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Sunshine Coast, Queensland 


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“Gratitude is not a limited resource, nor is it costly. It is abundant as air. We breathe it in but forget to exhale." -Marshall Goldsmith




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The Power of Letting go

The power of letting go of our mind, ego and expectations is often underestimated.  This is about allowing things to be as they are, allowing energy to flow, without interference.  Fear is powerful energetic interference. It prevents us from seeing and experiencing limitless possibilities. 

The part of us that sees the big picture is not the ego, it is awareness of the energy of the big picture, the overview of our lives, and how things unfold freely without judgment. Its helpful to develop an awareness of the presence and impact of judgment on our lives. Eliminating judgment is not practical.  We are given ego for a purpose just as our ability to judge has its place. And yet, living from a place of fear blocks the flow of love and all it reveals.

Noticing sensations we are experiencing however, is not the same as judging them.  It is judgment that has the power to interfere with the flow. Simple observation is letting things be as they are. When we do not attach or cling, letting go is not necessary.  Accept whatever forms the sensations take within.  Know everything is energy that is self-adjusting and self-regulating. Listen and be guided by intuition. We cannot begin to imagine what is coming our way.


Interview with Maria

I am often asked what brings particular clients to me. Some wish to journey into higher realms for guidance, get grounded, transform troubled relationships, identify and release limiting beliefs, or increase capacity to heal their bodies. Every individual is unique. I share this recent exchange with Maria for the benefit of you who are seeking answers to your own questions. 

What prompts you to open up to me?

Maria: To be honest, I was not looking for a coach with specific credentials. I am trusting my gut. In speaking with you,  I felt a real connection. It just felt right to take the next step. I explored your website.  What I read on the internet confirmed this is the right choice for me. 

Have you had particular expectations?

Maria: Well, before beginning, you asked if I had specific intentions, whether I have any experience with hypnosis, remembering my dreams, past life regression, various therapies and healing practices. I suppose my point of reference for our sessions began with the idea I could add to what I have experienced.  I want to learn to trust myself more, get to the root of obstacles I am facing, to shift patterns I see that are holding me back, get clearer on where to go from here. 

If I ask you what you feel you can do for me, what would you say?

I am not here to answer your questions, I am here to help you stop asking them. As a sound-board, I help you to notice when you think and feel the way through life.  I also help you to begin to recognize and take responsibility for each of your choices.

Maria: That says a lot.  I ask loads of questions.  Answers are not always clear to me.  I am told I am too emotional and wish to get a handle on that, take more time for me and get over my fears.

Whatever you fear invites you to get-to-know yourself differently. As you change the way you see things, what you see changes. Noticing anything about filters?

Maria: I am seeing obstacles differently.  I am more aware of lessons and options to respond to what life throws me. The way I react emotionally to people and events my life is not always helpful. I also notice emotions I am not really in touch with and resist feeling.  I still take some things personally and wish to change this. I do not like losing control.

Some perceptions are helpful and empowering, while others perpetuate negative patterns.  A shift in perspective starts with an increase in awareness. Do you relate?

Maria: Yes. As I grow aware of the my judgements and beliefs, I begin to grow aware of what and who triggers me. I really want to stop losing control over my emotions.

Indeed.  As we progress with sessions, are you noticing shifts in perception?

Maria: I am noticing that my reality changes based on how I feel about it, who I hang around and how I use my time. I am also more aware that making the unconscious conscious is one path to healing. My own ignorance, indifference and inaction only perpetuates discomfort and keeps dreams out of reach. 

You may have heard the idea, 'you are becoming like the five people you spend the most time with.' Personal reality is based on beliefs, expectations.  Experiences reinforce beliefs. So, if you want to change your reality, changing perception is key. 

Maria: In my case, re-training the mind for change takes practice. I work on self-discipline.

Letting go gets easier. Of all the practices we are exploring so far, what stands out?

Maria: The breathwork, different mental processes and ah-ha moments that I have after our open dialogue.

Why are you receptive to breathwork ?

Maria: What you offer are techniques that enable me to gain deeper insight into myself, my resistance.  It hits I allow myself to hinder or speed up self-healing. I am more aware of core beliefs that have been running me and the reasons why my life brings me to where I am.  It feels good to take steps to shift my focus and priorities. 

Why has your most recent session helped you?

