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Align with the dream

When you align completely with the vibration of a dream, it emerges in your experience.  As you allow it, everything is cooperating with you.  Everything is guiding you to accept more consciously what soul already knows. Imagine nothing prevents you from realizing all you wish to do or have except the mind.  For every question you have, you also hold the answer.  Awakening to your own nature, to the limitless being you are, is a step to dissolving every obstacle or excuse you ever imagine into being.  To reflect on perceived need is to forget power you hold to transform perception.  Allow things to be, and so it is.


Let go of what is not you

Sometimes you need to see and experience what is not you, what you do not prefer, as part of your process of awakening.  Consider nothing has meaning until you give it. All negativity can be viewed as a friendly messenger.  Vibrate according to what you sense is true and this is perceived as your reality. You can choose to vibrate based on what you feel is self-empowering.  This enables you to let go of what is not you.  How do you desire a particular experience to influence your remembering of timeless insights?

As you choose to sense blessings everywhere, you awaken to levels of frequency, resonance and inter-dimensional beingness.  You cannot see what you are not a vibration of.  You cannot solve a problem on the level it emerges into being. You cannot be conscious of what you are not willing to feel or accept.  

As you recognize that everything exists now, you discern illusory perspectives of the now moment.  Shift energy vibration and transform your universe. Be aware you already move through parallel realities.  Raise your vibrational awareness and you grow aware of vibrational patterns that are you and are not you.  This draws attention to worlds inviting exploration.  What gives you power is knowing what power you have at your disposal and choosing not to use it to do harm.  True power is awareness, compassion and keeping composure. To know you are part of the infinite means you need not demonstrate or prove anything.


Bridges build themselves

Notice everyone is not in the same feeling place of awareness. Consider you do not share the feeling specifics of an experience the same way with everyone you know.  People relate to different aspects of a given story, based on whether it is something they want or not.  Where you focus attention helps you realize why you want to build bridges of awareness.  People choose to awaken to the power of their own thoughts and emotions or not.  Whether you allow others freedom to choose affects your vibration.

That is, each person accepts or resists unconditional love, pure joy and fulfillment available to them.  They embrace or reject security and wellness.  As you deliberately choose things that enable you to feel good, you orient your vibration to transform your life.  People enter your scope of awareness who relate to your focus, who get excited about what excites you, who consciously expand insight into adjusting vibrations.     


Know who you already are

Right now, your chosen focus is conveying energetic vibrations.  You know that this is a vibrational universe and you are a vibrational being.  You know what exists for you and you are in the process of remembering how to claim what is yours.  What captures your attention? What resonates or not?

1.  You are a physical extension of that which is non-physical, that which is indescribable by the mind.

2.  You create your own perceived reality and experience with every thought and emotion.

3.  You are a vibrational match to your current conditions and they are changeable with deliberate intent.

4.  You have to feel what you desire and resonate the vibration in the present moment to have or be it.

5.  You can feel what vibrational jump is required to shift states of mind and manifest a new reality.

6.  You have to be willing feel things that you have no physical evidence to support.

7.  Your core frequency reveals the unconditional love and well-being that are you.

8.  You have no need for anything as you drop all resistance to who you are.  

9.  You close the gap between knowing and expectation and see how the universe speaks.

10.  You take notice of the previously unseen, accept freedom and infinite possibility. 

11.  You know death is illusion.  The essence of being is immortal.

12.  You know and feel what makes you strong, real, and what everything in-between is about.  


Tap into perpetual memory

Many people speak of temporary or short-term memory yet, how often do you actually tap into perpetual memory? You may briefly forget that when ready, you open spiritual senses and timeless archives. 

Even now, you are in the process of looking out from the heart centre of your body to the external world. How does it feel to visualize yourself from inside the body gazing out? Open up and push outward now. Notice you can move your point of concentration.  Point of reference itself can Transform Your Life.