe we get with each inhale and exhale.  Letting the rhythm of the breath guide us to what feels right for at this time takes a huge load off mental contemplation.

5.  Rebalance

At different stages, our bodies can seem to feel different temperatures in different places. Maybe the hands and feet feel colder than the rest of the body or, maybe the top half feels colder or warmer than the bottom half. We can always use the breath to help us find balance by sending energy to different parts of the body.

6. Be like an accordion 

Like an accordion, we sometimes feel stretched to our full capacity yet still feel more music could to come out of us. We can use the breath to increase the length of our exhalation so it is logner than our inhalation.  Typically, the rate of inhalation to exhalation is about the same in many people. Yet, we can focus attention on the inhale and gradually extend our exhalation in a sedentary and then a walking meditation. Such techniques are used by Free divers, singers, and individuals with breathing issues or others who simply wish to maximize the benefits from lung capacity and get more oxygen to cells.

7.  Massage the chakras

Awareness of energy anatomy can set the stage for another kind of breath meditation. We can focus on and tune in to each chakra in turn, breathing into it, and sense the state of energy movement, congestion and other details.  This can serve as the beginning of a more in depth breathing meditation which can also involve healing to provide relief from suffering and help us gain new insight into our deeper selves.


5 questions to reveal synchronicity

Every moment, whatever we do or not, we are responding to a call within to love ourselves more or differently. Asking ourselves questions aloud and writing them down is a way to step back and gain perspective. Allowing ourselves to respond intuitively to our own questions is an eye-opening exercise.  Jot down these five questions and respond ...

1. Why are we really drawn to move to or live in a specific area?

This invites us to reflect on our underlying motivation or changing priorities: (i.e., imposed career move, lifestyle choice, family benefits, reputation, climate, perceived energy or opportunities, logical or strategic stepping stone, intuitive decision. Does it reflect balance on physical, emotional, spiritual and other levels?)

2. What are we meant to do to generate income at this stage of our lives?

We may really enjoy certain endeavours, find these fun and rewarding. And yet, if how we love to spend our time does not yet pay the bills, we may feel an underlying guilt or anger arising. We are taught to follow our passions and money comes naturally. And yet, until we trust fully, and impatience subsides, the timing of that flow may require us to do things we do not like as much to pay for those we do.

3. Why have we chosen a particular/ current partner?

Our partners enter our lives as conscious and/or unconscious choices.  This may be based on impulsive physical attraction, lust, someone set it up or arranged the marriage, or it could also be deeper, like a Soul agreement or energetic entanglement.  Whatever the case, when ready and open, we are invited to unravel the reasons and lessons ourselves.

4. Which is the best course of action ?

If we feel caught 'between a rock and a hard place', or feel like we sit on the fence, about something, then it is helpful to remove ourselves from the personal and see the bigger picture. It pays to ask ourselves who's idea of 'best course' we are referring to here. Everyone is not at the same point of understanding or awareness of who they are.  Everyone is not even wanting the same thing.  Everyone does not give themselves the same message.  Depending on our priorities and how well we know ourselves, different desires emerge. Choose from the head or the heart...

5.  What opportunities should we pursue or avoid?

This depends on our soul level of development, whether we live based on the personal or whether we resonate more with universal laws.  Some souls reach a stage where relaxing and trusting feels completely natural.  To reach this stage of fearlessness implies we only focus on what evokes joy.  Pushing ourselves to overcome obstacles may have been important in the past.  In this moment, it feels right to trust what presents rather than seeking out specific opportunities.  If something is meant to happen, it will.  To release any feelings of constriction, flow with any opportunities that come our way.  This will be obvious, when we are open, relaxed rested and trusting. As we trust we are in an expanded state, we know what feels right and thus, where to go.


7 Ways to revive & revitalize

When you sense you feel restless in a set of particular conditions, its important to ground yourself or at the very least, identify what would ground you.  This is a process to pinpoint 7 ways to revive and revitalize. These are sample areas coaching can assist you to

1. Body Awareness- Pay attention to your body and physical sensation

2. Nature Awareness- Spend time in Nature & learn to sense differently

3. Activity Awareness- Review your priorities

4. Mental Awareness- Discover how to truly listen to yourself

5. Soul Awareness- Pinpoint values and alignment or misalignment

6. Feeling Awareness- Tune into feelings & express in this moment

7.  Absolute Awareness- Take Steps to expand perception


3 points to know where you stand

Asking yourself where you stand is a self inquiry about the foundation of your character and principles you base life choices on. Awareness of this foundation empowers to make the inaccessible, accessible. The conscious part of you knows nothing exists you cannot be or do.  Yet what do you see? What is your direct experience? Are you ready to see and live differently?

Regardless of what you wish to manifest or achieve, all is possible when you are true to the core foundation. This foundation is forgotten or blocked energetically by frequency interference and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. All fear-based programming must be dissolved from emotional bodies for the wisdom of Higher consciousness to be accessible. Listen to intuition. Reflect on three points to know where you stand;

1) Be flexible in how you are willing to grow and manifest

2) Stay true to what you represent

3) Be willing to evolve into what you wish to see


Beyond knowing

As a person detaches from the influence of the physical body and senses, lets go of doing, and moves beyond judging, that person may wonder what remains.  To release your grounding in time and space leaves you to feel as if objects and circumstances disappear.  To let go of assumptions, expectations and knowing, is to feel that even the knower ceases being.  Awareness reveals possibilities that defy words.