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Merge into bliss

As one stops looking for what appears to be missing, one merges into what already is.  In essence, to slow down and turn inward enables you to notice a serenity and understanding that grounds you where you are.  How does perspective shift to sense that regardless of what is happening around you, within all is well? From the moment nothing bothers you, all that is irrelevant falls away.

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there are only walls."- Joseph Campbell


Nobody is a stranger

What if you begin to sense nobody is a stranger, that everyone you think you do not know is actually an old friend you temporarily forget? What if you enter unfamiliar settings as a willing participant in bigger things?

The experience of awakening to the nature of dreams and sensing the limitlessness of mind can shock the conditioned mind.  Many people feel this kind of expansion shifts to a sense of being and knowing forever. 

Part of you is forever present, spontaneous and fearless. True nature of existence invites you to release self from individualistic attachments and misperceptions of freedom.  Choose instead to be open, naked, flexible.  Take responsibility for who you are.  Be receptive and grateful for opportunities to transform.


Reason like a mystic

Many people question the nature of transformation, or wonder how to speed it up or slow it down.  You may reflect on what is unfolding during your own process. What traits or qualities capture your attention?

You may hear people inquire how to levitate or perform other earthly miracles while in the physical body.  Consider ego desire for fame and power. How does this shape the experience of divine grace?

In truth, nobody skips levels of awareness. Deeper remembering arises in tandem with awareness. Its not what you have but how you use it.  In silence, you notice and feel more. Universal laws reveal themselves beyond words. Core compassion guides selfless acts. As the unenlightened observer awakens to how truth transcends the physical world, he frees self from ego and illusion and opens to love without limits. 

The notion that mystical experiences can be grasped and controlled by the mind overlooks how one is invited to use events that defy reason to break through the barriers of reason itself.  In essence, a physical you does not exist to learn to perform miracles, but to disprove the belief of a need.  To awaken to the limitless being you are, is to align with soul, open fully to inner power, and know being is already a miracle.


Detach from the doer

Training the mind to settle down requires patience and diligence. During this process, you may find that inner contentment is unstable. Why is that? Could it be that the doer within is still wanting something?

In many cases, the mind interferes.  It exists to control.  And yet, the watcher within knows mind can relinquish all control and even disappear. There is no need to question or do anything. Allow the mind to do what it pleases. Remember how it feels not to respond.  Simply notice emotions. To be fully aware of the dream is to accept all control is beyond reach, to watch fear dissolve and surrender to what remains. Degrees of transformation unfold in living experience.  One emerges in a state of heightened awareness.


Search no more

Consider how it feels to stop searching. Notice what is happening as you stop striving to discover or prove yourself.  The mind may convince you this is self-defeating, that you are running away, but from what?

Slowly, something inside reminds you things unfold and come at you from all sides. There is nowhere to go.  Another option exists- to stop observing extremes.  The watcher evaluates experience.  As you feel the watcher disappear, urges to do or be things falls away.  Life transforms itself. Awareness simply is.