Maria: You give me opportunity and space to explore things that I do not make time for by myself. I am more aware than ever before that I get wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks of being a wife, parent, student and doing my best to juggle it all.  Until today, I had no idea the deeper source of my patterns.  Making the unconscious conscious is already changing how I feel about myself and how confident I am about where I am headed.  You guide me to recall what I forget.

I'm sure you have a theme: the theme of your life. You can embellish it or desecrate it, but it's your theme, and as long as you follow it, you will experience harmony and peace of mind. - Agatha Christie


3 Ways to see wisdom in urges to escape

Its common to wish to escape from thoughts of discomfort and challenges that feel overwhelming. Life situations can escalate or get-out -of hand. Simple conversations can intensify, and trigger your emotions. Why assume changing scenery makes a difference? What is really going on? Ponder 5 ways to see wisdom in urges to escape: 

1) Look deeper to see what you really wish to escape  

Notice on the surface, you may think you wish to avoid conflict at work, in relationships or other situations, or even temporarily alleviate the stress you link to paying bills, keeping up appearances, multi-tasking or other matters. Turning inward reveals all urges to escape/ travel/ change scenery are forms of resistance to accepting true being (who you really are). Discomfort arising in relation to your external world reflects internal tug-of-war between the limiting Mind and expanding Self. This reveals why people often say they need a vacation to recouperate from the vacation or attend retreat after retreat. Rather than relax and be in the moment, an active mind focuses attention on what is not being done somewhere other than where one is.

2) Society/ culture programs humans to suffer.

Notice the Mind is programmed to oscillate between perceptions of pain and pleasure and focus mainly on misery of who you think you are not, where you are not and what you are not yet doing. This takes shape as focusing on the past or future, on what seems lacking or missing in your life, on what you no longer have or would like to and do not yet see materialize. This even comes across in calendar celebrations that recognize historical events but actually just keep you focused energetically away from now. 

3) Recognize & move beyond 'the what next syndrome.'

Notice the ways the Mind keep you thinking about the future and speaking using the future tense in language. You come to nurture expectations for what is next rather than appreciate where you are. It can take shape in a linear timeline vision for relationships (i.e. dating, commitment, marriage, children, house purchase, children, retirement ect), for moving up a hierarchy in the workplace, for envisioning step-by-step changes to any situation. Watch what happens to the urge to escape when you let go of all expactations.

At some stage, stepping back allows one to see through all the seeking and master the focus of attention. It dawns that physical existence is not full of problems to be solved but rather, full of mysteries to be lived directly. No questions arise in the Silence where nothing is happening and no-body exists to escape from.


See beyond the periphery

Imagine for a moment how the soul is laying out your resume. This may be very different than techniques you are currently using. Everything you read and write has a vibration. Seeing beyond the periphery only scares you if you have expectations. Know where you stand. Know where you wish to go. Then do not focus too much on your points of reference. See and feel a vision with the heart.  Find humour in your changing vision.  Know everything can and does change in an instant.  What does it take for you to be excited about the unknown? Live fully yourself. Accepting you is accepting limitation is illusion.

So what is seeing beyond the periphery? Its seeing through the eyes of a child.  Change how you see. Hold no expectations. Allow yourself to see blessings and lessons everywhere. Approach yourself through innocence. The power of thought can change circumstances you perceive. Operate through child-like understanding. Nobody creates a series of events they cannot master. Own the Path you are on.  You create it for yourself so you recall everything as you operate from awareness. Nothing is happening to you when you recognize and take full responsibility for how you think and feel.


The key to everything

Ever notice that when you hold no expectations, you cannot be disappointed? Real love is experienced when nothing is expected in return for being who you are. Yet, how does this translate into realizing dreams in a 3-D world?

This does not mean desires cease.  It implies inner peace is experienced when you detach from outcomes. Energy flows are driven by forces beyond the scope of ego, beyond what is detected by physical senses. Everything in physical worlds originates in the unseen or not yet detected or understood. You know you are following synchronicities when encounters and choices all make sense. You suddenly know why you do the things you do, why your choices and priorities are changing. Intuition is guiding you to do what feels right, and you feel okay not attempting to explain.

For unique ideas to unfold, allow them to percolate.  Allow consciousness to expand to where you have no way to make ideas obey your desires or direction.  The key to everything is to be open-minded and fearless. Rediscover what it is to be in the flow and why you decided to tune out.

“When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without p...ain. From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it.”

— Rumi