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3 Steps to manifest faster

Whatever the life change you envision, whether its move, a new or stronger relationship, a career transition or another transformation, pay attention- three key things allow it to happen faster:

1. Shift your mindset

It is imperative to shift from believing something is possible to knowing and being aware of what it feels like. This is why people job shadow or intern, why people speak or train with those doing what they envision doing.  This is about closing the mental gap of separation between here and here.  The nature and consistency of your thoughts block or accelerate manifesting a different reality. Reclaim your innate power.

2.  Act as if 

Get your focus out of the past and future. The more you repeat an idea, the more real it feels. The more you adjust your calendar nd extricate yourself from commitments to make the new life, situation or career possible, the faster details fall into place. If you wish to experience something, what does it feel like? How else can you make your vision feel more real? This is about letting go of reasons the mind echoes to doubt and hesitate. And it has to be the common thread linking everything you do.  Think and act as if has to be the common link in all you do-

  • Ensure your website is branding your ideal vision accurately
  • Talk openly about yourself as if you are living the dream already
  • Always focus on being here now, speaking more in the present tense  

3. Focus solely on the vision

Focus on where you see yourself and why, not what appears to be required to get there.  Let's say you want to run 10 miles on a gym machine. If you look down at the monitor every few seconds to see how far you've run, completing the distance seems to take eons.  Yet, if you focus on the vision of how rewarding it is to reach this milestone, and resist the temptation to look anywhere by straight ahead, you have more confidence and feel exhilarated.

To manifest the ideal career transition requires a bit of reflection, research and following intuition. If you work toward becoming something and worry how much progress you're making each day, or how you are going to get to this point, it always seems like a light at the end of a tunnel.


5 Tips to Manifest the right career

Every thought is manifesting on some level.  There is only one reality and that's thought reality.  If you know the dynamics of creating the thought, you can manifest the thought. Simply learn how to get out of your own way. Reflect on 5 tips to manifest the right career:

1. Know the Rational Mind and Soul are at odds.

If you desire a certain work role or situation to change, be aware the rational mind doubts and disallows the Soul to operate.  The Soul is that part of you that knows how you feel, acts in integrity with your values and functions outside of time constraints.  It guides you to the right career when you pay attention to signs and synchronicities. Soul does not care about logic or cause and effect. It does not compare to the past or guide you to what others recommend. You only know the Soul manifests the right career when you validate it for yourself.  You have to get to know Soul to listen.

2. Accept dreaming offers clues to the right career

As you get beyond what the fear-driven mind is telling you to do, it hits that the astral plane is in your Soul. You dream in and explore the astral plane at night.  All opportunities, ideas, jobs and career paths are here. Its where Alexander Graham Bell dreamed of the telephone, awoke to draw it and the rest is widely known. During daytime, everything also presents but the ego imagines time constraints and other obstacles. This blocks seeing or postpones certain experiences entering your experience. Recall how relaxed you feel in the dreamstate.  Fearlessness is required to allow thoughts (i.e. vision, job, inspiration) to manifest. Let go of doubt and clarify what you love.

3.  Recognize time controls you (only as long as you allow it)

All mainstream education and training is about developing the mind (perpetuating time-related existence).  We benefit from that which is beyond the mind in order to grow more aware of how we think and feel and harness forgotten thought power.  

4. Explore your beliefs

This is required to better understand why you choose the jobs you do.  Then, you can feel better where you are or, master thought manifestation and create something better suited to what the Soul needs to grow.

5. Imagine your ideal scenario

Describe it in as much detail as possible. Visualize, feel the visceral and palpable sides to the this.  This adds a whole new dimension to livlihood, soul purpose in action.


5 Tips to Be in the Flow of the universe

Many people ask, "how do I manifest what I want?" This is a self-interested (ego-driven) approach to life. To shift focus and live a soul-centered (heartfelt) life allows you to be in the flow of the universe. This is where magic happens without effort. To know more joy:

1) step back and see the world from a heart-centered place

2) Focus your thoughts on that which “feels” good, and also serves the greater good (things that inspire you and others).

3) Live with love and appreciation in your heart. Recognize everything is interconnected.  So, holding a loving intention sends love vibration into the whole world.

4) Surrender to something greater than your self. Know you are not consciously in control of everything but you do control how you feel and respond to everything that unfolds.

5) Follow the trail of synchronicities. The more synchronicity you notice, the more confirmation you give yourself that you are indeed in the perfect place, doing the perfect thing.