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“As we discover more and more of the truth within ourselves, we are changing our way of life at the core." -Vladamir Megre




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The root of everything

Getting to the root of who you are involves true courage.  This is not the heroic kind, putting your life or reputation on the line, that western society has come to focus on.  Its about remembering how it feels to speak openly and honestly, fearlessly putting our vulnerability on the line. 

In other words, we must be willing to take responsibility, set an example for living authentically.  Otherwise, we simply create and encounter a mirror of our own deception.  When was the last instance you risked being vulnerable and disappointed? How did that turn out for you? 

Practicing true courage involves selectively sharing your vision with people who support you, not downplaying your dreams. Its about allowing tears or emotions to flow as they will, not hiding your true feelings as society so often teaches.  Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others and relate to them with compassion on equal footing.

If the root of everything is genuine connection, then everything you think, do or say either strengthens or weakens this connection.  The topic certainly merits some attention.  What if you feel energized or drained based on the degree you feel seen, heard and valued, based on the freedom you give yourself to offer input without fear of judgment?

Through her research, Brene Brown reveals that only one thing separates people who feel a deep sense of love and belonging (connection) from people who seem to be struggling for (or running from) it.  This is the depth of belief in worthiness.  True connection arises from an equal exchange of energy. How do you share or exchange energy to derive your self- worth? What are your behavioural patterns telling you about the nature of connection in your life? 

If we want to fully experience connection, we must act as if we know we are worthy of it.  We must also recognize being who we are doesn't require us to change. It simply requires self-acceptance to guide our life choices. Take an inventory of how you feel. Let go of who you think you are supposed to be. Olny seeing through the falseness can you embrace who you are.


9 Tips to Be Yourself

In the event you temporarily forget, here are nine tips to be yourself, right here, right now:

1) Recognize innate perfection.  Anything you see in yourself that is less than perfect is illusion you imagine.

2) Relish the journey you create for yourself. In order to live dreams, you must take intention to action and run with it.

3)  Be honest with yourself.  Be truthful and authentic in all you do.  Then you have nothing to hide or lie about.

4) Accept what you are.   This requires seeing through what others think you are and not conforming. It takes courage.

5) Acknowledge the source of your power.  This does not stem from ego but from aligning with the heart or Spirit.  True power is grace and cannot be forced or controlled.

6) See your intrinsic value.  Choose to see everything is of equal value.  True balance is felt when inner and outer worlds feel same, and both point to the gift you give yourself.

7) Express your uniqueness.  Do not hide your visions, what you feel and know you exist to be.  Create a new baseline or accepted norm by fearlessly blazing a trail.

8) Love everything. Random acts of kindness are like 'paying it forward.'  Such behaviour uplifts the energetic dynamic of this planet. Being truly real/ yourself is loving everything equally without exception.

9) Create a new reality. Everything you think, feel and experience begins and ends in you.  To change your life, simply change your perception.


The gift that keeps on giving

This holiday season, many people are overwhelmed about what to give others as a gift.  Watch what happens as you give the gift of yourself, that is your time, your effort, compassion and acceptance. Discover why giving the gift of love is the gift that keeps on giving.  What goes around comes around.  

Giving freely of yourself is being open to receive gestures of love from unexpected sources.  As you truly love, you make choices with heartfelt insight.  Being honest with yourself is doing the right thing.  Love and accept love in all forms seen and unseen.  Recognize all everyone does invites you to love.

Take life to new levels.  See love as the new currency.  You are creating and living a love-propelled economy.  Here, mutual appreciation nurtures and sustains all.  Love is a gift. Discover you are the gift you give yourself.


4 Ways to live more authentically

It is common for people to desire to live more authentically, that is, to feel more at ease with life.  To be honest with yourself about who you are and why you what you do is actually easier than you think.  Make changes as you see fit.  Consider four ways to live more authentically right now;

1) Pay attention to your body.  Your body language is always sending you signals.  Where you seem drowsy, feel restless, slouch or or are generally inattentive, you are expressing disinterest.  Its possible you are in one place in body but another in thought or soul.  If you do not wish to be somewhere, you are acting against deeper will.  This tells you that you are not listening to the subtler or natural tendencies inside.  Where posture exudes confidence and you are at ease in your own skin, you know you are in the right place.

2) Notice your thoughts. The more you notice the kinds of thoughs racing through your head, the better you get to know your true self.  Where the mind is focused on the past or future, or if you find yourself dwelling on judgment and comparison, this is ego or fear based living.  Shifting attention is simply shifting focus from thought-to-thought.  To be focused on this present moment is where you are most true to yourself.  Awareness takes over from thought in the here and now.  Only love and acceptance exist.

3) Recognize emotions as a gauge.  Such energy originates as thoughts in the mind and is often mistaken for feelings (of the heart).  When you make choices that resonate, you do not doubt, fear or question. Negative emotions indicate how far away you are from making the best choice for yourself at a given moment.  Positive emotions reinforce how authentic or good you feel about your choices.  If you feel torn in some situation, then emotions point you in the most suitable direction.

4) Be aware of your feelings.  These are the unexplainable vibes you get. It is your intuitive side that has no logic the mind can grasp.   True feelings are a synonym for pure awareness and the feeling centre is in the heart.  When you live in this moment, you appreciate where you are and see it in realtion to the big picture.  You feel interconnected to all that is and gain insight into yourself from everything, seeing it as a reflection of divine nature.


4 questions to live more fully

Take each moment as it comes.  Live openly and honestly with wisdom and compassion. Being fully human is being open to recognizing and realizing innate potential.  Be open to exploring what the external world reveals to you right now. Ponder five questions to live more fully;

1) How can you see the world as it is, rather than through the filters of the mind?

2) How can you base your actions on Reality rather than on desire or fear?

3) How can you live such that you are in-tune with Reality rather than tuned out (& imbalanced)?

4) How can you see Reality for yourself (be awake)  rather than exist in muddy water?