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What makes life easier?

You may ask what makes life easier? Get into the mode of self-inquiry. Brace yourself: everything that happens in your life you have chosen, asked for and created. In this way, everything that unfolds is inviting you to own it, to take responsibility and grow.

Recognize you are not defined by your conditions or unfolding events in your life. Ask yourself what each experience teaches you. Appreciate all that arises. Be detached. Do not permit emotions to control you. Ask why you create situations that preoccupy you. Why do you need this? How does this invite you to exapand and be greater love? 'Why' is the query that triggers breakthroughs and transformation. You gain insights and clarity at the pace you are willing to accept. Being aware allows access to inner peace.


Accept the nature of evolution

The nature of evolution is not only about a particular outcome or series of outcomes.  It is about the journey and what unfolds during steps all along the way. You add to evolution with all that you are living.  Every moment, new ideas are being born, expansion is taking place, and satisfaction is expanding.  As you grow consciously aware, it all feels right now.

Recognize that without a perceived problem, you do not reach out for a solution.  Similarly, without asking a question you do not embark on a quest to uncover an answer.  Problems and solutions present in the same moment much like questions and answers do.  You simply choose what you are willing to see.  Notice the nature of your own purpose-driven life. 

More specifically, how do you focus your attention: on what is here & now/ how it feels as it gets here or on what is absent and why? Know you can get to wherever you want to be from where you are.  It is easy to transform your conditions.  Be selective about how you feel.


Shift to feel meaning

Nothing transforms your perception like stepping back and seeing everything through the eyes of love. This ability never leaves you completely although you shut yourself off from it more often than you realize. Notice that seeing through the eyes of love means your sense of judgment has less of a hold over you and it gradually fades and vanishes.

Notice what you view was important and necessary shifts with your sense of who you truly are. As you liberate self from the linear and logical, you begin to experience a new kind of freedom. As you realize you are always loved and appreciated, the ambitious part of you stops seeking. You now know what you are does not have to capture your attention through your experience in the world. It reaches you even during ordinary moments. You shift from seeker to finder. You shift to feel all you require inside.


So far, so good

Your role is to make the most of where you are.  You are invited to create life experience and to explore things that evoke different emotions within.  Your willingness to participate in this leading-edge, transformational process reveals how courageous, successful and truly elastic you are.  Rest assured, the unlimited being within always expands and bounces back. 

Consider as you engage in situations that prompt you to believe you are less than you are, you feel out of balance, uneasy, and know temporary amnesia.  Yet, insight you gain into resilience, unconditional love and what you are becoming, make the roller coaster of emotion worth it.  You come so far and choose to remember why being who you are feels so good.  Its up to you to awaken.  Catch up to what you imagine.  It already exists.  Open your mind.  Open your heart.  Raise your energy.  Know your power.


Realize what you are

Consider how a fresh way of looking at things empowers you to transform your life on your terms.  How are you trained to lose faith in or, to turn away from your own internal guidance system?  True independence is trusting the source within, it is not pushing against things.  Disregarding what others think enables you to align with the energy that is you. You awaken to being a cooperative component in a larger process.  You are on a conscious rendez-vous course with the dreams you imagine into being. They exist.  Allow them to take form rather than deny, doubt or block seeing and experiencing what beckons you now.

To realize what you are is to know each person has the same ability and same access to source energy. The depth and extent of your creation influences a range of vibrational experiences.  Feel through the senses and body the leading edge creator you are.  Feel you are already doing precisely what you are meant to do.  No comparison is valid except of your evolution into a fuller recognition of what you have been asking for. Know you already are what you dream.  Focus your thoughts on that to bring it into being.

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